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iRulu 7″ Android 4.0


The $199 iRulu 7″ is a tablet computer that is unlike many of its generation. And the ones before it. As you will see from our review below.

The looks on this gadget are appealing. It’s a nice tablet to look at and use. We had no problems, during tests, to find its controls. When we used them, they felt smooth and offered great feedback.

Non QWERTY keyboard

As for connectivity, you get one mini-USB, one HDMI output and a slot for a microSD card. The latter is not featured on this device.

The display is a 7″ one. From watching a movie to playing a game and every kind of other content, the touchscreen delivers them in good quality. It’s not as superb as other tablets we have tested so far, but it’s still a great display to watch stuff on. And the battery lasted almost a full day.iRulu-7-Android-4.0

The keyboard on this iRulu 7″ is a pop-up one. And that meant some issues while working with it. Such as having buttons which sit cramped because the spaces between them are not enough. Then there was the problem of feedback: they did not deliver fast responses when pressed. This is all because this keyboard is not a QWERTY one. And that is always a con. You can, though, get a USB keyboard. Even though nothing will beat a QWERTY keyboard in the end.

Fast browsing

If you have to work a lot online, then the pre-installed browser helps you do that without experiencing lags, freezes and other problems. Looking at streaming content was an enjoayble experience. We were able to read eBooks, too. Moreover, the sound that came from the tablet’s speakers is nothing short of great. Which surprised us, seeing that the company that made this device is not as famous as others.

We also tried our hands at getting a link to a Comcast email and Gmail. There is an email application which helps with that. And the process we went through to set them up was a piece of cake. The tablet moved quickly and smoothly and in time at all we could reap the benefits.

Powered by ICS

The fact that the body of this tablet is not as heavy and as thick as other devices competing against it puts the iRulu 7″ at a clear advantage, More so that it comes with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Which, though not as groovy as the newly released 4.1 Jelly Bean, it does have an advantage: it does not eat as much battery as the other OS version. And that, in the long run, is a better fact. Besides, even if this product does not cost a lot, it still stays on top. Because the features and functions that it sports are the same as on more expensive models. Which goes to show that being expensive does not always mean you are superior in terms of performance, design and so on.

A second issue we were faced with was when we wanted to Skype with a friend. It was not an experience worthy at praise. Our Skype refused to work. We tried everything we could, with no success. Tango did work, though.

The 1.3MP cam on this gadget took nice pics. But they lacked the same good quality delivered by other cams on other tablets.

Review conclusions

The iRulu 7″ we reviewed today here is certainly not better than other models we have tested up until now. But we noticed that it did not hiccup when we used it. Only once or twice.

Technical specifications

Hardware supportOpenGL 2.0 3D graphics
ProcessorBOXCHIP A10 -1.2GHZ(cortex A8)
Operating systemAndroid 4.0
Display5 point Capacitive 7″ touchsreen
Resolution800*480 px
Camera0.3 MP
Storage4GB memory internal storage, expandable up to 32GB
WiFiIEEE802.11b/g standard
ConnectivityUSB 2.0 port

Samsung GT-I9250 Galaxy Nexus


Samsung have always been the source of many excellent gadgets. Their GT-I9250 Galaxy Nexus steps in the shoes of the company’s previous smartphones and does a great job of rising to everyone’s high expectations of it. Watch this review to see why we think so highly about this model.

After we started using the GT-I9250 Galaxy Nexus for the very first time in this test, we quickly noticed that its unlocked pentaband radio allowed for easy setup on a US T-Mobile 2G/3G. It even worked with AT&T 2G/3G, a feat that is not achieved by every single smartphone these days.

