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Samsung Galaxy GT-P7310MVGR


You don’t find every day a tablet that can combine good performance with the portable element. But Samsung’s Galaxy GT-P7310MVGR is such a product. It brought us a lot of satisfactions while we were testing it. The review we prepared for you today will hopefully convince you of that.

A 8.9 inches tablet PC

The Samsung Galaxy GT-P7310MVGR is a tablet that embraces our modern times by sporting a great design, specs and performance. The 8.9″ touchscreen is high definition. The memory is 1GB of RAM and the CPU is a dual-core Tegra 2 one. The measurements for this device are the following: 9.1″ x 6.2″ x 0.34″. Other specs include a 30-pin IF connector, a 3MP camera (on the rear) and a 2MP one on the front, Android 3.1 Honeycomb operating system and 1,280 x 800 pixels of resolution. This tablet is among the lightest ones, because it weighs less than 1 pound. Connectivity is made of 1 USB 2.0 port, Bluetooth v2.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n. The instruction manual that comes with this model offered us, in our tests, everything we needed to know about the Galaxy GT-P7310MVGR.Samsung-Galaxy-GT-P7310MVGR

Since this product comes with a widescreen aspect ratio, content looks great. You get excellent colors, brightness, sharpness, superior game graphics and everything else that makes watching content a pleasurable experience. From our experience, there were no black bars anywhere on the display.

Just Android 3.1 Honeycomb OS…

The operating system is designed in a way that makes navigation and all the stuff associated with it worth your time. We could perform several tasks for this review, all at the same time, without experiencing lagging or other unpleasantness. The more than 200,000 Android Market apps were a way, for us, to make this tablet look how we wanted it to look.

Whatever the format you want to use with the Galaxy GT-P7310MVGR, Samsung made it possible for the user to throw video, image and so on without the tablet cowering under the weight of too many file formats.

The processor is a great choice. It is able to put up with intense activities, even the ones done at the same time, without throwing a tantrum (aka freezing, lagging and so on). Which is a pro that we enjoyed a lot. And since this model is compatible with Adobe Flash, you will see no buffering and other nerve-wracking incidents that make you throw a gadget off a cliff.

Improved file compatibility

Another compatibility featured by this gadget is, this time, with files such as PDFs, Excel, Word and PowerPoint. The battery is made to endure a total of 10 hours of use. But make sure you keep that daily use at a medium, since not many tablets these days can last a whole day if you kill them with all sorts of tasks. Security solutions are also onboard and they include the following: Cisco WebEx, relationships with SAP, Cisco AnyConnect, Sybase and Exchange ActiveSync.

The operating system comes, if you remember, with plenty of apps. Among this is one called The Quick App Tray. What this one can do is the following: it is able to keep activities of importance by floating above other apps. That way you will not have to dig up what interests. The browser on this device was made better. It now sports private browsing, bookmark syncing with Google Chrome and many other benefits.

Review conclusion

If you enjoy reading eBooks, know that this tablet can become an eReader. Thanks to its Reader’s Hub app. The Samsung Galaxy GT-P7310MVGR is one of the best tablets produced by this manufacturer. It definitely convinced us to keep an eye on it.

Technical specifications

Operating SystemAndroid 3.1 Honeycomb
CPU frequency / type1.2 GHz ARM 610
Panel ResolutionHD Ready, 1280 x 800 pixels
Display diagonal8.9 inches
WiFi standard802.11bgn
Internal storage32 GB / Hard Drive
Battery Life10 hours
Dimensions W x L x H 9.09 x 0.34 x6.21 inches

Samsung UN65D8000


We haven’t yet ended our journey in the land of Samsung TVs. But this time we will end it by adding a review about the company’s $2,500 UN65D8000. It didn’t disappoint us in the slightest. We will share with you why this device took our fancy.

A display of 65″ welcomed us when we turned this TV on. Other specs are these: 16:9 aspect ratio, 1920 x 1080 pixels, 240 Hz refresh rate, 25000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, a speaker. Input and output connections are many. You get 3 USB ports, 2 RCA phono, 4 HDMI ports, 1 VGA, 1 component and many other options. Measurements for the UN65D8000 are 48.5″ x 27.8″ x 1.2″. As for weight, this is a 41 lbs kind of TV.

