BenQ RL2204H


A 22 inch monitor

BenQ is back in the game with a device that chooses its users based on their category. That is to say that the new RL2204H manufactured by the company is meant to appeal to real time strategy players who want good performance. Because it is able to deliver them some of the most precise detail that is accompanied by response times that are fast. The design will be enough to raise some eyebrows. Below you will find the review which resulted after the tests we did on the product.

Glossy design

The BenQ RL2204H has a glossy white plastic in its composition. Fingerprints will definitely annoy the hell out of most consumers. And besides, white as a color for a monitor is unusual in this day and age. The stand of this product is a basic one. It does not offer swivel or height adjustment, though. But tilting is possible.

The kind of connectivity inputs BenQ chose for its latest monitor are the following: 1 DVI, 1 HDMI, a 3.5mm headphone jack and 1 VGA.

After a couple of minutes of accommodation with the product, the fact that we were dealing with a monitor meant for gamers did not let itself known. But that initial impression changed when we, during tests, came across a Smart Scaling feature and an RTS mode. None of them were very interesting or exciting. The RTS mode is, in fact, only an image preset. It does the following (which is supposed to be extra helpful, but it isn’t): it allows users to make out an enemy easier – and attach him – where there’s a dark background in sight. The Smart Scaling option has the pro of keeping aspect ratios for those resolutions that are smaller than the usual 1080p. That works if you plan on playing Starcraft. Otherwise, it’s not a great addition.BenQ-RL2204H

Limited settings

Image settings are the same as on all the other monitors. But we had trouble locating which preset opened which option. That is one big con.

As for performance, you will need to do some things yourself. Like adjusting the right temperature for colors. However much we worked on that, colors did not get as bright or as vibrant as we’d have liked them to be. And the fact that the display is matte will not turn things into something awesome. Horizontal viewing angles were alright; the off-center ones were not alright.

Good sound quality

The TB panel has a response time of 5ms. Which is a good value. Uniformity for the device’s LED backlight was decent. In a couple of scenes from a movie we watched we noticed some light bleed. But only in a couple of them. Color banding, on the other hand, happened quite a lot of times. Images that we saw on the monitor’s screen were clear and sufficiently sharp. We really did not encounter many faults with the quality of what we watched on the BenQ RL2204H. We cannot say the same about all the other monitors we reviewed throughout the years. So from this point of view, this model deserves praise.

Sound quality was good. We did not feel the need to turn the volume all the way up, which was a great pro. And even at its maximum, we could make out voices very well.

Review conclusion

The BenQ RL2204H has many qualities. It may not be the best monitor that was ever created, but it is one that should be considered for a future buy.