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Samsung Series 9 NP900X3C-A01


A new generation of notebooks

When Samsung first introduced their Series 9 a while back, consumers loved it. But because we are in 2012, the South Korean manufacturer thought it was high time to come with a fresh take on this laptop. So they launched the follow-up, called $1,299 Series 9 NP900X3C-A01. But let’s see how this device behaved during the tests we performed on it. Here’s the review we did on that.

Improved external design

At least in terms of looks, Samsung’s new Series 9 NP900X3C-A01 has a better design that its predecessor. We couldn’t help but notice its polished looks that include a much sought-after thinness and flexibility. But we also saw that its surface is the one which will quickly cover in fingerprints. The overall elegance is offered by aluminum, the main material it is made of. Not only that, but this device is also easier to hold, thanks to its only 2.6 pounds.

Another pro we were quick to notice was that this laptop’s charger doesn’t weigh a ton, either.

The Series 9 NP900X3C-A01 has a screen of 13.3″. The number of pixels this means is 1,600 x 900. With them on-board, the display is capable of great things. Such as like we observed in tests, wonderfully easy to read text from whatever angle. Colors are all as good as expected from such a

Good battery life

The keyboard here comes with backlight. It offers a good typing experience. Not the best ever, but certainly not awful. We did not have as much surface to rest our palms, though. But well, this is something which should not be a major con. If it is, there are always other laptops to choose from.

But the thing that made us all giddy inside was battery life. It delivered a total of 7 hours. If that isn’t awesome, what is? Imagine what you can do in 7 hours.

A third-gen Intel Core i5 and i7 CPU keeps juices flowing on the NP900X3C-A01. This processor makes the laptop wake up in a very short time. Day-to-day activities are performed at very fast speeds. Overall, this is a CPU that does much better than the others on preceding Samsung laptops.

But we didn’t really enjoy the fact that this model had an SSD which didn’t have a great capacity. And graphics were not the discrete type. But other than that, the device packs a good GPU of Intel HD 4000. With its help we could play games that weren’t too demanding. And performance was decent and enjoyable.

Multitouch clickpad

There is a clickpad, too, and it’s a multitouch one. It is not the best we have ever reviewed, though. Sure, it responded well, but this did not really last throughout the period we spent playing with it.

The webcam featured on this laptop is a good addition. There is nothing wrong with its light sensitivity.

There are not many connectivity options on this model. We’ll give you some of them: 1 Ethernet port, 1 microHDMI, 1 SD card slot and several USB ports.

Warranty for this product is for the duration of 1 year.

To listen to music or movie lines, the notebook sports stereo speakers. But you will have to make sure you have earphones or headphones within your reach. Sound quality is not excellent.

Review conclusion

Granted, the fresh Samsung Series 9 NP900X3C-A01 does not really live to the expectations of the original one. But it has many pros. So the fact that it doesn’t pack that many features or a smaller price is not something to really make on stay away from this model.


Vizio XVT3D580CM


A new 3D HDTV

Since basically there is no more differentiation between TV sets these days (with the majority of them sharing the same features, specs, performance, price and so on), companies are doing everything they can think of to bring consumers something completely new. And it’s kind of hard to be 100% innovative nowadays. Vizio’s latest XVT3D580CM is one example of what came of this struggle of the famous manufacture. Watch this review to see if this model of a TV should be featured on your shopping list or ditched.

Cinemawide technology

To refresh its image, manufacturer Vizio created a new line of HDTVs that the team dubbed Cinemawide. The main pro of the models belonging to this series is their ability to deliver native images which are 2.35:1 and lack black bars when the user watches cinematic content.

There is also the possibility to watch movies in 16:9 contrast ratio on the display’s right side. We could do that, in our test, thanks to the set’s Internet Apps. And a friend of ours watched a football game on the left side if the screen.

Because this type of screen is fresh out of the oven, data about them still needs to be added. The release date for the XVT3D580CM is this October, even if an official price has not been let out so far.

