BenQ EW2420


A 24-inch monitor

The latest 24-inch monitor launched by BenQ is characterized by a very good contrast. The image is not really perfect, but at this chapter the EW2420 seems to stay on top.


If you take a look at low priced LCD monitors you will see that this market is dominated by TN (Twisted Nematic) panels. This solution is very inexpensive for producers, but it also has some limitations. Image rendering and viewing angles are not so perfect, but for some applications these panels can be used without any problem for the user. The most important producers seem to have decided to change this technology. LG was the first with its Flatron IPS236V, a monitor powered by an entry level IPS panel. The technical solution of BenQ is called the MVA panel. This solution is well known because it offer wide viewing angles and an excellent contrast ratio of the image. Is the EW420 good enough to replace the TN based models ? Let’s see the entire review !


benq-ew2420Throwing a first peek at the new BenQ EW2420, we noticed that it had a classic design, but a very appealing one at that. Features included in the package are relatively good. A weak point from our point of view is the border made from shiny black plastic (with the “glossy” effect, very used on low quality devices). However, the fit and finish of the screen are correctly done and the display is pleasant to look at. This model uses a LED backlight. In this case this is not the perfect solution because the power supply is integrated into the case. The EW2420 boasts two low quality speakers.

Very good black levels

For our review we tested a couple of monitors powered by VA panels. For example, the Eizo Foris FS2331 is able to pass the 2 500:1 value for maximum contrast ratio. Contrast ratio for the EW2420 is about of 3390:1 with standard settings (the brightness was about 189 cd / m2) and 3 476:1 after panel calibration. In the second case, brightness was decreased to about 129 cd / m2. This monitor is characterized by very good blacks levels. In our tests, those values were about 0.07 and 0.04 cd / m2, which is very good info for a monitor with this price. Another positive point is the backlight, which is good and homogeneous in all the parts of the display.

Default colors must be calibrated

Even the level of black provided is very good. But when reached test colors, this monitor seemed to have had some problems with the latter. If you try to work with the default settings, you will see that the colors don’t stay true to reality. You can try different defaults modes, but if the SRGB is better, the picture mode is very bad. If you want to see the best possible colors, you must calibrate them. We suggest you to try a default probe color for comparison and setup. With a correct setup you can obtain good results, even if they’re far away from the performance of the EV2333W.

Not a good monitor for gamers

We’ve tested the panel of the BenQ EW2420 and our conclusion was that the monitor wasn’t good for all categories of gamers. In tests, the panel seemed to be affected by the ghosting effect, very pronounced and impossible to remove in whatever way. Response time was very weak and it had a medium value of about 24 ms. Even if you activate the AMA technology (Advanced Motion Accelerator), the results are still far away for making this product a good one for gamers. The mouse’s cursor lets shadows behind when you move the mouse on the display’s surface.

Good connectivity, but weak foot

This model has two HDMI ports (in addition to conventional DVI and VGA connectors) and seems to be made especially for multimedia. The EW2420 includes two USB ports and a headphone jack. You can connect your headphones directly to the frame of the monitor. If you look behind you will find other two USB ports and another jack too. At this price, this model is a good choice if you need a multimedia dedicated monitor. A bad point for this model is the weak design of the foot. You are not able to change the default height dimension and this could be a problem if you use the display for office tasks.

Review conclusions

Even if it doesn’t offer the best technologies available, the new BenQ EW2420 is able to provide you good features at a good price. The most important problem of this model is the color rendering in default settings, as it’s difficult to set up. For this price, the device offers an impressive level of black, difficult to find on a low-priced model.

Technical specifications

Panel size24 inch
Max Resolution1920 x 1080
Device TypeFlat panel display / TFT active matrix
Response Time8 ms
Aspect Ratio16:09:00
Pitch / Pixel Pitch0,276 mm
Signal Input2xHDMI, DVI-D, VGA
Contrast Ratio3000:1 / 20000000:1 (dynamic)
Brightness250 cd/m2
Video Format1080p
Dimensions (WxDxH)58.1 cm x 18 cm x 43.9 cm
ColorBrilliant Black
Integrated DevicesStereo speakers
EnergyAC 120/230 V
Total weight6 kg
Power Consumption40 Watt