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Western Digital WD TV Live Streaming Media Player


Are you after a live streaming media player? Then look no further than Western’s Digital WD TV Live Streaming. Besides offering a good performance, this product is also very small. Our review will tell you more about it in a jiffy.

Since we began our introduction by mentioning how very small this Western Digital WD is, here are its exact measurements to prove it (if you doubt us): 4.9″ x 1.2″ x 3.9″. With these in mind you won’t need a huge place to store this device in. And portability is one of its greatest pros. To start using it, take the AC Adapter that comes in the box and plug it to this media player. It all happens in one go, so you won’t waste precious time. After that we connected the product to our home network via the device’s Wi-Fi. We were then welcomed by a screen where we found everything we needed to proceed with our testing.

A new gadget for your home

This media player features a remote control. The buttons on it provide good feedback. The con we experienced with this remote was the fact that we had to input things like passwords almost every single time. Like for example when we wanted to look for a movie and other content. And that is why a keyboard will end up being your best friend. But we will talk about that in a minute.Western-Digital-WD-TV-Media-Player

The ease of navigation once we were in the menu system was great. We could, during our tests, gain access to various options and settings as simple as that. The only issue we had while in the menu system was when we searched through the device’s content provider menus. It was rather difficult. But we eventually got the hang of it. However, if you aren’t the patient kind, this waste of time will most likely annoy you. Another thing that might annoy you is the fact that the remote did not move that quickly once the buttons were pressed by our fingers.

Upscaling to 1080p

Using either a wireless keyboard or the a windows-style USB-enabled one with the Western Digital WD TV live streaming are also possible. That is doable with the help of the product’s front USB port. This will make you forget about that slow remote control we mentioned earlier.

Sound comes through an array of technologies, options and so on. And these are the following: DTS, Dolby TrueHD and, lastly, Dolby Digital. Sound will be decoded according to the movie you will want to watch. We were offered, for instance, a Dolby Digital EXsurround sound signal when watching content. And we could hear everything loud and clear. So no complaints there from our point of view. But it will all depend on the user.

Video output was, for us, great compared with all recently reviewed media players. Definitely this device’s most prominent pro. Video performance was great thanks to upscaling and the 1080p resolution signal that was offered via the product’s HDMI port. In other words, the WD TV upscales lower resolution signals to 1080p. Clips on YouTube tended to make upscaling work slower. So it is all going to depend on what source your movie comes from.

Review conclusion

The Western Digital WD TV Live Streaming Media Player is definitely not perfect. However, from a quality, design, specs and performance points of view, it succeeds in earning more than a few congratulatory appreciations from us.

Technical specifications

Supported files
Subtitle filesASS, SSA, SRT,SUB, SMI
Picture filesTIFF, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG
Video filesAVI (Xvid, AVC, MPEG1/2/4), MPG/MPEG, VOB, MKV (h.264, x.264, AVC, MPEG1/2/4, VC-1), TS/TP/M2T (MPEG1/2/4, AVC, VC-1), MP4/MOV (MPEG4, h.264), M2TS, WMV9
PlaylistsPLS, M3U, WPL
Audio filesWMA/WMA Pro, AAC, FLAC, AIF/AIFF, OGG, MP3, WAV/PCM/LPCM, MKA,Dolby Digital Plus, DTS
Video supported resolutionsH.264 [email protected] and [email protected] up to 1920x1080p at 24Hz, 1920x1080i at 30Hz, or 1280x720p at 60Hz frequency.
H.264 [email protected] up to 720x576p at 25Hz / 720x480p at 30Hz frequency.
DimensionsWidth: 4.9 in / 125 mm
Depth: 3.9 in / 100 mm
Height: 1.2 in / 30 mm
Total Weight: 0.42 lb / 0.19 kg



The Sony VPLHW30AES works well as a projector for 2D content. It works even better for 3D. We came to this conclusion after giving it a go in a couple of tests of ours. Here you go.