The quality of images was good. The movies we watched on this TV did not lack brightness or vividness or great colors. Everything looked spotless. Viewing angles behaved as good ones would. All the while there was no blurring.Vizio-XVT3D580CM

Just 120Hz frequency

The kind of processing that this set has is 120Hz instead of the standard 480Hz and 240Hz. This is not something to boast, but the device has much more pixels that it needs to process. Which explains the low Hz included.

The remote we used to flip through channels and make changes was a Bluetooth Qwerty one. We liked it because it gave good feedback and the buttons were easy to press.

3D could not have missed from this kind of set. Luckily, the manufacturer offers consumers 4 3D glasses that include no battery. When we put them on, they gave a very good performance by offering no flickers. They support every single format that has to do with 3D. We took them to several movie theaters and they delivered the same good quality.

SRS Studio Sound HD

The sound we heard coming from the TV was offered by SRS Studio Sound HD. This technology is a special one. It was made to be employed on panels that are flat. The sound had great quality characterized by natural tones.

The display used by the Vizio XVT3D580CM comes with the edge-lit LED technology. It’s a good one, minus the uneven pictures we saw pretty often, which is a con. This technology is complete with a feature that is very useful: Smart Dimming.

We expected good quality from a Vizio HDTV and we certainly got it. The company’s newest XVT3D580CM and its ultra-display delivers really good value. Stretching will very well happen while watching something. The screen can be split in two: one of you can watch a movie while your friend can watch something else.

Review conclusion

Consumers who want an HDTV to play with applications or just watch films can set their eyes on the Vizio XVT3D580CM Razor LED set and be very satisfied with it. This device shows that it is possible of many lovely things.


Sony Xperia U


A successful smartphone

Japanese manufacturer Sony comes yet again with an instantly successful smartphone. At least that was what we thought as we tested this model yesterday. If you are low on your budget, the price of a gadget will play an important role. But fear not, the Xperia U costs only from 150 onward. The review we wrote after we finished our batch of tests will tell you more on what we made of this new phone.

A low price

Don’t raise your eyebrow at the low price of the Sony Xperia U. Because that does not reflect how it looks. This model looks really good. The format it has helps the user put it in a pocket and forget it’s even there. The build looks fragile, and it shows even in the first use if you are not careful and put pressure around its middle. However, you need to have small hands to use this model. When we used swiping, the phone showed us a bunch of lights that had different colors. Like a chameleon., but they cannot be turned off. The manufacturer called this mood lighting. We are not sure if it will be a big hit with the consumers, though.

The display is not large at all. Its 3.5″ makes everything look very narrow. We had problems when typing stuff. And from personal experience, the surface of the phone will get dirty rather fast.Sony-Xperia-U

3.5 inch touchscreen

Ports are as follows: 1 microUSB and 1 jack to use for headphones. Memory is 8GB. We found that 4GB can be used by the phone’s owner. The battery is relatively easy to remove. You also get one SIM slot. The device features no microSD card slot. The buttons for cam, Volume and Power are all physical. They did not reply fast enough during testing.

The front of the Xperia U is taken by that cramped 3.5″ touchscreen which sports a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. Apart from being extremely narrow, it also has a tendency to flex. But its major pro is that it offers fast feedback. The quality of brightness and colors is decent. The best use for this type of display, though, is when you want to look at applications.

The processor is a 1GHz dual-core chip. You cannot multitask with it. But it responds very well to tasks that are not demanding. It will lag while opening apps, though.

Powered by Android Gingerbread

The operating system is an older Android version, namely Gingerbread. So this will be another con for many who hoped an Ice Cream Sandwich. However, give this OS a chance. It does not suck that bad. The interface is really easy to use. But the interface for camera and the one used for sending/receiving messages lack intuitiveness.

The camera on the device’s front is apt at handling video chats. The 5MP cam on the phone’s rear takes fairly good photos. Minus the grain they show. The videos, on the other hand, are less good.

The overall quality of the phone calls we made with Xperia U was OK. Those we called did not have anything bad to say about how we sounded. The smartphone’s audio performance could have been tons better if we did not experience a bunch of interference.

One day of use is completely guaranteed by the device.