4.65 inch display

The screen on this smartphone is all sorts of lovely. Its 4.65″ size and high definition quality combine to create one of the best visual experiences ever. There are not many actual physical keys here. The ones you do get to use are located on the touchscreen. Power and Unlock are the only physical buttons that are on the set, ready to be pressed. The portrait keyboard featured on this model was very reliable. Taking this device outside meant we could still see what was on its display even if the sun was shining brightly.Samsung-GT-I9250-Galaxy-Nexus

The processor is a 1.2GHz dual-core version. This makes various operations as quick as ever when you’re talking about a Samsung smartphone. There were no lags to trip over in the tests we performed. The operating system sported by the Samsung GT-I9250 Galaxy Nexus is Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The user interface it brings with it is capable of many nice things. Starting with the navigation and continuing with the very smooth performance.

16GB internal storage

As for how long this device can run: its 1850mAh battery can go for a duration of 1 day. The tasks we did were not so demanding. And the greatest pro of this battery is that it can be easily replaced when that moment comes.

With this phone’s 5MP cam we took nice-looking photos. Clips looked reasonable, too. But remember, this is a smartphone camera, so it’s not like it is going to be the best in town. For that you have other products. But even if pic quality is not smashing, the cam comes with a stock panoramic mode and various software enhancements. Also, we saw no lag when it came to shutter capture. But there is another camera: it sits on the front of the phone and it has 1.3MP. Its performance is the same as the one on the back.

Internal memory means 16GB of storage. However much that may look like, no microSD expansion slot is on board. And that is a shame from our point of view. Other con is the fact that this phone has no dedicated HDMI port. Speaking of which, you do get the possibility to employ a HDMI out. For which the user needs a separate adapter. And that is a major flaw.

Google provided us with Android updates. This is excellent news, because it basically translates into a lack of unnecessary stuff, such as skins for the interface or programs that are never going to be helpful. These updates that come from Google themselves are a major pro.

Review conclusion

The Samsung GT-I9250 Galaxy Nexus is one of the manufacturer’s most stable smartphones. And one of the most adequate when it comes to great performance, interesting specs and looks. So don’t shy away from it.




It’s a relief to know that GPS systems are still being manufactured and sold. Because in this day and age, they are devices which offer great performance if you are fed up with smartphones doing the same thing, Or aren’t happy with how the latter function when it’s time to find an address/lane/etc. This GPS will not blow your hair away, but its performance is good enough to make you come again to it. Our TomTom START 55TM review will explain what.

Once you open this GPS for the first time, you will catch a glimmer of this device’s easy menu. And yes, it really is a piece of cake to use it on the road. But there are no really amazing options to go with TomTom START 55TM. The speed limit coverage is a sensible subject, because it doesn’t always work that great.

IQ Routes System

There is a built-in mount on this model. Operating it will not always go smoothly. It had the nasty habit of getting disconnected from the START 55TM. Its greatest pro was that it could adapt to lovers of dashboard mounts by swiveling around easily.TomTom-START-55TM

What we found the most helpful and smart was that this device was able to tell us things about gas prices sans needing a live data connection. To this end, this GPS model could be connected to a PC or laptop. After that, it looked for gas prices and downloaded them without breaking a sweat. However, be prepared for not always the most accurate prices. But when we tested it, we didn’t run into problems.

At times, the TomTom START 55TM failed to attach itself to a satellite signal quickly in the tests performed. But other times it did so on the spot. So it all depends and it’s not a serious con. The most important feature on any TomTom GPS system is the IQ Routes one. It never fails to deliver great accuracy and help. This road speed database should also be used by Garmin.

Map Corrections possibility

The Help and Map Share options also provided plenty of niceties. As did advanced lane guidance. The latter used images that alert the user of upcoming highway exits that have limited access. And while it did all of that, the device preserved its superb reception no matter where we were in our trip. The Help option is easily accessible via the display. Which is a means of finding out data on drive to help, current location and so on. This is very important if you are on the road and want a quick solution to your problem. The drive to help part offered us shortcuts that had to do with hospitals, police departments, car repair services, dentist and many others. The Map Share feature was our favorite when we reviewed the START 55TM. This is a tool that is to be found in the Options folder under Map Corrections. Its role was to help us create map error corrections for other users. Then other users would also be able to help us out with their own corrections. That you can download smoothly.