A 65-inch Full HD 3D TV

The features on this product include a remote control, 2 pairs of 3D glasses, Micro Dimming Plus, Smart Hub and a couple more.

While the body of this device is made of the best materials that assure solidity, the stand doesn’t have those elements. We managed to offer it a couple of scratches in our tests.

After performing some calibration adjustments, we were able to take full advantage of what we were watching on the display. This TV was sure apt in delivering great colors and contrast. Brightness was another pro. Movies using the 3D technology looked amazing. Crosstalk did not make an entrance.Samsung-UN65D8000

From among the features on this UN65D8000, three stood out to us. One of them was the Smart Hub one. It gave us the opportunity to enjoy the World Wide Web to the fullest. The Micro Dimming Plus feature was another attraction of this TV. It worked in the following manner: it made sections of the backlight appear dimmed while other sections appeared very bright. Superb contrast and accuracy are both possible when using this feature. The AllShare option is an equivalent to DLNA compatibility. But, compared to that one, the AllShare provides a superior experience, in that it is way user-friendlier and capable of a faster reaction.

Ultra Clear Panel technology

The details that people’s skins in movies had was impeccable. The user is going to see every bit of a character’s skin in the most explicit detail. Which might seem creepy to some of you, but there are gadget consumers who want something like this. There was no judder to distract us from watching an action scene. As a result, motion had plenty of smoothness. There was no unnecessary video processing that could make content hard to watch.

Sound is clear. We were not forced to pump up the volume at all. Not even once during the tests we did to write this review.

Ambient light coming in from various sources will not make the UN65D8000 appear covered fully in reflections. Because there’s an Ultra Clear Panel included in this TV. However, this feature is not fully capable of eliminating every single reflection it deals with. But it all depends, in the end, on where you are going to place this device. Try to avoid rooms with plenty of strong ambient light.

Review conclusion

The UN65D8000 that Samsung came up with this time is one of the company’s most intriguing TV sets. Not only does it look good, it also performs well. Of course it’s not all flowers and unicorns, but the cons are all incapable of making us want to throw this product out the window. So try it out and see how good it really is.

Technical specifications

TV characteristicsLED-LCD
Panel size65 inch
ColorBrushed titanium
ConnectivityBuilt-in Wi-Fi
Smart TVYes
Accessories3D glasses (2pcs) included
3D technologyYes
Dynamic contrast ratio25000000:1
Panel resolution1920 x 1080
Backlight characteristicsLED Backlight technology
Panel refresh rate240 Hz
Panel characteristicsWidescreen
Aspect ratio16:09
HDTV TunerYes
Secondary audio program (SAP) Yes
Speaker(s) 2 x Right/left channel speakerBuilt-in – 15 Watt
QWERTY keyboard remoteYes
Power consumption stand by / sleep0.12 Watt
Other features
Parental channel lockYes
Closed captioningYes
V-chip controlYes
Video interface HDMIYes
PC interface VGA / HD-15Yes
HDMI connections4 x HDMI
3 x USB (19 pin HDMI Type A),
RJ-45 connectorYes
RCA phono x 3 connectorsYes
RCA phono x 2 connectorsYes
Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mmYes
Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mmYes
4 pin USB Type AYes
15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15)Yes
Total weight109.6 lbs
Depth17.5 inch
Height44.3 in
Width 65.4 in

Samsung UN65ES8000


Samsung’s box of delights is never-ending. So we took advantage of this and tested their UN65ES8000. This TV belongs to a series that includes some of the best models we have had the pleasure of reviewing. The device here comes with all sorts of advanced features, technologies and so on. And we will share them with you in today’s review.

Before that, though, we’ll start by adding the specs: a 65″ LED-LCD display, a 1,920 x 1080 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, 30,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. The dimensions of the UN65ES8000 are 58.3″ x 36.1″ x 11.5″ (with a stand that comes installed). 45 pounds is its weight.

A powerful 65 inch 3D TV

The offerings we spotted when we opened the package were these: a touchpad remote control, a normal remote, 4 pairs of 3D glasses, batteries and an IR blaster. 3 USB ports and 3 HDMI inputs are this TV’s connectivity options.