Review conclusion

The conclusion of our review is the following: the Sony Xperia U will be a viable choice for consumers who want to opt for a cheap smartphone. Its nice design will also be seen as a pro point. And the fact that it can be used for daily tasks will also count in its favor.


LG BP420


A 3D blu-ray player

The LG BP420 distinguishes itself as the sort of Blu-ray which that is very appealing to consumers thanks to the great ease with which you can employ it. Also, performance is very worth your time spent with this product. This is what we were shown during the tests we did on the latest LG device. We invite you to read more about this in our following review.

Slim design

The LG BP420 is this manufacturer’s newest Blu-ray player. It has a good price that will surely attract the attention of consumers who are on a tight budget. Its exact price is £110 and you can find this model in all the important shops, be they on the Internet or not.

On the exterior, the device carries the elements that are typical of a cheap product. Which means that you will not have a “wow” expression upon first seeing it. However, the BP420 is not at all a hideous Blu-ray player. Its slim line looks are very nice to look at. As is the glossy black finish that makes the front of the product. As for weight, don’t panic: this is a light gadget. Build quality is definitely good.LG-BP420

Easy to use interface

The device’s tray mechanism did not pose any problem when working with it in tests. The connectivity part is covered by few options, such as one USB port, one pair of phono connectors for analogue audio, composite video output and one optical digital audio connector. There is absolutely no integrated memory on this model. To make up for this flaw, the BP420 comes with the possibility to accept a memory key. To be able to make use of media streaming and Smart TV, you can use the device’s Ethernet port.

After we set up the Blu-ray player fully, something that was very easy to do, we were welcomed by an excellent user interface. It really impressed us not only with its ease of use, but also with its slickness. The icons that sit in the middle are all large. Which helps a lot in everyday use. The central navigation bar features 3 icons. They offer access to the device’s functions such as photo, movie and music. The moment we selected one of these functions, we were taken to a sub menu. There, every media source was listed.

Good performance

The kind of Smart TV platform employed by the LG BP420 did not sport a Plex client. In practice, it meant that plot summaries and poster art were not shown on the screen. Everything was fine when we had to do with normal DLNA servers. Images that are supported are PNG, JPEG as well as GIF with 4,000 x 3,000 pixels. Playback of streaming data was very good. Video files that are in high definition are also rendered very well. This is among the device’s pros.

Smart TV applications are in grand number on this device. Some examples: Facebook, Picasa, BBC iPlayer and many more. Even if there are many apps, there is a con. Some of them won’t be shown as they should, because the player will feel too slow. But pictures look good. Skin tones look natural, colors are all warm and textures are subtle. Depth on 3D discs was more than good. Blurring is going to happen, but not all the time.

Review conclusion

All in all, the LG BP420 is a Blu-ray player one can always use. Performance is good for the price, the device wakes up in 7 seconds from standby mode and Smart TV apps are in a large number.


T-Mobile Springboard 4G


A 7 inch Honeycomb tablet

Last year many tablets with screens of 7″ were launched. They all ranged from OK to very good. But in all that chaos of brand new releases, some models simply did not get noticed. Even if they were actually good. That is, folks, the life of a gadget. In the end, all that matters is that there are people – like us, yes we’re being modest here – who notice every single device. And one of them is the T-Mobile Springboard 4G. Where most tablets don’t offer 3G connectivity, this one does. It was, in the tests we did for this review, better than Iconia’s Tab A100. Here is what made us say that.

A good price

The Springboard 4G will most likely attract you at first with its good price. It costs $179.99 if you sign a 2-year contract with T-Mobile. If you don’t do that, you can buy this tablet at a price of $429.99. Even so, it still is a pocket-friendly gadget. Consumers who use a tablet with only one of their hands can rest assured that this model will allow them to do that. Its build is at once substantial and durable. Its body’s construction is of aluminum, one of our favorite materials. And which will remind you of Apple’s iPad 2. The 14.1 ounces and 7.5″ 5.1″ x 0.4″ are dimensions that are similar to the Amazon Kindle Fire. The Iconia Tab A100 is thinner than the Springboard 4G.T-Mobile-Springboard-4G

The buttons for volume and power are on the right edge’s top. A headphone jack and a pair of speakers are revealed once the gadget is in portrait mode. The bottom edge is home for one micro USB port, one power jack and one microHDMI port. Speakers were pretty decent, but for better audio quality be sure to grab a pair of headphones. Or buy an external speaker if you fancy that option better.