Beware that the speed limit field of this device is going to turn red whenever you will choose to drive too fast.

Review conclusion

The TomTom Start 55TM should be a safe and good GPS device to use even by beginners. It is a system that we think is ideal if you want something to employ that won’t let you down on the long run.


Samsung UN46ES6580


Samsung and its $999 UN46ES6580 wants to bring to the market of TVs a device that doesn’t cost much, but is still able to deliver good value. We put it to the test and we got the following results that we are sharing with you in the form of this review.

The UN46ES6580 has, as its name indicates, a screen of 46″. Which is semi-matte. The panel is a 240Hz one with 480 Clear Motion. In our tests, this display didn’t sport the best saturation or contrast. Moreover, the side viewing angles didn’t offer great quality when watching something. And we caught wind of a couple of glares from this screen. The resolution is made of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

Slow internet browser

The UN46ES6580 sits on a stand that is made of four legs. It is painted black and offers plenty of stability. It can swivel this way and that. The frame of this TV is .5″ wide. The body is also black, but not glossy this time. Don’t expect anything too fancy about this device’s looks.

Colors looked swell, at least minus some that were too orange. But brightness was good. On the whole, the dynamic is much too vivid. The set’s Micro Dimming Ultimate feature takes care of the screen uniformity, in the sense that it helps erase any kind of problem.Samsung-UN46ES6580

This TV also has a judder reduction feature. But instead of doing what it’s supposed to do, it makes things worse. It also delivers motion artifacts. Thankfully, the device’s Clear Motion rate is very helpful when the user watches a movie that includes a lot of action.

The included browser is incredibly slow. It loads pages in more than 5 minutes.

Movies in 3D are shown in all their glory on the UN46ES6580. The box includes 4 pairs of 3D glasses. With it, content looked very enjoyable. No crosstalk appeared to annoy us. Depth was also superb. The usual blurs that TVs get in the bottom corner of whatever content the user is watching did not happen here. Color saturation and contrast did not look swell. This con aside, 3D image quality was really good. And the special glasses were very comfortable and light.

Improved sound quality

Ports mean 3 HDMI and 3 USB. You also get one component and one component video interfaces.

The pair of speakers integrated on this Samsung set bundles up some really good sound quality. It helps that they sit on the rear at the bottom. In fact, we have to give credit to the company for making the UN46ES6580 offer such good quality on such a TV.

The product ships with a Skype camera, too. It is a good one and it does its job well. We could talk and see our friends in more than fine image and sound quality.

A dedicated Game/Gaming mode is not an option on this model. If you think that Auto Motion is the mode for you, don’t use it. Because if you do, it will deliver motion artifacts and colors will look bad. Also, judder is going to make an appearance a lot of times. The best idea is to use this TV without the Auto Motion feature turned on.


The Samsung UN46ES6580 is far away from the success of other TVs made by the South Korean manufacturer. Even if that may be so, the name behind this device is going to mean a much better performance than rivaling products.


Philips 40PFL7705DV/F7


All those consumers who have high performance on their minds when it comes to a product of whatever nature should do well and try some of Philips’ creations. The company released a new device, called 40PFL7705DV/F7. All the testing we did on this model turned out fabulous results. Which we are going to describe in this review. So come and lend your eyes to it.

The Philips 40PFL7705DV/F7 is a good-looking beast. If we take the stand it comes with into account, this device measures 25.63″ x 38.19″ x 10.94″. The weight of the whole product is 38.36 pounds.