There are many features to go with the UN65ES8000. But you should know that the stand does not swivel like it does on other models. The Micro Dimming Ultimate feature is an important part of this TV. Picture adjustment settings were a great way for us, in tests, to get the most out of the viewing experience. Motion smoothing here worked like a charm.Samsung-UN65ES8000

The touchpad remote we mentioned a short while ago is a nice addition. It worked over Bluetooth and was very responsive. But we still thought the standard remote was way better and felt more natural. And it features backlighting. This, too, offers great feedback.

Smart Interaction technology

The kind of shadow detail we witnessed was good. But the glossy coating of the display did not make us too happy, especially not when we wanted to watch something with the lights turned on. The level of brightness was superb. The accuracy of all of the colors we saw on the screen was great, too. Movies in 3D appeared in the best way possible, with sharpness and contrast both excellent. We didn’t spot halo effects. And black levels put on a very impressive show overall.

The sound quality is not what you would expect from a Samsung product. However, it does not fail miserably.

The Smart Interaction feature that this UN65ES8000 sports can be reached via the device’s touchpad remote with mic and also via the TV’s cam that offers a mic.

There were two problems we encountered while testing this product. One was related to the viewing angles. Especially when watching something from an off-angle. To counteract this, we advise our readers to watch content from 6 feet or more away. Otherwise, image quality is going to go through a disappointing stage. The second con that attracted our attention was the fact that this device delivered light bleed. Where, you ask? As far as we saw, it happened in the right-hand and bottom left corners of the TV’s display. The lght that bled did so now and then, so it wasn’t a reason to make us mad.

Review conclusion

The Samsung UN65ES8000 costs a lot more than other series made by the same manufacturer. But the high price you will pay is going to show itself in this TV’s performance, design and other attributes. So if you are someone who wants what’s best in LED TV products, then the model we reviewed today certainly has ways to lure you in and make you use it in your day to day life.


Sharp Elite PRO-70x5FD


A new TV is in the house. The Sharp Elite PRO-70x5FD comes in at a whooping $7,999.99. But rest assured that it is worth every cent. As you will see by reading the review we prepared for today.

The Elite PRO-70x5FD is ready to deliver what must be one of the best viewing experiences. For that it ses the following specs, features and connectivity options. But first we’ll discuss the specifications: a 70″ screen, 1080p30 supported video formats, 480Hz refresh rate, 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. This 63″ x 40″ x 13″ has a weight of 101.4 lbs. Its ports are these: 1 USB, 5 HDMI, 1 PC in, 1 Ethernet, 3 Video and many more. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also part of the deal.

Awesome contrast ratio

The remote control thrown in the package is a tool that does everything it should be doing. And best of all, it has backlight. We used it for all sorts of operations and it gave a swift response.

The way this TV’s contrast ratio works in tests is awesome. It made the device sprout some of the most accurate skin tones and colors we have ever had the chance to observe on such a product until now. Then along came another technology: the backlight-scanning one. The feature using this is the FluidMotion one. And the latter is the reason why this TV is able to deliver things like smoothing effects. The Intelligent Variable Contrast, Active Contrast and Film Mode features make a great group of features. Thanks to them, the latest Samsung TV set can have both a reduction in digital noise and also an image contrast. Intense dark and light image detail. Crispness and sharpness were both amazing. There was no blooming, thanks to a very professional local-dimming technology.Sharp-Elite-PRO-70x5FD

The technologies and features listed above are joined by others, such as: RGB-Y color, local dimming and LED backlighting. It is a way to deliver all kinds of goodies: very accurate colors, amazing whites and blacks with a lot of depth to them. It was truly great watching them on the lovely display.

Poor performance in 3D conversion

So that the user can enjoy watching something on the Elite PRO-70x5FD with the best sound quality ever, this TV sports 1 subwoofer and 2 speakers. These are accompanied by helpers the likes of a 3D Surround option, audio settings, treble, bass, and balance settings, a Clear Voice option and a Bass Enhancer.

You won’t see this product consume less energy to protect the environment. When we set the power saving to the advanced mode, this TV consumed 52W. When we turned that mode off, the set ate up a total of 125W.

