AVG Internet Security 2012


A powerful security solution

AVG wanted to try something new and released Internet Security 2012, a program they dubbed as a complete tool for assuring your PC or laptop stays clean from online threats. The software costs $54.99 ($68.99 for 3 licenses), but, according to our tests, the one component that stood out the most was the antivirus one, while the rest of them seemed to need some improvements. The review we wrote about this software will contain our views on it.

Easy to install

The installation of the Internet Security 2012 went as smoothly as installation is prone to go with any AVG software. The version that came out last year had a lot of security component icons in its package: 14; this one had only 8, which was a relief.

The accelerator received, according to AVG, an improvement, but it wasn’t that easy to notice when we downloaded stuff, because the speeds weren’t exactly faster than before. A feature that remained from the earlier Internet Security 2011 was LinkScanner with its Online Shield option and it did the same thing, as in detecting malicious code on Internet pages the user browses; but except all the usual operations, there’s a new one this time: the tracking of what is running in the user’s browser, thus finding threats that have codes spreading in various places on the World Wide Web is easier now. The Advice feature did a very pertinent check up of actions we might take to make our system perform faster; it was of great help, because it warned us when it was time to close and then restart the browser whenever it ate a large amount of memory. Scareware, or fake antiviruses to be more precise, was detected via a patent-pending technique that didn’t need a file signature.AVG-Internet-Security-2012

Good detection rate

The speed of the scanning process was over the norm. However, it was soon clear that the rootkit scan was separated from the scan of our PC, which was quite odd to see. An impressive total of 89% of threats were detected by the AVG Internet Security 2012, which placed the software on second position in our top. Removal of malware scored 7 points, the one of rootkit achieved 7.1 points and removal of scareware scored 10 points.

The tests we performed too see how the 2012 version of the software reacted when it had to block malware revealed good figures. On the other hand, removal of malware didn’t go as well, but the product detected 90% of malware. 8.5 points was the general score because the software let some threats install on our computer. Blockage of rootkit was 8.5 and the one of scareware was higher: 9.3.

Some phishing problems

The software’s job of keeping users protected against phishing was poorly done, with results of only a 55% rate of success. The firewall scored decently in our testing phase for this review, its main problems being the fact that malware coders could disable it at will, it did bad in leak tests and had an older ask-the-user technique for program control.

Your e-mails will be fairly safe thanks to the spam filter that comes with the AVG Internet Security 2012; and we say “fairly safe” because some unsolicited spam still made its way to our e-mails: 46%. For a parental control feature you’ll have to pay $9.95 for 3 licenses.

We were surprised to see that the software made our system boot slower than a PC without it installed, but the good thing was that the product did in no way slow browsing.

Review conclusion

The AVG Internet Security 2012 excels at protection against viruses and doesn’t have a huge impact on your computer. The firewall, amount of spam and bad measures against phishing made the software a bit of a letdown.

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  1. Jessie at 11:27 am

    I prefer a paid antivirus software. Kaspersky and BitDefender are really good. I am not very confident in a free software, even is rated with 5 from 5 stars. 🙂