120Hz panel frequency

After proceeding to turning this TV on with its remote control, we set it up. It didn’t take long to do that. After everything was in order, we started the navigation. Which went smoothly. The 40″ display has a total of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Thanks to this, scan pictures did not feature flickers in tests. And the signal quality was much improved. To the general superb image quality also contributed the TV’s 120Hz processing. After it was set into motion, the device delivered excellent images with plenty of sharpness. Another great offering is something going by the name of Double Frame Rate Insertion. This is an option that makes the sharpness of motion reproduction double in quantity. So that if the user is watching an action film, she or he is not bothered by judder and other unpleasant flaws.Philips-40PFL7705DV-F7

The kind of Interner access you get with this TV is not bound by limits. Because the 40PFL7705DV/F7 can turn into a PC monitor. Sending various content to your friends via this device is a piece of cake. All we needed for that was our very own Wi-Fi home network and the TV’s MediaConnect feature. We could send practically anything we wanted that was saved on our personal laptop.

Thanks to the special technology that Philips uses on its TVs when it comes to sound, this model also delivers some of the best quality ever, compared with all HDTVs recently reviews. The SRS TruSurround feature greatly contributes to that. The integrated speakers are capable of superb quality in the dialog, bass and other important areas.

Vudu and Netflix access

People concerned of the way gadgets influence the environment’s well-being should rest assured while using this TV. Its Energy Star label is a sign that it consumes less energy than its counterparts. Which in actual fact meant under 1W when it was in standby. It consumed only 155W when we used it.

Watching content in a wireless fashion is something that gadgets made these days are able to offer. This HDTV can also do this. So we watched movies, looked at pics and so on thanks to the set’s MediaConnect and Philips NetTV features. The programs that we could access were the following: Netflix, Blockbuster, Vudu and many more.

The 40PFL7705DV/F7 is Philip’s attempt at offering the user a watching experience that won’t be easily forgotten. And they manage to do that with the aid of a Perfect Pixel HD Engine. This plays the role of a tool that is capable of enhancing each and every single pixel in a pic. That way the images will develop natural qualities that will look very good. This was proven by the excellent natural motion, colors, sharpness and contrast.

Review conclusion

But this TV has another great technology: it’s called Perfect Natural Motion. The latter can correct judder and give an estimate of picture motion. The Philips 40PFL7705DV/F7 should be bought by any consumer hungry for excellence.


LG 47LD950


There are a whole lot of products that will cause, or already have, plenty of raised eyebrows. That is because they are not quite sure what they want to deliver to consumers. So they include all sorts of features and so on to make up for a not so great performance. As is the case with the LG 47LD950 TV set. Which we reviewed to see if it’s worth the money and interest or not.

As it was, this LG 47LD950 impressed us by bringing forth some really good specifications. That we will add here: a 47″ display packed with 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution, 500 cd/m2 of brightness, an enhanced 200 Hz refresh rate, 150,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 16:9 aspect ratio and a DVB-T (MPEG4) digital tuner. The dimensions of this TV are 790 mm x 1173 mm x 337 mm. The 47LD950 weighs 20.80 kg. In the box it comes with we discovered the following content: 4 pairs of passive glasses and a user’s manual. The features that we could test were these: a media player, Dolby Digital, Sleep Timer and so on.

No crosstalk noise

The LG 47LD950 does not share the same philosophy as other TVs in its are. That’s because the company decided to just make it more retro, meaning it has a passive/side character.

One VGA port, one component video, 1 DVI port, a digital audio output, one composite video and a headphone jack are the connectivity options LG inserted on its latest TV set.

Watching content that uses 3D technology is an enjoyable experience. Blu-ray movies in particular looked good and had no crosstalk noise to bother us during tests. That also happened when we played games. But the problem was: we had no possibility to watch 3D content in full high definition quality.LG-47LD950

When we switched to 2D, image quality was good. Minus a clouding when there were scenes with dark in them, we saw that this TV acted remarkably on the whole. It definitely did a great job in motion handling. And the colors provided were all natural-looking. The sound that was delivered by the speakers was, however, poor by comparison. Sure, it could have been worse, but still, this is a big company we are talking about.

