BenQ XL2410T


A 3D monitor, but not for gamers

Here we are with the first 3D monitor launched by BenQ to help game players have a great feeling during games. The XL2410T uses 120 Hz technology for this purpose and a 3D active panel at the same time. Is this a good choice ?


If you look on the market for monitors, you will see a lot of new 120 Hz powered models. The latest models launched was already tested in our lab and they were the Acer GN245HQ and the HN274H. BenQ has decided to enter this market and attack the 3D / 120 Hz sector with its XL2410T. This model is very ergonomic if you decide to compare it to its rivals. The product is able to offer a high refresh rate with a 120 Hz frequency and is capable to work very well with the new NVIDIA 3D Vision technology. We had to test this monitor and see what it really offered. Let’s take a loot at the performed review !


benq-xl2410tWhen you look at this monitor for the first time in your life, you will see that the plastic used to cover the electronics is made from good quality materials. The BenQ XL2410T is not made from glossy cheap plastic and this makes it a good choice. At the same time, this choice was made just so that the user will not be affected by the reflections of the plastic when she or he plays a 3D game. The monitor is very well assembled and the entire panel looks high end. Also, the panel of this model has almost no reflections.

Very good ergonomics

Until now, the ergonomics of 3D monitors were almost forgotten by the big names of the industry. Only Alienware was able to offer a model with height adjustment. The real surprise comes from BenQ ant its model, with a foot that is very well designed and almost complete with lots of features and capabilities. You can change the height with ease, but you can also modify the entire monitor from frame to portrait mode in just a few seconds.
The ergonomics of the XL2410T are very good in the connectivity department. On the back you can see three video connectors (VGA, DVI and HDMI) and a stereo headphone jack. A weak point is that this model has no speakers included in its list of features.

We very much like the way the setup looks and works. This monitor allows you to use the Picture in Picture technology (PiP) when you need to see video signal from multiple sources at the same time. You can choose from an entire list with configurations, a very good move for gamers and 3D addicted.

Weak image quality in 3D mode

A con for this model is the panel. Though the producer claims that response time is about 2 ms, our tests revealed that the real value is about 12 ms. This value was obtained when the overdrive was inactive (AMA, Advanced Motion Accelerator). After the activation of AMA, results were better, but still far away from what BenQ claims: 5 ms. You have to know that the AMA accelerator seems to work unsatisfactorily because the display is affected by reverse ghosting effects. This is characterized by a ghost image which appears behind moving objects and it is very disturbing in certain moments. If you play the fastest games in 2D, this monitor can be enough for you, but if you are a “long time gamer” this is not the best choice for you.
When you activate the 3D mode, you will see that the display is automatically set up to 120 Hz. Another disturbing thing is that the backlight is setup at the maximum to make it possible for the consumer to use the 3D active glasses. The latter are normally affected by the lack of enough light effects. Even in 3D mode, the reverse ghosting is still active. This is not the best experience in 3D and the gamer will be disappointed by this disturbing problem.
The product uses as connector a HDMI port. The 1.4 version. The XL2410T has no transmitter synchronization system which is able to synchronize the screen with the pair of 3D glasses. This is another reason the model is not compatible with a 3D Blue-ray player or a PlayStation console in 3D mode. But the most important thing: the producer forgot to include 3D glasses in the package. You must purchase the glasses separately.

Poor image quality

The quality of the image provided by this model is a low one. If you decide to use the factory settings, you will receive a low quality level of gray and weak color fidelity. You can choose the sRGB mode, but results will still be very low. If you need the best results for images, you must make a calibration. The results will be better, although still far from perfection. We’ve tested the brightness of the display and the results were weak, too. Backlight is about 189 cd / m 2 at maximum setting and the contrast ratio is 949:1. Not impressive at all.

Review conclusions

At first sight, the latest BenQ XL2410T monitor seems to be a very attractive solution for 3D gamers. In reality, this model seems to have some problems in terms of response time of the screen. This is not really acceptable if you need to use the 3D display with 120 Hz. If you compare this model to the competition, you will see that they are better in terms of performance. And their products will provide you with a pair of 3D active glasses. For free. You can always make a good choice with the Acer GN245HQ monitor, for example.

Technical specifications

Maximum resolution1920 x 1080 pixels
Panel technologyTwisted Nematic
Frequency120 Hz
Contrast (1)1000
Response Time2 ms
Image size16:09
Brightness (cd/m2)300
Dynamic Contrast (1)10000000
V viewing angle (°)160
Viewing angle H (°)170
Wall MountVesa 100 x 100 mm
RCA composite input (CVBS)No
Component inputs (YPbPr)No
S-video inputs (Y / C)No
Stereo mini-jackNo
Total Weight (kg)6.37
Width (cm)57
Height (cm)34.7
Depth (cm)18.1

  1. technojakeb at 2:13 am
  2. Mathew at 7:19 pm

    the person who made the review is an idiot

    this review is sooo biaised against benQ. wow the monitor is weak weak bad huh?

    it rocks, i have mates who have it. great image. you have to be a pompous snob reviewer.

    next time try to be more neutral doing reviews! worst review ive seen

  3. Cc at 6:50 pm

    I agree with mathew this is by far the best 23 inch 3d out there, yes it needs some tweeking but is still better than what’s out there. The reviewer in my opinion is an idiot.