16GB internal storage

Storage is onboard and is made of 16GB. That amount can easily become 48GB. And you will also be offered the following: a SIM card slot and a microSD slot.

On matters of touchscreen, the device is 7″. 1280 x 800 pixels are its resolution. Not bad, not bad. Blacks are deep. Text is so very sharp and colors look vivid all the time. Great brightness and wide viewing angles were two other pros. Responses came quickly when we tapped the display.

We know, we know, this tablet calls itself 4G. But seriously: its connection is more a 3G one. No worries: it’s not at all slow.

Powered by Android 3.2

The operating system is Android 3.2, so the Honeycomb version, not the newer one. That’s about all, since the user interface is still the same easy and nice-looking one as on other tablets running Android. The processor is Qualcomm’s 1.2GHz dual-core MSM8260 S3 Snapdragon. It delivered fast speeds and plenty of responsiveness. The only time it annoyed us in this test: when we scrolled a couple of pages on the Internet. But applications had fast loading times. 3G speeds were 1.3Mbps up and 6.6Mbps down.Springboard-4G

The camera on the back and the one on the front are unremarkable. They shouldn’t even have been included, but ah well, blame the manufacturer. Battery life is advertised as being 7 hours in continuous mode. And 12 hours when the tablet is in standby. In real life situations, the gadget lasted 5 hours and 10 minutes. The Iconia Tab A100 turned in lousier numbers.

Review conclusion

A tablet with great build, good price and really nice touchscreen is not such a difficult thing to find. The T-Mobile Springboard 4G might very well ring your bells. Once you get over its price and cameras.


HP Folio 13-1020us


A nice looking laptop

At a shallow search on Google, there aren’t many reviews about HP Folio 13-1020us. That might mean not many of you enjoyed this laptop. Or maybe it’s that good that only a few chosen consumers got to test it in their homes. Whatever the truth is, this device is truly a wonderful-looking model with many engineering jewels inside its handsome exterior. For all of this you will only have to pay $900. Caring about weight is the job of other laptops. This one cares about its battery, which lasts many more hours than is the norm.

13.3 inch display

The exterior of the HP Folio 13-1020us is, and many will agree, a design treat. Its silver color is more than capable of making one fall in love with the laptop. And it’s not only the body that’s appealing. The lid and the palmrest are both made of aluminum. Featuring the same silver finish. They are joined by black plastic on the device’s bottom and its sides. The Folio 13-1020us measures 0.7″ x 12.5″ x 8.7″. Thus, its footprint is smaller than Apple’s MacBook Air. And we personally like it, because it shows that the American company still has important rivals to take into account if it wants to keep its success.HP-Folio-13-1020us

The screen has a dimension of 13.3″. It is surrounded by a black bezel. This time, the latter is matte. Finally a sensible manufacturer. The display with its 1,366 x 768 pixels showed signs of being solid when we tested it. Typing our review quickly on its keyboard didn’t result in wobble. The said keyboard is matte, but it is held by a glossy tray. The quality of the on-screen text wasn’t the best, though. But its brightness was decent. As were colors, details and sharpness. In direct sunlight, images were still visible. Viewing angles were also sort of decent.

Smooth keyboard

Returning to that keyboard, it made us appreciate it a lot. Thanks to the smooth typing feel it delivered. Backlight worked very well after we pressed the F5 button. The touchpad sports clickable-corner mouse keys. Their performance: extra smooth.

