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Sony Cybershot DSC-TX20


A waterproof camera for everyone

Camera users are split into different categories. But that’s normal, all gadgets address not only one category of consumers, but several. Like food, clothes and so on. Lately we’ve seen many rugged cams, but there are some of you who don’t like such devices. Precisely for those of you we recently took to our lab and tested a model made by Sony. The Cyber-shot DSC-TX20 is the name of this product. It costs $330, features many pros, several cons and it will start to sell this May. Below this introduction we propose our readers to have a look at our review of the device.

Rugged design

Consumers who want a life-proof cam without the usual bland features and a much too rough design, come meet the new Sony CyberShot DSC-TX20. This is a product which shows that not all of its brethren are made to look the same. We’ll first mention that this camera offers various colors for various people. They are as follows: black, green, blue, pink and orange. Quite a visual feast, especially if you decide to buy the device in 3 models of different colors.Sony-Cybershot-DSC-TX20

The body of the CyberShot DSC-TX20 has some great particularities. That bring it close to a rugged camera. So there, you still won’t escape that category of devices 😀 OK, so the product resists water up to five meters, freezing temps of 14°F, shocks up to 1.5 meters and dust. That’s quite something to be proud of. Moving away from that, we got reminded, in tests performed for this review, that this is in no way an ugly cam. Its lines are very clean and each of the five colors of the body sports pretty textural accents.

Carl Zeiss 4x optical zoom

The type of sensor used is a 1/2.3-inch one for a diagonal of 7.77 mm. The resolution has 16.2MP. This image sensor features backside illumination. That’s to say that light gathering is so much better than what happens on your average CMOS chip. This can be explained by the fact that the surface which receives light is more generous and it sits below the sensor’s active layer. ISO is between 125 and 3,200.

A Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar 4x optical zoom lens is placed in front of the image sensor we previously mentioned. It is a prism-folded zoom lens and makes the cam easy to stuff into your pocket. This also makes sure the DSC-TX20 doesn’t get knocked accidentally. Maximum aperture starts from f/3.5 and can reach f/4.6 across the zoom range. Focal lengths are 35mm-equivalent; they are able to reach 100 mm for still images.

Up to ISO 2000

The back accommodates a 3.0-inch LCD screen. The resolution of the display is 921,600 dots. An optical or electronic viewfinder is nowhere in sight. So that’s a con.

Besides good-looking photos, the device can record videos in full HD. And they look mighty fine, might we add. So a definite pro here. ISO is between 125-2,000. They are played back at an aspect ratio of 16:9. Interlaced frames per second are a total of 60. Stereo audio is recorded via an integrated mic. While we recorded content, we could, at the same time, save 12MP still images; and that without interrupting the shooting.

The cam also boasts 2 stabilization systems. One of them is really powerful and increases focal length crop. Connectivity is provided for with the help of miniHDMI and USB 2.0. The battery specifications made it possible to take 250 shots.

Review conclusion

So far, so good. The Sony CyberShot DSC-TX20 has the right attitude to turn into a good camera for just about every consumer.


Toshiba AT100


A new 10 inch powerful tablet

We’ve recently taken to our lab to test a completely new gadget. New for us, since the product was already launched last summer. Toshiba is joining its brothers and sisters that have gone berserk in the quest to produce as many great tablets as humanely possible. The AT100 has a 10″ screen and utilizes the Android OS. That should be enough to capture everybody’s attention, right? We thought so, too. Your attention will be even more captured when in today’s review we’ll reveal other secrets of this gadget. So here goes nothing.

Powered by Android 3.1

Those of you living in the US might know the AT100 under its other name: Toshiba Thrive. No idea why the change of name to AT100. But each company to its own, right? There is absolutely no tablet without its flaws. So this one naturally has those, as well. But they disappear when the gadget shows its hidden qualities.