Good images at HD resolution

Generally, though, performance was great in HD, when we reviewed the TV characteristics. We played a Blu-ray film and we loved how this TV handled it. Sharpness was superb, as was texture. The product’s 200Hz engine is an addition that makes performance all the worthwhile. The type of backlighting is a CCFL one. But the quality of standard definition content is not ideal. We spotted a lot of noises and also plenty of mushiness to distract us in the majority of the time spent watching something.

The 47LD950 can easily play It can play MP3 audio files, JPEG photos and also DivX HD videos once you connect a gadget using an USB storage.

There were a couple of cons. The absence of a LAN jack was among them. Because it translated into an impossibility to work with the company’s NetCast online service. An important feature that is missing from the list is a Freeview HD tuner. Many other TV sets have it.

Review conclusion

The LG 47LD950 doesn’t quite rise up to what was expected of it before its launch. So it’s not really such a good thing to own it if you are a picky consumer.


Asus VG23AH


We haven’t seen a good monitor in a while. With this in mind, we picked Asus’ $279.99 VG23AH up and gave it a couple of try. But this is not any old monitor. No, it’s a 3D-enabled IPS device. So brace yourselves for a new review.

A 23 inch new 3D monitor

The Asus VG23AH boasts a set of specs that look something like this: a 23″ display with 1920 x 1080 pixels, a 60Hz pixel refresh rate, 1000:1 / 80000000:1 (dynamic) image contrast ratio, 5 ms response time, 16.7 million colors, 178 degrees on both the horizontal and the vertical viewing angles, 21.7″ x 9.8″ x 16.5″ and 14.3 lbs.

This new Asus VG23AH does not come with the sort of looks that will send you in a reverie. But the good thing is that it’s not as glossy as other models. Its stand allows for swiveling and tilting.

Connectivity is supported by the following: one VGA, one PC audio input, one HDMI port, one DVI-Digital input and a 3.5mm Mini-Jack. You don’t get USB ports on this model.Asus-VG23AH

The screen of this device is an IPS one. This meant, when we used it in tests, that it was capable of showing very good performance in the areas of greyscale and color. Also, this display supports 3D. And its viewing angles are wider than what we have seen up until now.

Good colors uniformity

If you wish to take advantage of this monitor, the right way to do it is to switch it to the Standard mode. If you do this, you will be able to enjoy great brightness levels. Also, colors will look beautiful. Anything can be adjusted to suit the viewer’s needs. There are numerous settings for the picture on screen. We played with the following ones: 3D depth (for movies that use this technology), focus, brightness, screen position, skin tone and many more until we found what we were looking for at the beginning of this review.

There were no problems to be had with movies in 2D. Uniformity was good. As were the colors. None of them shifted in any way. However, when we switched to 3D, we saw that performance was not as good. The important thing is to always avoid leaving this monitor’s sweet spot. Because that will immediately bring about artifacts and crosstalk, too.

To watch content in 3D, Asus offers a pair of special glasses. Out of all the 3D glasses we tested so far, this pair is on our list of favorites. And that was due to the great comfort they provided.

Film-type Patterned Retarder technology

The sound delivered by the monitor’s pair of speakers was not ideal. That’s because there is no subwoofer inside it. If it were, quality would have been way better than what we experienced.

This device is surely not one to mind the environment that much, And it shows in the quantity of power it consumes: 36W. We could not lower that figure even after turning its brightness levels lower. Or tuning the ECO mode on.

The Film-type Patterned Retarder 3D technology that the VG23AH comes with was great. With its help, content looked very good thanks to its powers of offering great depth to images. Also, sharpness levels were superb overall. Once again, it is better to watch movies or whatever else you want without moving away from the monitor’s sweet spot.


As a monitor, the Asus VG23AH works well. But its cons may weigh it down in the long run.


Acer Aspire AM3450-UR10P


From the sea of desktops that can be used for our computers rises yet another new model. The model we are reviewing today after performing tests on it belongs to Acer. Its name is Aspire AM3450-UR10P. But from what we saw in the analysiswe did on this product, you will be hard put to find something like it. Because it is a device that will make multitaskers reach cloud nine. Let’s see if the actual performance is as good as we said in this introductory passage.