We needed no dongle for connectivity options. Ports were all full-sized. Allow us to mention some of them: one USB 2.0, one USB 3.0, one headphone/microphone jack, one Ethernet and a couple more ports. For your other purposes there is also one SD/MMC memory-card slot. If you have a projector forgotten in a corner, you won’t be able to connect it to the Folio 13-1020us. Wireless connectivity is represented by 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Intel Core i5-2467M processor

The processor is a 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5-2467M. That and its 4GB of DDR3 memory make the CPU deliver the speed of a Speedy Gonzalez when chased by rivals. The laptop only took 20 seconds to boot and 2 seconds to wake up from slumber. Windows 7 Home Premium is the operating system and another important spec is a 128GB solid-state drive.

If speed for multiple tasks is great, the graphics card can’t really take serious gaming.

A pro which got promised when the laptop was released was a battery life of 9 hours. We put that to analysis and can confirm it was absolutely real. No doubt about it whatsoever.

Review conclusion

The HP Folio 13-1020us was unveiled this past January. Many a months have since passed, without negative effects on this laptop. Which fully deserves all the Editors’ Choice awards it can get from any blog, forum, online magazine and so on.


Samsung Series 9 NP900X3B


A new ultrabook’s family

Samsung is nowhere near its final creations. This South Korean manufacturer still has many tricks it needs to take out from under its sleeve. The company’s officially brand new product is dubbed Series 9 NP900X3B. But it’s not a TV or a smartphone or any other gadget you’ve first thought of. No, it’s their latest $1,399 13″ ultrabook. And it actually is an upgrade to the manufacturer’s 2011 NP900X3A. Because it is an update, its components have also been brought up to date to fit the year we’re living in. This next review will let you know what we made of this device via our tests.

Improved design

The Samsung Series 9 NP900X3B is, from a design point of view, better looking than its NP900X3A counterpart from last year. In that it is less weighty and thick. So it manages to conform to today’s standards of weight and thickness very well. It’s, in fact, so thin that you will think you ordered the most anorexic ultrabook ever. To put things into more perspective: have a look at a CD case, then at this device. Yup, they have the same thickness. The screen is half of that. Nonetheless, you won’t be left with a frail product. Nu-uh. The NP900X3B is very robust, thanks to its aluminum alloy material. Color sported by the body is black with a touch of dark blue. The rigidity of the chassis is pronounced, but even so you can bend the screen. Hinges are at once firm and smooth. Matte is the choice of the paint finish, and you know what this fortunately means.Samsung-Series-9-NP900X3B

Good panel resolution

To break the dark blue and black color combo, Samsung have added some color details to keep you interested. They are shiny metal narrow strips surrounding the front, sides, the display’s edge and its touchpad. All of this elements make the ultrabook look good.

On the inside, the Series 9 NP900X3B has a metal base which sticks to the chassis with the help of ten screws. The latter offer rigidity to the whole ensemble. When we removed those screws in our tests, we were shown the ultrabook’s battery which had on either side a loudspeaker. And there are many other elements to discover for yourselves.

The display of this ultrabook has great resolution: 1,600 x 900 pixels. You will see no reflections from sources of light, which is a definite pro. Brightness is awesome. And, compared to standard LCD panels, this display’s viewing angles are so great.

1.6GHz i5-2467M Intel processor

Samsung’s newest ultrabook is rather poor in the connectivity area. We counted only one audio jack, one USB 2.0 port, one gigabit Ethernet port, an USB 3.0 port, one SD card slot, VGA and HDMI ports. Because there are so few options, you will encounter some cons. You will have to carry a USB extension lead, you will have to buy a special dongle and you will see that the space where the ports are located gets crammed.

We didn’t feel uncomfortable while typing our review on this device’s keyboard. Even if it wasn’t the best one in the existence of Samsung ultrabooks. And it was backlit. Groovy. The touchpad, though, was enormous. Speakers were good, delivering good sound.

The Intel 1.6GHz i5-2467M processor comes with TurboBoost. So the CPU’s already great speed becomes even better when you want to jump to a 2.3GHz value.

Review conclusion

The Samsung Series 9 NP900X3B has many attributes to make it desirable. Design, performance, portability and screen are all points in its favor. But battery life – 5 hours – and few ports count as its major faults.