Tablets with an Android Honeycomb operating system have the same specs. The one we tested couldn’t run amok and be different to those, could it not? So yes, the CPU is a 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2, the OS is Android’s 3.1, memory is 1GB of RAM and storage is 16GB / 32GB. The latter is indicated if you don’t want the thing to fill up quickly. Besides those there’s an SD Card slot which is able to include 128GB SDXC cards. Enjoying time online is possible through the device’s Bluetooth 3.0 and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi.Toshiba-AT100

Toshiba’s AT100 is the very first of its kind to feature support for SDXC. The slot comes with many benefits. Such as, for instance, the possibility to take an SD Card out of a digital camera and make use of the content there without needing an adaptor or dongles. We also noticed that, thanks to this slot, the capacity becomes 4 times stronger. That’s twice what Apple’s iPad 2 has.

A lot of ports

It may be large with those 273mm x 177mm x 15mm and it may be heavy – 725 g -, but don’t sweat too much with annoyance. In tests it didn’t feel, while holding it, like we had to put it down after 5 minutes. After 15 minutes, yes, we had to. So unless you have arms of steel, don’t buy this tablet if all you want is extra portability or slimness. Toshiba will have to find a way around that, but without the need to take away its savory charms. So for now we’ll forgive it, because its treasures make up for that bulk.

One of those pros is the amount of ports. This is seriously one of the best tablets in its connectivity options. There’s even a docking port. What more could you ask for? So the possibilities these ports, inputs and such open are kind of endless. The AT100 has great chances of being able to replace your laptop. The con here is that the gadget lacks a shared power source. Now that would have made the product perfect. Or as close to perfection as possible.

Impressive screen

The battery can easily be removed. So there, another important pro for you. The con to balance that is the bad sound quality.

We didn’t concentrate in this review too much on the screen. That’s because it is brilliant. Just some more work and it could become excellent. Contrast, colors, brightness and viewing angles were all sufficient to make us love the thing.

Review conclusion

Another chapter of the tablet saga ends here. The Toshiba AT100 is a perfectly reliable partner to you and your needs from such a gadget.



Lenovo C325


An affordable all in one desktop PC

If you’ve been in a all-in-one withdrawal, here’s something to look forward to. Lenovo released its C325 not a long while ago. And it doesn’t even cost a truckload of money. Only $599. The product is an alternative to all the really expensive all-in-ones. But even so, one shouldn’t assume it would be better if they didn’t get this model. Indeed you should, because there’s absolutely nothing lame about the device. We even tested it to prove it. Here’s a review what came of that.

Glossy design

Wherever you look, you’re attacked with rows upon rows of smartphones, tablets and laptops. Gadgets like printers, all-in-ones, mp3 players and such get chocked under those. We’ve done some digging and found Lenovo’s C325. It has the identical external setup like on a desktop; but the difference lies in the fact that this product makes use of parts usually found on a laptop. The latter’s resistance to expansion is also found on this all-in-one.Lenovo-C325

Comparing designs, the C325 looks handsomer than many of its counterparts. The casing is made of plastic. The weight of the components and display are kept low; that’s thanks to a base made of metal. The body is also glossy; we won’t even stress how much of an annoyance that means. However, our mood got better quickly: the screen was matte. If you’re someone who works in an environment with very bright lights, that’s the equivalent of nirvana.

WiFi access

Now on to describing the display some more. Its panel should have had a lower resolution. But it doesn’t, it’s really good. A multitouch option hasn’t yet been incorporated on the C325.

Do basic tasks with the device and the CPU will thank you. Since it’s not made to handle activities which are demanding. The GPU is as low-key as the processor; so keep tasks to a minimum if you don’t want it to explode in your face. The memory isn’t well-suited for demanding stuff, either. And that includes complicated games.

As for connectivity, the C324 doesn’t come with a module for WiFi. Output for external monitors is also out of the question. Everything else is available.

No wireless inputs are present. Instead of them we tested the wired keyboard and mouse. They worked relatively well as substitutes. The C325 remains an all-in-one. And as that, it should have had the wireless inputs.

Limited memory

The speakers are decent, compared with other reviewed devices from the same class. They just need a little more oomph and they’d be great. The webcam isn’t as powerful as Lenovo used to make them in the past.

The operating system brings just 3.5 gigabytes of memory. But it allows for memory upgrade. If you’re ever in a pinch, Lenovo offers a CD full of drivers for troubleshooting. We didn’t need to connect to the Internet to perform the latter.