A desktop PC for multitaskers

The Acer Aspire AM3450-UR10P works with a wide variety of specifications. Like for example a 1TB 5400rpm SATA hard drive, an AMD FX-8100 Eight Core CPU, an AMD Radeon HD 6450 GPU, 1GB of memory, a 16x DVD+/-RW dual layer burner, Windows 7 Home Premium as its operating system and 5.1 Audio Support. The presence of a multi-card reader, one DVI, 2 USB 3.0, one Gigabit Ethernet, 10 USB 2.0, HDMI, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and VGA rounds up the list of options.

Since there is Wi-Fi on board, Acer also included an 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi networking adapter to be used for your Internet needs. Any desktop unit that has something like this allows the user easy access to a home Wi-Fi network, a great pro for such a product.Acer-Aspire-AM3450-UR10P

Unnecessary software included

In the storage department, this desktop comes with a standard terabyte hard drive. It’s not very much, but, even if it does not feature the same frills and whatnot found on other devices of its kind, this version is actually does its job more than adequately. By that we mean we could, in tests, get all sorts of media files, apps and so on without running out of space. But the thing is, you will see a slow pace whenever you will want to open an app and play with it in your free time. The desktop here also needs more time to boot up than what we saw on other desktops.

Bloatware is an issue, naturally. We hoped Acer would do something about this annoyance, but they chose not to this time around. With the AM3450-UR10P you will be frustrated by the presence of plenty of software that should not be featured, because it is simply unnecessary and there is absolutely no way you are ever going to need it. So if you are fed up with them, you can at any time get rid of them manually. That way, the PC will work better. This will not take a whole lot of time. And it will go smoothly if you follow all the steps shown on the screen of your computer.


From our point of view, the Acer Aspire AM3450-UR10P is a desktop that works well with what it has. Of course you may say that there are many better desktops these days. And we would agree with you. But you should give this one at least a try before you judge it. The specs it has make it a suited candidate for almost all kinds of tasks. Except playing 3D games and watching movies using the 3D technology. However, among its cons you will also find pros. Like the possibility to opt for a better GPU. And the advantage of performing a lot of tasks at the same time. Also, the support it offers when you use Photoshop and you are after something to help accelerate such programs and many more of its kind.


Kyocera Hydro C5170


There are not many waterproof smartphones lying around on shop desks. And yet, a manufacturer recently unveiled such a model to people who prefer such devices. The Kyocera Hydro C5170 hints at what it is capable of even from its name. Not only does it withstand water thrown on it, it also delivers more than decent call quality. But that is about all it can do. More on the subject below in our review.

A water resistant smartphone

Here is what the Kyocera Hydro offers in terms of specifications: a 3.5″ touchscreen along with a total of 480 x 320 pixels, Google’s Android operating system, a 1GHz processor, a battery and so on. In terms of weight and measurements, this smartphone has 4.2 ounces and 4.5″ x 2.4″ x .5″.

The plastic used for the body is painted black and is textured. This means that no unwanted fingerprints will stick to it. The weight makes it possible to hold this phone without feeling like holding a brick. However, the pixels in the resolution are not enough to assure less jagged-looking photos, text and such. The display’s brightness levels are actually quite good. The Hydro employs a QWERTY keyboard. When we wrote something on it, the response from the keys was good and performance overall was decent.
The panel has, on its back, a mechanism that keeps everything locked well. Another measure taken to avoid water getting water in is the phone’s cover used for the power port.Kyocera-Hydro
The kind of network that this model uses is a Sprint 3G one. You get the standard 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi along with a a tri-band. Keeping these in mind, we took the device outside to talk to a friend. During our test, we noticed that the quality of the call was generally more than we expected. Even if reception was not that great. Also, the speakerphone did not deliver the best volume out there. Don’t expect blazingly fast 3G speeds for that matter.