BenQ XL2420T


A monitor for gamers

The creative team that’s responsible for all of BenQ’s gadgets has once again proven how talented they are in their field of work. Their gamers’ squad made a brainstorming and from that was born the $549 XL2420T. This monitor is all sorts of candies. From its design to its specs, features and all the usual suspects. Honestly, this has got to be a revelation of 2012. If you do not mind the expensive price, then by all means we urge you to get this product. And we’ll even tell you why in this next review.

Classic external design

The exterior of the BenQ XL2420T is nothing short of attractive. The body which keeps all of the goodies well hidden is black and matte. Its four bezels are all completely thin and we love that. The panel on the rear is an annoying glossy one. Why do they keep making such magnets for fingerprints? Rhetorical question, yeah. The monitor features an arm that can be adjusted depending on height. The base is there to provide the XL2420T with a way of standing still even when you try to bring it down. Even if the whole device weighs 8.6 pounds. This arm is open to various adjusting options: swiveling, tilting and everything in between. If you want to place your headphones somewhere, you can even put them on this monitor’s mounting arm. Say farewell to annoying cables lying everywhere: the device’s mounting arm is, once again, a friend indeed.BenQ-XL2420T

A wonderful S-switch featured on the BenQ XL2420T has a wheel and some buttons. That wheel can help users select, access and navigate while having the onscreen display open. The three keys on the S-switch are of help when consumers want to save custom display settings on either one of the 3.

2 USB ports included

I/O ports are really plenty on the latest BenQ monitor. The cabinet’s left side boasts 2 downstream USB ports, the back sports other couple of USB ports, two HDMI ports and more of other connectivity options.

Settings for adjusting picture quality are also many. Plenty to choose from and get great quality. Whenever we saw lagging during tests, we used the monitor’s Advanced Motion Accelerator – or AMA. It was a good pro to have. It improved response for gray-to-gray pixels. Out of all the picture modes we saw, we preferred one called Smart Scaling. It had to do with making adjustments to the image’s size. One of the settings made sure we saw no stretching or distortion.

Superb colors provided

Let’s now see how performance was in the tests performed by the review team. Content looked good on the 1,920 x 1,080 panel. All due to it being anti-glare. Brightness was, due to that, as good as on any other great monitor made by whatever popular manufacturer. Colors were honestly superb. Solid blacks were delivered in all of their glorious form. Main con: poor performance of light grayscale. But woah: once we played Burnout Paradise, the XL2420T revealed itself as an amazing monitor. Ghosting, blurring, you name it: absent 100%.

Watching content from an off angle was a letdown. Colors shifted a lot and made movies, games and so on look bad.

Review conclusion

The BenQ XL2420T made it, thanks to its attributes, on a list of certified 3D Vision monitors with LightBoost technology. This list was made by Nvidia. That surely says a lot about its quality as a gaming monitor. And what’s great is that you as a consumer receive many great stuff for such an expensive price.


Nokia X2-02


The first dual-SIM phone from Nokia

A miracle happened when Nokia set to produce their first dual-SIM phone. This is the sort of device which will make you go wow after you find out what assets it hides under its sleeve. And by George, they are quite many. It was, for us, a very unexpected but pleasant surprise to discover them all in the tests we put the phone through. We hope you will feel like us once we’ve convinced you that the Nokia X2-02 is a really worthy addition to your shopping list this year. Follow this review and see what it has in store.

2.2 inch display

Your eyes will soon see that the box which comes with Nokia’s X2-02 is loaded with these: a couple of user’s manuals, a single-piece headset and a charger. That is all and even if they don’t seem like much, too many would have been unnecessary, because the actual phone is the one to feature all the plenty and cool stuff. You won’t have much luck with this model: it simply is not thin enough for these times. It’s not a phone to be so gorgeous that it makes your heart stop. It is the kind of phone which wants to make a statement via its features, performance and so on. Not via design. Some of the rivaling models should take an example from it.Nokia-X2-01

Measurements are these: 112.2mm x 47.3mm x 15mm and 71 grams. That indicates that the Nokia X2-02 is not very slim, bit considerably light. Colors that are available for this handset: violet, bright red, ocean blue and orange. No boring all black. Variety is always great. Under direct sun, the screen can be read in a decent way. Speaking of which: the display is 2.2″ and has a QVGA resolution and good overall specs. Underneath is an alphanumeric keypad. The buttons have that nasty glossy finish which means trouble whenever you press them with your fingertips. Viewing angles are fine. The layout of the navigation deck is very efficient. Each of the controls is well-spaced.