Among the offers coming with the C325, our thanks goes to the Google Chrome in particular. The McAfee anti-virus is also very good thinking. For an all-in-one, this model doesn’t come with the usually boring and unnecessary bloatware. See others and they’ll annoy you to death with all their pre-installed software.

Review conclusion

The Lenovo C325 is mesmerizing wannabe buyers with a very good price. But that’s not quite good enough. Sure, this all-in-one is durable. Sure, the screen is matte and lovely by extension. However, the CPU isn’t that powerful and the memory isn’t that rewarding.

Technical specifications

OSWindows 7
Display diagonal20 inches
GPU modelRadeon HD 6310
Processor producerAMD
Optical drive typeSlot-loading
Internal storage320 GB

Lenovo ThinkPad T420


A thin new laptop

The ThinkPad T line developed by Lenovo is a very good selling name. This series will always be remembered for making superb mainstream business systems. If you’re into excellent keyboards, smashing performance and best materials, you should totally check out the notebooks in this line-up. The most recent device to come out from this series is the $1,179 ThinkPad T420. Stay with us and read all about it in this review.

Comfortable keyboard

Notebooks belonging to the ThinkPad released under Lenovo have a very easy to recognize design. Its primary quality is the classic style. The T420 keeps this pattern. Black’s the color of this netbooks’ body and that’s clear indication of elegance. The fact that it’s matte means one thing: yay for no fingerprints. A second trademark of the line is a small red TrackPoint pointing stick. It has a place between the buttons for H and G. The fact that the lid has rubber and plastic to its name assures a lot of durability. That is also reinforced by the bottom made of carbon. Drops and shocks won’t mean a thing to this device. In the race for lightness and thinness, the T420 is no winner. But no amount of carrying it will ruin your arms or back.Lenovo-ThinkPad-T420

The keyboard, a very good example of great work, keeps its cool even when you drop some water on it. This review was written with 87 words per minute, an awesome result. The touchpad makes navigation accurate; smoothness in the case of multi touch gestures are not its forte. And, if you don’t like that, skip the touchpad and use the pointing stick. It worked really well for us in tests. Its accuracy was even more amazing.

Good sound accuracy

The screen is matte, so reflections are certainly unheard of. Fingerprints aren’t even in the notebook’s dictionary. Images look sharp and viewing angles were a joy. Motion was splendidly smooth. It is possible to experience pixelation on objects’ edges; that’s because the display has many more pixels than the movie you stream online.

Sound rising from the notebook’s speakers is good in the tests performed. The accuracy was one of the highlights.

The sort of processor and GPU Lenovo packed its T420 with were good choices. They have plenty of power and can stand their ground for almost anything you spring on them. A file transfer got completed in 3 minutes. Booting into the operating system took 45 seconds. An MPEG4 was transcoded to AVI in 40 seconds. Simple games have a high level of playability. Getting all heated up wasn’t the case with this device. So phew for that.

Without HDMI-out and USB 3.0

The battery is a blessing to this notebook. The latter went on its way for a day and a few hours. Browsing the net wirelessly didn’t ruin the battery even after 10 hours.

The webcam is a beast on its own. The quality of it will make you swoon over it. Connectivity is solid; but there’s a lack of HDMI-out and USB 3.0. That’s so no cool for such a device.

There’s all sorts of software included on the Lenovo T420 notebook. Out of the lot, our preferences were the fingerprint reader and the security options. Warranty is 1 year.

Review conclusion

The Lenovo ThinkPad T420 is a notebook which will take you through fire and water. The most amazing spec is the battery and the most amazing feature is the keyboard. You’ll have to refrain from getting it if you’re all about a light and thin gadget.


Notion Ink Adam


A new tablet brand

Notion Ink is such a small company, that it’s difficult to find someone who’s ever heard about it. They’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort to make themselves known. The investors they talked to refrained from helping them; factories as well. The ones to get interested in them were, in the end, consumers themselves. The Notion Ink Adam gadget they brought to our attention not long ago promotes new and exciting ideas. In the form of specs and features. Allow us to tell you below whether the device delivers or disappoints.