We don’t think we have ever seen such a silent working projector like the Sony VPLHW30AES. However far or close to it we sat, it didn’t make a noise while doing its job. The design is very nice for such a product. Whenever we would turn it off and then on, this projector would be in standby and then out of it. But even if it behaved so erratically, this did not affect its good performance. In terms of connectivity, this product is well served by the following additions: 1 IR port and 2 HDMI ports.

A 3D powerful projector

In the package that came along with the VPLHW30AES we unraveled the following offerings: a charger for viewing glasses, 2 pairs of 3D glasses, batteries, a remote control and an IR projector.

Once we finished with that, we proceeded to actually using this projector in a couple of tests. Before that we set this model up to see how hard or well it went. It turned out we had zero issues doing that. It all took us less than 1 hour by the clock. You can either put it on a desk or get it mounted to a ceiling in your room. In both cases, you will not be forced to employ a projection screen. And that is a great achievement.Sony-VPLHW30AES

If you are impatient: yes, the negative comments you read on some sites are not true. The quality of content we used on this device review was very good. And we’ll give an in-depth opinion on that right away.

Impressive overall performance

First, we connected the new VPLHW30AES to a player (doesn’t matter what brand you use). Then we watched a movie in 3D. The performance we were subjected to was superb. We could watch that film in all its intended glory: brightness was awesome, as were colors. The content looked extra sharp. The depth of blacks was a great pro. Images were also really clear. Everything looked smooth and there was no need to adjust settings. The focus that this unit employs is straightforward and you won’t need to read the user’s manual to understand how it works.

On the whole, 3D performance was as great as on many superior projector sets made by all the most important names in the gadget world and recently reviewed by us. And we did not even need to buy a special screen to view all of this superb quality. Even when we used a cheap model, content still had that same excellent quality that we saw when we used an expensive display. The 3D glasses we used to view movies were comfortable to the max. And they, too, did an extraordinary job of making us see 3D images in the best way possible. By the way, there was no need for us to charge them that often. As a case in point: they worked for 4 hours after charging them for 2 minutes.

Review conclusion

The way we see it, Sony’s VPLHW30AES has many strengths. They make this projector a reliable and good model to use if you want to experience the feeling you get when you’re at the cinema. We wholeheartedly recommend it to both beginners and pros alike.

Technical specifications

Dynamic Contrast Ratio – 70,000:1
Whisper-quiet fan: 22db
Frequency: up to 240Hz
Capabilities: 2D HD to 3D conversion


Samsung UN65ES6500


The TV sets in Samsung’s UN series are some of the best we have ever seen. But, as was expected, there had to be an exception to the rule. And it arrived in the form of the company’s UN65ES6500, reviewed today. We expected more from it, but it sort of let us down somewhat. Below you are going to find out why.

This is a TV with a 65″ display. The total amount of pixels is 1,920 x 1,080. Among the other specifications we found the following: an 120 Hz refresh rate, a 7000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, a 20W total output power and a clear motion rate of 240 – 480 Hz.

2D to 3D conversion

Features include a remote control, 2D to 3D conversion, a 2 x Right/left channel speaker, a Web browser, progressive scanning, a LED Backlight technology and many more.

Connectivity is a dream. There are all sorts of options: one Audio input, three USB 2.0 ports, three HDMI ports, 1 x Digital audio output and a lot more where these came from. Ethernet and Wi-Fi are also offered.

The design of the UN65ES6500 has many elements which make it special. Measurements are 58.7″ x 1.9″ x 34.3″. This TV has a total weight of 52.7 lbs.Samsung-UN65ES6500

Before turning this TV on, you’ll have to use the remote control. The model that the UN65ES6500 uses sports backlight. Its keys are very easy to press and respond very quickly to your fingers.

In the tests we did, our eyes were very pleased with how colors were delivered. They were plenty accurate and overall respected normal values for such a TV. However, reproduction sometimes seemed to be off. But overall, colors were delivered in all their rich glory and we did not see green tinges anywhere on the screen. And we didn’t notice issues in shadow detail. But one thing we did spot had to do with black levels. They lacked depth and some of the scenes we saw were darker than others.

Limited viewing angles

In a couple of movies we watched, contrast is not uniform. In one scene there is plenty, in the other it is inconsistent. That is due to the fact that this product doesn’t feature microdimming.