Good overall performance

What this phone impressed us with was when we did several things at the same time. The device didn’t break down because of that. Which is a pro for a cheap product. We had a hard time trying to open the phone’s back cover. But, on the other hand, this makes the device all the more secure.

That this is a dual-SIM phone makes it even more alluring. The second SIM slot is hot-swappable. That means being able to change the SIM cards quickly when you’re on the road. And, during the tests performed by our review team, the main SIM card is kept in this phone. If you want to use the phone in single SIM mode, always remember to only employ the device’s internal slot.

Reception when talking to someone on this phone was good. At least we personally didn’t deal with dropped calls. We came across something strange. When we had a convo on one of the SIM cards, someone who called us on the secondary SIM received a text message telling them that our X2-02 was outside the network. Performance of the loudspeaker delivered.

Pics looked…bad. We shouldn’t have been surprised. The videos we shot had the same awful quality.

Review conclusion

The Nokia X2-02 as a dual-SIM phone works well. It won’t make you fall from your chair, but it has many nice surprises in store for you to check out.


Toshiba Portege Z835-P370


A decently new laptop

Ultrabooks have gained a very good reputation ever since their breakthrough. It’s a well-earned success, because they have all these new and interesting features. As a plus: the performance of such a device is very reliable. But some of the models lack important things. Like an Ethernet port. Japanese company Toshiba released their first ever Portege Z835 some years ago. It gained many positive remarks. The manufacturer then released a follow up to that version. It’s still affordable, but its looks are still underrated. Let’s see if the inside makes up for the outside from this review.

Thin and light

The first ultrabook became a hot topic half an year ago. It certainly feels longer than that. What we mean by that: we’ve been surrounded by these products almost everywhere. And then each time a laptop is announced, you know it will be have little weight and plenty of thinness. Also, its storage will be some great one. Sure enough, that’s how the laptop turns out after a while of its announcement.Toshiba-Portege-Z835-P370

The Toshiba Portege Z835-P370 doesn’t really stand out when time comes to talk about its design. The previous model had a chassis with a highly frail-looking feel to it. Like it would not necessarily take a lot of strain. The slimness factor was there, but it wasn’t as accentuated as on other ultrabooks. Thinness and lightness are exactly as they should be on such a product in the case of the model we tested. The casing made from magnesium alloy recommends the device as being a solid one.

13 inch display

The flex we encountered with the lid reminded us that this was a cheap ultrabook. Like its predecessor, this Z835-P370 keeps the identical keyboard and touchpad. Which is to say: bad typing experience and gesture movement.

The buttons on the keyboard have a really small surface and are shallow. The space bar was very frustrating. But in all of this big con is a pro: this is a keyboard with backlight. The keys on the touchpad had a really cheap plastic look and feel to them. A nice touch to it: on/off key above it. This is great thinking if you do not want to press the surface of the touchpad by accident.

The 1,366 x 768 pixels of the 13″ screen are the exact same ones as on the other model. When used in direct light, the display tends to have an uneven look to it.

Intel Core i5 processor

Inputs, ports and their brothers are decently represented on the Aspire Z835-P370. Ethernet jacks are not so common on various ultrabooks. But this one models has such a connectivity option.

This ultrabook has a relatively good battery. Its running time in our tests: 5 hours. That’s nowhere near enough for such a product. But seeing as it is a cheap alternative, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise. The reason for this decent battery life is the CPU. The latter is an Intel Core i5. Performance was definitely improved, but not so much as to claim a stellar overall quality.

Warranty for the product we reviewed today was the standard 1-year. Customer support is good and very easy to contact. Help is also offered via the Internet.

Review conclusion

The Acer Aspire Z835-P370 is, without the shadow of a doubt, not the best ultrabook that is sold right now. There are many other models which are so much better than this one.