An original design

Go into any shops that sells tablets. You’ll soon notice how every single one of them repeats, in its own way, the design of the iPad. The Adam tablet wants to be recognized by an original style. It sure succeeds at that. We were so very thankful to finally see a company with the desire to keep away from copying its forefathers.Notion-Ink-Adam

The grip on this gadget has to be one of the most phenomenal. In our tests we never once felt it slip from our fingers. And yeah, you should hold the device with both hands; its weight doesn’t allow for a single hand grip. At some point, our arms felt a bit achy. The tablet rubber mesh coating kept a close watch on us not to drop the product because of that. The matte material this gadget is made of is an excellent repellent for fingerprints. So kudos for that, Notion Ink!

Capacitive touch keys

The Motorola Xoom and other tablets for that matter appear like dwarves when compared to the Adam. That’s because of the very big bezel around the display. The touch keys are capacitive. That may be so, but they don’t come with backlight. We got no feedback from them when we reviewed them. The virtual buttons used by the OS are click-able when there’s darkness in your room.

Move to the bezel and under it you’ll find so many connectivity options that you’ll forget this isn’t a laptop. If you want to connect a wireless mouse and a keyboard, the tablet won’t say no. If no one else thinks of copy the Adam, this device might as well be the only one with a Pixel Qi display. A matte Pixel Qi display. No fingerprints and no reflections for this baby. This type of screen does other things besides keeping those two away. It has the ability to turn off its backlight and bring light to the display with the help of the sun. But well, you won’t get fabulous viewing angles with this display. Deep blacks and beautiful colors aren’t delivered by the Adam tablet.

GPS technology included

The applications, games, Photoshopping and other tasks we tested on the CPU all worked without crashing. Which is wickedly awesome. GPS lock in maps came in front of our eyes super duper fast. No good news on the speakers’ performance. You’re better off with a pair of headphones.

Instead of 15 hours as read in the tablet’s presentation, we only got 8 hours of battery life. Keep your activities to a minimum and the device will thank you by lasting a whole day of your constant nagging.

Review conclusion

Well then, that’s all we have to say on the Notion Ink Adam in the end of this review. There’s certainly a future for this tablet. But the many software that lacks brilliancy will annoy you rather than show the novelties of the device.

Technical specifications

Display10.1″ WSVGA (1024 x 600)
Screen characteristicsMulti-touch
OtherAnti glare coating
Internal storage8 GB Flash
ConnectivityMicro-SD Card support
USB 2.0 Host x 2
Mini USB
Micro SD slot
SIM Card slot
Total weight1.6 pounds
DimensionsWidth: 191 mm
Length: 269 mm
Thickness: 14.7 mm to 22 mm

Logitech Touch Mouse M600


A different type of PC mice

With a $70 price for its Touch Mouse M600, Logitech wants to please those customers who don’t want to pay too much for a mouse. This input device is in the vein of the Touch Mouse manufactured by Microsoft and the Magic Mouse made by Apple. The design of this product and its similarity to the touch input used by smartphones are to be admired. And yet the device didn’t feature too many or too modern special gestures featured on some of the other mice we’ve seen a while back. It should have featured them, since it’s not exactly that cheap. This review will show all the ups and downs we came across during tests.

Some design elements: removed

On the official Internet site of the presentation Logitech prepared for its Touch Mouse M600, the product is described as all sorts of wonderful. The manufacturer especially underlines the possibility to drag a finger across the device’s surface made of plastic and then navigate or scroll at ease. Just like that, without any special artifice. Yup, this is something really innovative and the main feature which draws you in to the input device. This is a means to eliminate the frustrating need to always use keys featuring thumb-side back-and-forth options; or worse still, a mechanical scroll wheel.Logitech-Touch-Mouse-M600

Without pinch-to-zoom / multitouch

A mouse that uses the touch feature thinks itself better than a normal and traditional one. And of course people expect more from it when people hear about it. The Logitech Touch Mouse M600 makes a great fuss out of sporting scrolling that is supposedly the same as what smartphones deliver. Well, Logitech, sorry to disappoint, but: your recent mouse doesn’t have pinch-to-zoom or multitouch recognition. Instead we got software called FlowScroll. This boasts some various plug-ins for the Firefox, IE and Chrome browsing engines. Up-and-down scrolling is smoothed so that in the end it resembles the kind of scrolling that tablets and smartphones deliver. Indeed, it all looked better once we downloaded that software. An intuitive SetPoint software for when you look for configuration was another point of interest we enjoyed. With its help we could choose the best sensitivity for the cursor and scrolling, we could make different adjustments and much more. The interface via which we did that was very easy to understand and use.

