BenQ GH200


BenQ is not one of the manufacturers who create all sorts of gadgets for every kind of consumer out there. They have greatly concentrated on products the likes of monitors and projectors. So it’s nice to see that they recently released something different than those 2 categories. This model is a digital camera and its name is BenQ GH200. As is usual for us, we will present you with a review of this device.

Easy to use

The specifications that BenQ’s latest digital camera sports are the following: a 2.7″ LCD display, a a 12.5x optical zoom lens, the possibility to shoot videos at 720p and so on. There are also many features and modes. Such as Sports, Party, Kids and Candlelight Portrait.

The external size of the camera are: 58.5 X 103.2 X 21.2 mm with a total weight of 160grams. The sensitivity range is between 64 and ISO 1600. The internal storage is limited to 14 MB but you can add a SD, SHDC, SDXC card with a storage capacity up to 64GB. The camera is capable to capture images at the different resolutions, between 3M (2048×1536 pixels) and 14M (4320×3240 pixels).

The way this cam is designed stays true to the standard looks this company and others use for their devices. Apart from the usual black color, there is no other option. But the material it consists of makes this device one which can withstand all sorts of damage attempts. And it is no problem carrying it with you to whatever place you want to use it in.BenQ-GH200

The menu of the GH200 is a simple one. It offered us, in tests, all kinds of possibilities to make the photos we took good. The way controls looked to us was not impressive. This digital camera boasts too many keys instead of only one. Which made pic snapping and video shooting quite an annoyance.

Up to 720p video resolution

The optical zoom that this product comes is especially good whenever there are bright lights around. But because there is no dual image stabilization process, images are not that spectacular. On the other hand, those photos you are going to take when the light is good will appear as very nice. Especially when seeing their good sharpness and colors. But, if the light is not the best around, pics will not look amazing at all. Not to say that they get processed after a bazillion years.

Probably the best feature of the BenQ GH200 is its MagiQ Filter. Because with its help, content is lent an effect which reminds us of HDR. And it accepts the 12.5x zoom. But we have to tell you that this fact does not always mean great results. For instance, we tried shooting a clip and also using the zoom in option. What we got was of poor quality. Because there was a lot of blurriness to deal with which quickly became annoying. In the tests we performed for this review, this mode delivered really nice results. Clips can be shot at a resolution of 720p. And the videos we did shoot looked pretty well. No matter if the light was blinding in our courtyard or low in our room. And the format that these clips are recorded in is H.264.

Review conclusion

But anyway, BenQ and the digital camera they recently released under the name of GH200 does not really come with much spectacular stuff. There are way better digital camera on the market these days. But, if you are a new user of such devices, this model is going to cater to your beginner needs quite well. What we particularly disliked about this product was the fact that photos and videos looked kind of disappointing. Despite the specs and features to use. That did not stop us from thinking that the BenQ GH200 is a nice digital camera to buy and try out.