Also, do not come in with the expectation of seeing a 2D-to-3D conversion that will blow your mind. The aftermath of such poor performance means loss of sharpness. And loss of detail in background scenery. But to sweeten the blow (which wasn’t even that severe, we are just exaggerating), the Elite PRO-70x5FD is a TV that will forever earn a place in our hearts because of its 3D performance. Which is amazing. And you can see all its glory with one of the 2 pairs of 3D glasses that are in the package. This performance materializes in an absence of crosstalk in tests. And the fact that both colors and brightness have great quality.

Review conclusion

Yes, Sharp Elite PRO-70x5FD made a lasting impression on us. But how could it have been otherwise when its performance and design were so awesome? If you don’t mind its high price tag, you should have a go at this product.


Mitsubishi WD-92840


It seems that there is a TV that has gathered quite a lot of negative opinions. The name of this device is Mitsubishi WD-92840. In this review we will show you that you have almost nothing to dislike about this model.

The Mitsubishi WD-92840 is not going to go unnoticed. That’s because it measures 25″ x 82″ x 55″. The screen itself is 92″. Which is literally one of the biggest sizes we have ever experienced. The resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The other specs are the following: a 120 Hz Sub-Frame Rate, Conventional 4:3/16:9 widescreen modes, a 16:9 image aspect ratio and a 1080p (FullHD) display format. Features include Video noise reduction, 6 Base-Colours Management, PerfectColor, Plush1080p, PerfecTint, 2D plus Depth, iPhone/iPad/iTouch Remote Control App. Connectivity is also made of many options: 2 USB ports, 1 x surround speakers output, 1 x composite video / component video input, 4 x HDMI input and others which you will find in the list under this review.

A huge 92 inch HDTV

Watching stuff on the WD-92840 proved to be a challenge most of the times we tested its performance. Because the reflections we was on its display were maddening a couple of times. But it’s not a tragedy. To avoid seeing them, you can use darkening blinds.Mitsubishi-WD-92840

This model comes with relatively good contrast levels. We say “relatively” because it means that there will be some cons to image quality, though not as severe as on other TVs. Brightness will constitute a bit of a problem. Still, the kind of blacks that are put on display are some of the greatest we have seen. This product uses a Matrix Backlit LED technology to produce them in such a splendid quality. It performs the following operation: it turns off individual sections of the WD-92840 in a dynamic way. This allows for black levels to be deeper than the norm. The quality of colors was superb. After setting them to fit our watching needs, they managed to capture the sort of beauty that we’ve come to expect from the Japanese manufacturer. But to return to the issue with brightness.

High power consumption

What bugged us was that this TV consumed quite a lot of power. So scenes in movies lacked great brightness a couple of times. However, after we turned off the device’s energy saving option, everything returned to normal and we could enjoy our movie without further problems. Minus the instances when we noticed that the bulb didn’t have a long span.

We feared we would have problems with the viewing angles. And we did. But they weren’t that serious. For instance, we stood up when we watched a movie. That made the device shift its brightness. This also happened when we took a stroll to either of the TV’s sides. Then, while we were having a seat in front of this TV, we saw that there was a lot more brightness on the middle of its display. Finally, we should conclude that you will have to avoid standing up quickly or sitting down when watching this device. It’s advisable to look at its display from the side somehow.

Review conclusion

Out of everything we saw in our tests, the new Mitsubishi WD-92840 showed us what it was capable of in great style. This TV set should be seen, but also used. Because the performance it delivers is enough to make the user get over its minor (at least for us) cons.


TomTom VIA 1605TM


If you don’t think that Garmin is the best manufacturer of GPS products, then there’s always TomTom as an alternative. This company’s devices are really good. Proof of that efficiency is their $229.95 VIA 1605TM model. On almost all fronts, this system is good. But you will discover that while reading our next review.

You want a GPS device with a large display? Look no further, then: the TomTom VIA 1605TM is something that you need to try. The dimension of its screen is 6″. Which, naturally, implies an ease of reading text. It also means plenty of sharpness. The body is definitely slimmer and lighter than same products made by competitors: there are 9.5 ounces and 4.2 by 6.2 by 1.4 to prove this statement. Data had the great advantage of appearing clean.

Disappointing battery

Before moving to design and other areas, it has to be said that the VIA 1605TM has a battery that isn’t as great as the ones on Garmin devices. Its life was capable of lasting only 2 hours. But if you are the sort of consumer that wants to connect a DVD player or any other such gadget to this GPS system, then this short battery span will not be a big issue.