Unified receiver

Logitech is luring customers in to buy this Touch Mouse M600 by describing it as a product enabling touch actions just like a smartphone. While that may be partially true, considering our gripes with it, the easiness with which we set it up was undeniably great. Point us to another similarly easy to prepare mouse and we’ll eat this review up.

Now for the set of features of M600. Catching our immediate attention was the one known as Unified receiver. There’s a USB microreceiver that comes with it; its purpose in the world is to make good team with 6 devices also made by Logitech. It will be difficult to choose only six, since there are so many of them with good performance.

Review conclusion

The tests we did to be able to give you this review convinced us of the following. The Logitech Touch Mouse M600 has still some things it needs to add or just improve. The looks and the new features set it apart, but that’s not nearly enough. And besides, some simple research into the market shows that there are much cheaper mice with better performance, features, settings and such.




A new all in one desktop PC

Products such as all-in-one PCs promise you the moon. Some only bring you a little stone, others a couple of stars. Really few do indeed make good on their promise. Among them is newbie Asus ET2410INTS. This $1392.47 product made us get a total kick – well, many actually – out of testing it. It came out in September 2011. This review will gather all of our initial reactions until we reach the final verdict.

24 inch display

We wish we’d have discovered the Asus ET2410INTS sooner than we did. But we’re glad we did find out about it anyway, even if a bit late. After all, goof things come to those who wait, as the old saying goes. Owners of all-in-ones will be quick to tell you that the display can in no way be as readily upgradeable as with other devices. So, before you turn your buying mode on, take your time and observe the offers. The screen of such a product has to be large; that way you won’t ever need that upgrading we touched upon earlier. If you find an all-in-one with a good display, then you’re set. To help you with that, we recommend a 24″ display. Exactly what the newest ET2410INTS provides.ASUS-ET2410INTS

Now, after settling on the best measurements, let’s proceed further in this review. This is in no way a good enough device for your gaming needs. If you need that, there are gadgets out there with exactly what you look for.

Good contrast ratio

Getting that out of the way, the ET2410INTS has that screen we mentioned equipped with touch capability. It’s so good that we were ready to consider the all-in-one a good alternative to a TV set. This touchscreen is lit in an evenly matter, so there won’t be any spots left out. Those dark tones that are bound to appear in a movie receive excellent reproduction from the device. Details are not forgotten; they pounce at you even from the darkest scenes. Contrast is, too, of top notch quality. The display is glossy; we thought it would be best friend with fingerprints, but it wasn’t. We also thought it would reflect bright lights to death; well, it didn’t do that either. In our testing session we spotted that some natural shades received mutations. It wasn’t all that bad, so we moved on further.

Blu-ray drive included

Every bit of color is enhanced till it reaches the best impression from your brain. And it’s a mighty great impression. Brilliancy and vibrancy rule the performance. If you don’t mind the less than excellent conditions to play a game, the device accepts various consoles. That and it can easily turn into a stand-alone monitor. The Blu-ray drive is the quickest solution to watching films. Revising your presentations can be done via a projector attached to the ET2410INTS. The list of connectors is pretty generous. So that your every kind of desire can be successfully looked after.

The processor this PC contains in its innards is one of the most powerful. It’s nice to see that Asus put it in its more cheap device. The kind of software you may think of adding to the ET2410INTS can virtually be anything. If you want to encode a media file, go ahead. You’ll see how easy it is for the product to do it. Video editing on your mind? No problem whatsoever.

Review conclusion

The Asus ET2410INTS ended up being one of our favorite all-in-ones. There’s yet any other to take it down from our list of best PCs.


