AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2012


A freeware security software solution

I think we all grew tired of reading the same words repeating themselves for different software manufactured by the majority of important names aimed at making your laptop, computer and so on prepared against attacks of any kind. AVG continues this “I am the best” tradition by claiming that its Antivirus Free Edition 2012 has the fastest scanning process, the best performance and the best ease of use. Well, its bragging is true as you’ll very soon find out from our tests and review.

Easy to download and install

The AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2012 did a very good impression with its download and installation processes. To develop the idea: we could start making use of the software in just 5 minutes between the first and second operations and it was all due to the reduction in installation screens from a whooping 13 to much less. And here comes the fun, read unpleasant, part: be prepared for the suite to close the browser you use at the same time with the antivirus installation without letting you know beforehand and for the not so optional addition of Security Toolbar and the Secure Search default search engine change onto your laptop. The AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2012 was not a jerk, so to say, all the way through, because it didn’t force us into opting for an automatic trial of AVG Internet Security.AVG-Antivirus-Free-Edition-2012

Some problems with fake viruses

The minor changes in the UI found a way to provide more stability than earlier versions. Tweaks, for instance, aren’t as pronounced as usual and the icons located in the principal interface look way better. Breaches in security were repaired automatically with the help of a button called Fix. Navigation greets users with timestamps for recent updates and scans and fonts that are bigger.

With the AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2012, that annoying thing called fake antivirus has found its greatest enemy, because the software blocks it without wasting another second. A tool with a monitoring option known as Advisor emitted a warning when the browser consumed a much too big amount of laptop memory. The LinkScanner feature kept a watchful eye on mutations in threats and the Accelerator bettered our connection to the Internet by accelerating the speeds of rendering and downloading. Smart scanning is offered on this version, too, and it offers a scanning of safe files and a rescan only in the event of finding relevant and serious changes.

Good scanning speed

Prioritizing of scans is an important development in the case of this software; to illustrate this with an example: any task we performed on our laptop was left in peace during the scanning which automatically slowed down. Another feature, the PC Analyzer, did the following: did a scan to detect disk errors in the Registry area. Of course, if you pay for the non-free AVG Antivirus Edition 2012 you get many more features.

There’s no denying in the fact that AVG’s latest antivirus software packs a whole lot of impressive speed and both boot and shutdown time impact are minimal. This suite took third place in our testing of security scan time and that’s very good to know since this is a free offer.

Review conclusion

Famous AVG did it once again in this review: their Antivirus Free Edition 2012 is a security tool that manages to get very close to being almost perfect. Its drawbacks are few and the positive aspects outshine them greatly.

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