BenQ RL2450HM


A cheap 24 inch monitor

In the past couple of years, BenQ has been busily working on a lot of new products. That brought them, and still does, a lot of popularity on the market of peripherals for the PC. In 2011, for instance, the company produced a model called EW2430V. The latter managed to rise up to expectations, especially thanks to the VA panel it sported. Most recently, the manufacturer finished work on its latest creation, the RL2450HM. We prepared a review for everybody who heard about it and wants to know more. Here we go.

Good looking design

The BenQ is not an ordinary manufacturer. They’ve made a name for themselves thanks to the great products they’ve created along the way. There is no way that their recent RL2450HM will be forgotten in a second. And that has a lot to do with its looks. The design of this model is made to fit gamers’ requests. The color it has is a matte black that will not attract hordes of fingerprints. There are red highlights. The display sure is very good-looking when we compare it to the ugly screens on other monitors we tested. The bezel may be simple, but that is its very appealing charm along with the fact that it is very solid and also thinner than the standard ones. The stand is also made of a durable build. It allows tilting, but it will wobble a few times. This is no con at all.

Controls have a very good build. Options for connectivity sit on the device’s rear. Here are some of them: one HDMI, one headphone jack and one D-sub.BenQ-RL2450HM

Full HD resolution

The number of features that the RL2450HM comes with is quite remarkable. The user is presented with some of the following: a screen of 24″, a TN panel and the list can go on. The resolution of the display is 1080p. Its aspect ratio is a healthy 16:9. The user interface you will see once you turn the monitor on has a good design. Navigation is an extremely easy thing to do. Another pro is the fact that we saw no lagging during tests.

Picture settings feature plenty of details. Adjusting them is a veritable piece of cake. Picture modes are also available at the touch of a button. They are all chosen to accommodate a gamer’s preferences.

Medium overall performance

When we moved on with the monitor’s performance, everything went well. Its buttons provided great feedback. Calibration was a very fun thing to do and it went smoothly. Black levels were from good upwards. The rendering of whites and greys was done with good accuracy. We noticed no instances of discoloration. All of the primary colors were full of vibrancy. But a con is the fact that viewing angles lack good quality.

Then we reviewed the quality of playback in high definition. The BenQ RL2450HM performed that with success, both when we played videos in HD at full 60fps and 720 at 24fps. Colors, though, were not the greatest. Their problem was that they looked oversaturated. Bright scenes had a lot of detail in them; but when a dark scene appeared, details were washed out. Skin tones were generally good, albeit unnatural in some places.

Review conclusion

Here ends our journey with BenQ’s newest monitor, the RL2450HM. This affordable product comes at a price of Rs.14,000 in India. Gamers will enjoy it, even though performance is not excellent. But other than that, this is a device with plenty of features great design and good images.