The display is not resistive like on competing versions. But the resolution is enough to perform the most common tasks.TomTom-VIA-1605TM

The looks of this model are nice. The materials it is made of are plastic and brushed aluminum. It all comes in black. You are offered no hands-free Bluetooth speakerphone mode. And that might be a reason of discontent for users who want it.

If you wonder where the TM comes from,we will tell you. It is included in the name to show the fact that this model offers traffic updates along with lifetime maps. And that takes place once a year.

Don’t expect to see a high definition traffic support. There is none on this 1605TM. An alternative to that, and one that works very well, is a real-time traffic service. It’s not the company’s latest, though. But even if you don’t get a new one, this one still delivers what is expected of it.

Reliable performance

We reviewed this GPS unit by taking a ride from our hometown to another town. Throughout our testing session, TomTom’s latest GPS product offered a reliable performance. A con we weren’t too happy about was when we looked at the animation and saw that it didn’t move smoothly about. That was due to the frame rate, which simply lagged a lot. However, this remains a GPS device with a great screen. Unfortunately, this did not stop it from showing graphics in a poor quality. We were helped numerous times by the gadget’s maps, which had a very pleasant design.

For those times we needed to know whether traffic conditions affected or not a route, we employed the device’s Alternative Route dialog features. When nothing would deter us from reaching to our destination faster, this feature alerted us via the screen. We found this as extremely nice and very helpful. Every GPS system should have it listed among its other great features.

Review conclusion

The TomTom 1605TM ranks high in any list of best GPS devices. It might not make it to the top of the said list, but it doesn’t reach its bottom, either. Garmin still reigns supreme in that area. But the model we tested had its pros which should not go unnoticed that quickly.


Garmin eTrex 10


After reviewing Garmin’s $110 eTrex 20, we thought it was a good idea to test the previous eTrex 10, too. And we are glad we did, because this GPS unit is pretty good for its category. However, its cons stop it from becoming our favorite GPS system ever.

The screen that the eTrex 10 uses doesn’t have such an engaging resolution. It’s far less in pixels than the eTrex 20. This and the fact that its color of choice is a monochrome silver added to our displeasure during testing season.

Improved signal reception

Garmin is known for including a lot of helpful and easy to use features. The model analyzed today sure has all of that. In other words, the eTrex 10 sports these: cache filtering, advanced track navigation and GPS+GLONASS (for better reception). The track navigation feature brings to the table the possibility of having a look at elements such as hint, description, logs and so on. Your trail distance will be offered to you by this feature in an estimate. The GPS+GLONASS feature is thrown into the mix so that the GPS system delivers superior reception. Another advantage of using such a device is the possibility to opt for a track to navigate. After the user chooses one, the device is going to create a route. If the unit discovers one or more waypoints, it will add them for future use.

Any GPS device comes with the option to mount it on a car or bike or any other kind of means of transportation you may wish to use. This model does not boast a carabiner clip in the box. But it has a mounting spine that is really hard to use. Tracking accuracy was by far one of the best for such a product.Garmin-eTrex-10

Impressive battery

Naturally, Garmin had to add many keys on its product. There are 6 on this version. The thumb stick one from the front is one that can be toggled. It is very useful when you have to navigate the device’s menu. Another important button is the Power/Light one. This key indicates how much battery is left, the status and the hour or date. The keys for Zoom in/Zoom out lend a helping hand if the user wants to navigate menu lists without seeing all the pages. Finally, the Menu key is used to show what is in the menu structure. And the way to do that is thanks to a context sensitive menu. The interface that we got to play around with sticks to the same design as older models.

Like in the case of the more modern eTrex 20, the eTrex 10 has phenomenal battery life. According to results, it lasted 31 hours. Which is such a great figure for a GPS unit that isn’t the best out there.

Review conclusion

The Garmin eTrex 10 also belongs to the same category of entry-level GPS navigation systems. It does not come cheap, though. But at least you have the guarantee that it will not break down when you need it the most. This device is a great tool for people after paperless geocaching units. The model we reviewed on this page also comes with an interface that won’t give you headaches. The features are really good, especially the advanced track navigation offering. All of these turn this model into a product that deserves the attention of everyone wanting a new GPS system.


