BenQ W7000


A new 3D projector

BenQ is one of the companies who haven’t given up on the idea of manufacturing projectors. The company has been producing such devices for many a year now. This is the first time in their long history that they released a full HD 3D projector. But there’s a start in everything, so better late than never. The $2499 BenQ W7000 has many advantages to offer its future buyers. We’ll talk about them in our little review here. We’ll also see if it has many cons or none at all. Enjoy the ride.

Elegant design

The latest projector courtesy of BenQ is called W7000 and will impress with a simple, yet elegant design. And it takes very little time to get everything organized and ready to go. But, even so, we had some bit of confusion at first; the placement of the device’s two HDMI ports was different than what we were accustomed to on other models. But we soon got over that fact and everything went smoothly from then on.BenQ-W7000

For default settings, BenQ’s new projector doesn’t offer that many of them. Yes, but the ones which are installed are good and serve their purpose very well. To adjust gamut, for example, you get a full color management system. Fine-tuning is achieved easily. Gama presents are far from brilliant, though; still, they work well. We didn’t get the possibility to adjust gamma independent of the preset modes.

Clarity control technology

The W7000 retains the high image quality of the previous W6000. That device distinguished itself from others thanks to the high degree of sharpness, clarity and dynamic range. The recent one borrows those elements and makes quite the sensation with them. Images are filled with a great amount of three-dimensionality. Calibration during tests performed for this review left us with a lot to admire. Including color balance which was awesome. The automatic iris feature got plenty of attention from us. It also gave off a squeaking noise. It did that while changing from a scene with brightness to one filled with darkness. And it happened the other way around, too.

As befits a projector made by BenQ, sharpness is present in all of the content we watched. We looked very hard and saw the minutest details. And there are other two options to make clarity really good: Clarity control and Sharpness control. The first has to eliminate any artifact that might appear along the line. And it succeeds at that.

Frame interpolation system

Content in 2D and 3D has the same professional quality. In both cases, it was like we were sitting in front of a window that welcomed you to a different universe. Colors were imbued with accuracy and saturation. Levels of black were, at a few times, a bit blah. 3D in particular was our favorite thing to experience. During tests, our eyes sought after crosstalk, but there was none.

As opposed to the W6000, the W7000 comes with a frame interpolation system. Which works in 3D, an unusual thing. The device is also great because it has placement flexibility. This will help when you want to put the projector on a low table, for example. Picture-in-picture is something which some of today’s projectors are great at sporting. And effects are always excellent to watch.

Review conclusion

The BenQ W7000 is the kind of projector that you should definitely consider buying. We think it’s the company’s best yet.

  1. Nick at 9:55 am

    In 3D, the performance is very good. If the resolution of the file is better, the image provided is very clear and smooth. At this price, I definitely recommend it.