Philips 32PFL3506/F7


A 32 inch LCD HDTV at a good price

We’re among those people who still think TVs are one of the best things ever invented. So when we hear that a new one has been released or released a while back, we get all giddy about it. And then we want to test it as quickly as humanely possible. Philips is one of those companies with a knack of designing beautiful products. Especially TV sets. The 32PFL3506/F7 came out last year and it was very pleasant news when we heard about it. We sharpened our sense and wrote this review.

Adaptable design

A very quick visit on Amazon’s site and the price of this Philips 32PFL3506/F7 caught our immediate attention: $268.00. Naturally we couldn’t miss the opportunity to review a new TV so we jumped into the wagon. And what a ride it was.

In way of introduction, the design of the device is the first thing to cross our mind. Philips never struck us as a manufacturer of ugly devices. The 32PFL3506/F7 did a very good job of keeping our interest in it raised. Its silvery black body is elegant and modern-looking at the same time. It’s not characterized by excessive additions or the kind. We put it in our room and it received many praising glances from our friends who chanced on it. Philips themselves bragged about just how very adaptable this device is, even if you place it in the kitchen. That’s an exaggeration, of course, but you get the point.Philips-32PFL3506F7

The stability of the stand was very useful, since we have a dog and it likes to jump on things. Before moving the TV to that particular room, we prepared to experience some back aches. But in fact we didn’t. The weight is not at all too much to handle. Neither are the width, height and so on.

Digital Crystal Clear technology

Philips uses only the best technologies for its device’s displays. The 32PFL3506/F7 has one which is a 32″ LCD with 1366 x 768 pixels of resolution . We’ll never grow tired of saying just how much we liked what we saw on the screen. The imaging technologies used by the TV capture a whole spectrum of quality. That is reflected in the details images are treated to. Not only that, but other things need to be said about the good performance of the set. Like the colors, contrast and sharpness. Thanks to the Digital Crystal Clear technology you’ll get to immerse yourself in whatever it is you watch.

During the tests we did on the Philips 32PFL3506/F7 a lot of work went into images without flicker. We have to hand it to this device: we weren’t disturbed by anything out of the ordinary. And that includes the said flickers and motion blur.

Good image provided

On top of the very good image quality we had very good sound quality. Coming all the way from the speakers and the Incredible Surround technology. The Dolby Digital output took sound to a whole new level of quality when we plugged in a home theater system.

The amount of power eaten up by the TV wasn’t dramatic. In standby mode, only 1W was used.

USB and HDMI ports are part of many devices. They allow all sorts of possibilities to expand your entertainment needs. Philips’ latest HDTV features them as well. DVD Players, game consoles and many more work with them.

Review conclusion

The Philips 32PFL3506/F7 can be almost anything you want it to be. Its performance, specs, versatility and price are big time winners.


Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P7510MAVXAB


A 10.1 inch tablet PC

If you think you need to add a new tablet to your collection, Samsung is high on praising its $469.99 Galaxy Tab GT-P7510MAVXAB. Owners of this gadget have already left a lot of positive remarks on Amazon’s official site. Some of them still think the device should improve certain things and others like it very much imperfections and all. So we tested the tablet to see who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s not that we don’t believe people’s thoughts on the matter; it’s just that we prefer to do things our way. So sit back and prepare for this review.

Solid materials

Portable entertainment today comes in many shapes and sizes. Some are awesome, some are downright appalling. The most recent shape taken is the Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P7510MAVXAB. The feel and look of this tablet PC are both of best ever quality. The material it’s made from is the very definition of solid. Drop the device and there will be no harm done to it. Trust us, we did that ourselves in our tests. While doing that we heard no creaking. We saw no sign of flexing, either. The rear has a grey plastic on it; this resembles and makes you think of brushed metal. The mention of “plastic” shouldn’t mean you’ll get a cheap-looking tablet. The GT-P7510MAVXAB is a great-looking device.Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-GT-P7510MAVXAB

Just pick it up and you’ll immediately want to never put it back down on the table. That’s because of the body, which is as light and thin as is the norm for Samsung. A 10.1″ display with 1280 x 800 pixels offer HD resolution which means only one thing: great image quality.

Android 3.1 Honeycomb OS

This wide screen had everything we expected from specs such as these. Like very good response after only one press of a finger, smoothness of navigation, superb sensitivity; images looked very detailed, bright and the sun outside didn’t affect visibility. Our eyes didn’t get tired when looking at the display.