Samsung UN40ES6500


The air was hot with anticipation before Samsung unleashed its UN40ES6500 to the world. But as some of the most impatient consumers took this TV home and began using it, they didn’t really like it. Here are our own 2 cents on the matter.

The Samsung UN40ES6500 has, like all of the company’s products, great looks. The bezel, for one, is really slim: 0.5″. On the whole, the design exudes style. The remote that comes with this set features buttons that use the backlight technology. They were very easy to press in our tests. And, of course, gave strong feedback.

A new smart HDTV

For Internet browsing and use of other devices, this TV ships with an array of the following: one Ethernet port, Wi-Fi, 3 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports and one hybrid component/composite port.

Even if it is a product made by Samsung, the UN40ES6500 doesn’t deliver the same superb quality as other models created by the same company. 3D performance is not as great as expected. But this TV comes with not 1, but 2 pairs of 3D glasses. However, they’re models made 1 year ago.Samsung-UN40ES6500

The screen used on this model did not feature the same annoying glossiness as on previous models. So throughout the duration of our tests we were able to watch content without worrying that the experience would be ruined for us eventually. So reflections will not make an appearance on this TV’s display any time soon. To our eyes, one of the cons on this UN40ES6500 was uniformity. At any time that we chose to watch from a bigger distance, the display showed content in an off-angle. Which meant purple blacks. And contrast loss. The screen was imbued with red, yellow and gray blotches on all of its surface when watching movies.

Up to 480Hz frequency

Black levels are about average for its price, and shadow detail is excellent, while 3D is just OK, compared with other reviewed HDTVs. The TV comes with two pairs of lightweight active glasses. They’re actually the SSG-3050GBs from 2011. The accuracy that colors had was a pro point for this device. Also, the saturation of colors was excellent. But black levels didn’t have the same punch. And the depth of images which were dark was another pro. Scenes packed with action didn’t show judders. Details in shadows also looked awesome.

The product’s Clear Motion Rate feature had 240 – 480Hz. This score is what any serious TV should bring forth. This addition is going to work wonders where image processing is concerned. Because the Clear Motion Rate makes resolution look ten timed better than it ever did. And there are other offerings to improve performance: they are going by the name of backlight scanning, video processing and refresh rate (of 120Hz). These together put on quite a show. A very nice one. Alas, there is no microdimming to be observed.


Despite the strengths that the Samsung UN40ES6500 delivers, its weakness do not succeed in maing this TV one to fully recommend. Not unless you are a beginner with such sets such as this one. Should you wish a TV that can play 3D content in a way that will knock your socks off, this model falls short of that. And yet, this HDTV does not deserve to be fully bashed, since it does what it can with what it has. And it doesn’t do it that bad. Give it a try if you aren’t a pretentious consumer.


Toshiba Excite AT305T64


To be bought in large numbers, a new tablet model has to have three essential factors of superior quality: design, performance when we reviewed it and impressive specs. The price, too, is an important factor to take into consideration. Toshiba’s Excite AT305T64 is among the gadgets that will impress from the first look and use.

The specs that this Excite AT305T64 runs with are as follows: a 10.1″ touchscreen, an Android 4.0 OS, 1280 x 800 pixels of resolution, a 16:10 aspect ratio, an Nvidia Tegra 3 mobile CPU complete with Super 4-PLUS-1 quad-core with 5th battery-saver core, 1 GB internal DDR3L-1333 memory, 64 GB internal flash memory, a 2MP front cam with a mic (for video chats) and a second cam with 5MP (on the back, it includes auto-focus, LED flash, full HD 1080p video capture and digital zoom). All of these sit in a body that weighs 1.32 pounds and measures 10.3″ x 7.0″ x 0.35″.

Powerful battery

The touchscreen is an AutoBrite multi-touch LED-backlit one. These make it a great reading tool, among other things. Also, colors and contrast are the best. Scratches and other unwanted blemishes are avoided thanks to the display’s Corning Gorilla Glass protection. Each and every single touch action we did on it resulted in lightning fast response.

