BenQ EP5920


Home video projectors used to be a hit among consumers back in the day. Even if they were something that was created in small numbers and rarely. But now everyone’s attention has been directed at tablets and smartphones. TV sets, too. So the market of home video projectors hasn’t really been drowning in new creations lately. But still, something fresh arose from the mass of other gadgets. Its name is EP5920 and its creator is famous BenQ. We tested this product and must say that we liked how it behaved. Below you will find a review on the matter.

Simplified design

The new BenQ EP5920 comes in white with silver elements. Its design is nothing out of the ordinary. The company counted on simplicity when it created this home video projector. But to be clear: this product is in no way ugly. Its dimensions are enough to make it sit anywhere, even in cramped and small places. And its weight makes it easy to just grab it and move with it to another room.

Here are the specifications we discovered while reviewing this unit: 1.2x manual lens, 4,500:1 contrast,16:9 aspect ratio, 4,500 Hrs 5,000 (eco) lamp life, the DLP technology, a resolution of 1920 x 1080, a weight of 7.9 lbs and 1800 lumens. Connectivity options in the case of this gadget mean the following: 2 RGB, S-Video, RS232, composite, 2 HDMI 1.3, , one USB and component. The kind of video formats that are offered by this projector are diverse and include 1080i, 480i, 720p, 1080p/60 and 480p.BenQ-EP5920

The features sported by BenQ’s latest are many. The most important ones are portability, quick shutoff, brightness, longevity, 1080p and speaker. Let’s see now how each of these performed.

1080p Full HD resolution

Firstly, portability is a very important factor. And the EP5920 has plenty of that. As mentioned, the user is able to carry this device wherever whenever without feeling the need to rest your hands at any point. Usually, a projector likes to cool down first before it’s being taken out of the plug. And that required some minutes. But this unit comes with something new: it has a quick shutoff. This is a major pro, as it practically implies that the time needed to cool off is just 3 seconds. Brightness for this projector is high. This DLP projector sports 1200 lumens. So the specs are a bit off than what’s happening in reality. If you use this product in a space that does not have enough light, the level of brightness offered by this projector is really good.

The lamp of the BenQ EP5920 is able to last for a period of 3 years. The 1080p resolution that this unit puts on display is one of the biggest pros. Every type of content looked great The speaker is a 10W one. At first, sound is going to be good. But then it will become tinted with distortions.

Colors are delivered in an accurate manner. Light output is also capable of making performance good. That said, do not be fooled by the contrast value. Because it may be low on paper, however in tests it delivered great shadows. We advise you use a mode called Living Room. Because it boasts superior numbers when it comes to color accuracy, color saturation and contrast.

Review conclusion

The BenQ EP5920 remains a home video projector with with lots of good parts. We recommend it if you want something that can be used for games and videos as well.