Writing is done on an on board keyboard. We typed this review on it and couldn’t have been more happy with how accurate it all was. We didn’t have to repeatedly touch the buttons like crazy to get a reply. Some might say it’s rather large; but better like that than too small. A Swype keyboard can be downloaded and it supports this tablet’s OS. Which OS is Android 3.1 Honeycomb. Expect it to run very smoothly along. The interface is undoubtedly very sleek and great to use. The speed we encountered in our tests was also possible because of the very fine processor. All of the applications we introduced to the processor ran fast. You won’t get see your life slip away in slow motion when watching YouTube videos; the latter loaded very quickly and played without lags.

Good brightness

The iPad 2 has nothing on the Galaxy Tab GT-P7510MAVXAB where cams are concerned. Each of the two are in the front line of quality. If you forgot to take your digital camera, the ones on this tablet will be good replacements.

Maybe in the future Samsung will make the battery of this tablet last over 10 hours. For now, it can go on for as far as 8 hours of battery life. That while brightness is set at almost 80%. So it’s something to be proud of.

Review conclusion

The Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P7510MAVXAB works very well as a replacement for your tablet. But the iPad 2 is still its major contender.


Asus Eee Pad Memo ME171


An entertaining new tablet PC

Among its many peers, the Asus Eee Pad Memo was one shy device. We went around asking people what they thought about it. Not many had heard about it. This made us even more curious about the Memo ME171 launched at this year’s CES. We didn’t want to maybe miss on a very good gadget. Before testing it we did an online search. Every site told us that it had first made an appearance last year during CES. How come so much time has passed before this product got some recognition? Well, seeing as we can finally speak our mind about it, let the reviewing begin.

Beautiful design

First things first. And that’s supposed to mean it’s time to tackle the design subject. The Eee Pad Memo ME171 gadget certainly looks like Asus took as much care as to make it visually enchanting. It’s safe to assume that they were aiming for the best result. And they got it. The gadget is very appealing. Looking at it from top to bottom we realized its beauty at once. Nothing is too much on this hybrid of a device. After a first observation, you might think it’s plain-looking. But after better inspection you’ll fall for it pretty badly. There’s a stylus to go with it and it’s as good-looking as its mother.Asus-Eee-Pad-Memo-ME171

WXGA 1280 x 800 pixels resolution

Taking our eyes off of the stylus for a bit and returning them to the gadget, we saw that the display of Memo ME171 was a WXGA and that the resolution was 1280 x 800 pixels. Those specifications brought to our tests good results. The one thing that stole our concentration was how quickly fingerprints attached themselves to the display. But we didn’t have too much time to mind about, especially after seeing the Gorilla Glass on it. This type of layer protected the screen in ways that further increased our admiration for Asus. Take this instance: we tried to scratch the surface of the display to see if it got damaged. The answer to our question was immediate: no, it didn’t. It looked as good as when we took the Memo ME171 out of its box. Not even dropping it resulted in scratches. As usual, all Asus gadgets meet the highest levels of durability.

The stylus sits in a different place when you don’t use it. More exactly: horizontally at the side of the device. That turned to actually be a more convenient location than the top corner common to Lenovo, Samsung and others.

1.2GHz dual core Qualcomm processor

The hardware on the Pad Memo ME171 is already over 1 year old. That doesn’t affect the gadget in the slightest. Its dual-core Qualcomm CPU uses 1.2GHz; the 1GB of RAM complete the picture. The speed it offers can’t be compared to what a Tegra 3 has in stock. But nonetheless it’s better than most other CPUs. The majority of tasks were brought to completion without encountering freezes along the way. In fact, we should praise the device for being very fast for its simplicity.

The standout for us happened with the MeMIC. This is a handset with a transparent display and with it you can call someone and receive calls. There’s also the possibility to read text messages. The connection is done through Bluetooth and the battery life was good.

Review conclusion

The Asus Eee Pad Memo ME171 reminded us of Samsung’s first Galaxy Tab review because of the 7″ form. And also because of the call option. Taken as a whole, the gadget should provide future customers with plenty of entertaining options.