The sound delivered in our tests was superb. We didn’t need a pair of headphones. The amount of hours you are offered by the tablet’s battery is 10.Toshiba-Excite-AT305T64

The one heck of a processor used by the Excite AT305T64 places high on our list of favorite CPUs. What made us choose it was its great speed in the benchmarks performed for this review. We were able to perform all sorts of tasks and the tablet did not freeze as a consequence. This processor includes a fifth low-power core. The latter has a super pro: it saves energy while the user works with applications.

The ports and various other connectivity options can be summed up by the following list: one microHDMI, one microUSB 2.0, one full-sized SD memory card slot, one 3.5mm stereo headphone jack and one docking connector.

Android 4.0 ICS OS

The latest Toshiba tablet has a 5-megapixel camera that offers the possibility to shoot clips and snaps pics for later use. They all delivered great quality for a tablet cam. A second camera is found on the front. This one is a 2MP one. With its help, the user can organize a video conference. Its mic takes care of annoying background noise. Image quality is great.

To connect to the World Wide Web, the Excite AT305T64 sports Wireless-N WiFi and Bluetooth.

The operating system, Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, offers a very enjoyable experience. Google Play helped us find our way around various eBooks, games, tunes and so on. This OS includes every single item in Google’s Mobile Service apps. There is Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps among others. Doing several things at the same time is no problem for this operating system.

The features that Toshiba wanted to have on this model are GPS, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and an e-compass. They are the tools you are going to need if you don’t want to get lost at some point. Photo tagging, map apps and everything else in between is very easy to do with this tablet.

Review conclusion

You can even tilt it to watch content in a superior way. The gadget allows both landscape and portrait tilting. The Toshiba Excite AT305T64 is a tablet that will stand the test of time.


ViewSonic VX2703mh-LED


Who wants to read a review about a monitor we just stumbled upon? All of our readers? Good, then today we are going to introduce the $300 ViewSonic VX2703mh-LED to our readers. According to the company who created this device, it comes with all sorts of visual and performance delicacies. Since we are not ones to believe something – especially about a new product – just like that, we set on the quest of testing this model on our own. And then publish the results of our adventure here. And so, without babbling anymore, let us see if this product is actually what it’s made into by clever advertisers.

We are starting this review with a mention about the specs we found on the ViewSonic VX2703mh-LED. Which look good. Whoever buys this monitor will also get the following included: a 27″ widescreen LED, a response time of only 3 ms, 1,920 x 1,080 pixels for its resolution, a 10M:1 MEGA dynamic contrast ratio, integrated SRS Premium Sound speakers and built-in power. Apart from these, we did not really see any really important ones worthy of a mention. But even if they do not look like much, they are actually indispensable if you want a performance that isn’t the usual poor one.

A 27 inch Eco monitor

The ports, inputs, jacks and other such options for connectivity matters depend on the following list that includes the likes of HDMI, DVI and VGA inputs. Also in the bargain you get HDCP support for your needs.

The ViewSonic created its VX2703mh-LED so as to provide consumers with a monitor that wouldn’t consume a lot of energy. So that we wouldn’t pollute the environment as much as we do with other monitors. To that avail, the manufacturer integrated this model with an Eco mode. Once turned on, it helps the monitor achieve a 40% in energy saving. That is a very good value for such a device.ViewSonic-VX2703mh

The screen of this device, a 27″ one in case you forgot, comes with a bezel that is way thinner than others in the same category. It was a very enjoyably view looking at this kind of screen. This thinness made it a great addition to both our working and our living space alike. In fact, this monitor is able to find a nice spot in any type of room and look good while at it.

Mercury-free panel

The warranty that ViewSonic included in the package is three years. But it is a limited one. However, there is a policy called pixel performance. This means that the company promises to deliver the best visual performance ever. Which did happen throughout the duration of our battery of tests.

Not only is this VX2703mh-LED among the best monitors to be used in either an office or at home, it is also really great if you only want to use the Internet. And that is because it sports a wide array of video inputs for your entertainment.

No product is complete without having some or many more features to boast about. This model fits in the latter category. But we won’t write about all of its features. Instead, we will mention those features that we found especially good. The mercury-free display, the possibility to mount the monitor on a wall and the automatic aspect ratio adjustment were the most important in our agenda.

Review conclusion

ViewSonic and its VX2703mh-LED makes for a really nice monitor that will capture many hearts.