QWERTY keyboard

The Kyocera Hydro C5170 is good with spills, rain and other types of sprayed water. This smartphone is able to resists damage even if you use it for half an hour in 3 feet of water in almost any test. But keep in mind not to take this model in water that has a temperature of over 104° F. More than that, this phone does not belong to the rugged category. So this is why you will have to pay attention not to drop it on a hard surface, use it in extreme temperatures, throw dust at it and so on.

When we took it for a spin, the battery was able to provide 5 hours and a half of use.

We took a peek at the warranty that comes with the phone. Unfortunately, we were told that this device is not capable of resisting salt or chlorinated water.

As for price, you get various alternatives. With Virgin Mobile you can pay an amount of $35 monthly for 300 voice minutes and less talk time. Then there is a second price option: with Boost you can pay from $55 monthly and get benefits like unlimited text messages, talk time and data. This price is going to easily reach $40 if you are a good consumer and pay your bills when you are told to.

Review conclusion

The Kyocera Hydro C5170 is a smartphone that can be used while you take a shower and want to check up on stuff. It comes with a good price, but it does not deliver such a brilliant performance, compared with other reviewed smartphones.




Sony have been around in the gadget world for as long as we can remember. They strike back, this time with a laptop. Namely a model which they called $849 VAIO SVT13114GXS. We tested a lot of the company’s products in the past, but this one is among their worst. It fails to rise up to the many expectations its manufacturer boasted to have. For a clearer picture on why we say this, read our following review.

Intel i5 processor

At least the VAIO SVT13114GXS has a list of specs which include the following: a 13.3-inch screen, 4GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive (featuring a 32GB SSD as a hard drive cache), a third-generation Ivy Bridge Intel Core i5-3317U CPU, 8GB of RAM, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti discrete graphics card, a 64-bit version of Windows 7 Professional, Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi.

There is not much to say for its connectivity options, because there are simply so few of them. We counted 1 HDMI-out, 1 headphone jack, 2 USB ports (1 of them is a 2.0, the other is a 3.0), 1 multi-in-1 card reader, 1 VGA-out and 1 gigabit Ethernet port.

Even if you will see that its performance is not the best, we gotta admit that this ultrabook’s design is great. The insides are made of aluminum and the outside contains the same material, but in a silver finish. Another element that is made of aluminum is the device’s keyboard deck. The thickness of the SVT13114GXS is 0.71″.Sony-VAIO-SVT13114GXS

Good sound quality

Coming back to the laptop’s front, the 13.1″ LED screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels is glossy. Crispness is the right word when describing the text we saw on this display. Videos had great quality and colors were almost perfect. Brightness is not a pro on this model.

It is known that not all laptops have great sound quality. The latest Sony is an exception to this rule. The quality of sound that its speakers pump out is more than what we expected. Moreover, the headphone jack surprised us with its clean audio quality.

This review was written on a very nice keyboard. The buttons on it were very easy to press. And the response they delivered was great. Every laptop comes with a trackpad. The one that we played with thankfully allowed us to perform multitouch gestures. What it lacked were mouse keys. But, despite that, we enjoyed the fact that it provided us with accuracy and comfort.

6 hours is the overall amount of juice you will get from this laptop’s battery. It is not enough for more demanding activities. But, hey, it’s still good compared to what we’ve seen in our tests. So we won’t complain. That much.

Review conclusion

While it is true that the market is full of ultrabooks which are far better than the Sony VAIO SVT13114GXS, it is equally true that this model should not be forgotten on a shelf. Its design is very appealing and it greatly makes up for what is happening under the hood. Which is not all that dramatic. In the end, it all depends on what you, as a consumer, want to experience. Because if you are after things like great sound quality, an attractive display, lovely looks, a great keyboard, then you will be happy with this version. If you want more, then don’t concentrate on the VAIO SVT13114GXS.