Try to avoid sitting at a distance that exceeds a couple of feet. Because then you will experience an off-angle quality that is always bad. For films that are made of only action scenes, this model offers a Custom dejudder mode. This one makes it possible to watch said content without worrying over unnecessary issues.

To be sure that there is a good resolution to watch movies in, this device comes with a Clear Motion Rate feature. Its quality was easy to see in the tests we performed for this review. The user also gets to put the TV’s backlight scanning and video processing to good use. But they weren’t as promising as advertised by the manufacturer. Uniformity on this model is also a let-down in the grand scheme of things. The result of this poor performance is a display filled with blotches.

Excellent news is the fact that you will not see reflections like you do on so many other TV sets made today. Or a year ago, for that matter. If you see something like the display fading to black, there is an explanation: it means that the UN65ES6500 has its backlight turned off.

Review conclusion

Samsung’s UN65ES6500 sets the bar high. But it rather fails short of leaving a lasting impression.


TomTom GO LIVE 1535M


A good alternative to Garmin GPS devices are the ones made by TomTom. The company knows how to make good products. Their $249.95 GO LIVE 1535M is the most recent addition to their line. It has both pros and cons to go with it. And we will talk about them in the today’s review.

The GO LIVE 1535M comes in a body that measures 3.1″ x 4.7″ x 1.0″. The color is black. This device has a weight of 6.5 ounces. This model does not sport a magnetic mount. Instead, it comes with an integrated mount. We found it to be easy to use. Once you open the 5″ LCD display, you will get to navigate a very easy to use menu. Because it’s such a nice screen, you will also be offered plenty of feedback from it when you want to find a street and so on. When we tried locating a certain restaurant we fancied, it was hard. Because this GPS product tended to not show categories in a way that made sense.

3D graphics for lanes

The display has a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels. This doesn’t necessarily imply the world’s best screen. But the brightness it delivers is good.

The TomTom GO LIVE 1535M delivers a more than average performance. The screen, for one, contributed to that, as it showed us all sorts of info. Like speed, a 3D graphic for lanes to take and other important stuff. Accuracy was present every single time while we were on a trip with our car to test this device. TomTom’s latest GPS unit also keeps the user posted to actual travel times depending on when you are using it. And it does that via its IQ Routes feature.TomTom-GO-LIVE-1535M

Since we brushed upon the features part, let us see what other examples we can give. The GO LIVE 1535M has Bluetooth to work with, too. Which is a very useful tool to have. Via it we could employ the device as a hands-free speakerphone. Expedia is a place where we could find data on fuel prices, hotels and other important landmarks. Then there is the Google Local Search. This feature allowed us to look for something and then be offered some results to look up. Another good feature is the HD Traffic one. It really is lovely. But of course it had to come with a con: it is a free tool, but that “free” goes away after 1 year of use.

microUSB-to-DC cable included

To make this GPS device more comfortable to use in a vehicle, TomTom included a standard thickness microUSB-to-DC power cable. The company had another reason for that: this cable is used because the model employs a cellular GSM radio only. This has a con, though. In our tests we heard a GSM noise that came from the speakers in our car. And let us tell you: it sure was annoying. But if you don’t mind that, it’s fine.

Two hours of performance is what you will get from the built-in battery, a low value, compared with other reviewed GPS products.

Review conclusion

The TomTom GO LIVE 1535M is the company’s least successful GPS unit. But however better other versions are, this one is still capable of a perfectly good performance. Which, though, should not have asked for such a high price tag. Because if we take that into consideration, there are other models whose prices are lower and still offer more features and a superior quality than what this buddy delivers.


Samsung UN75ES9000


Another TV set we wished to try out is Samsung’s UN75ES9000. This is a product which truly rises up to expectations. And by reading our review you will see what we mean.

In the next paragraph we will tackle this TV’s spec list. The UN75ES9000 has the following: a 75″ screen, a 240 Hz screen refresh rate, 1920 x 1080 pixels and a 16:9 aspect ratio. Features include Picture In Picture, Wi-Fi, active 3D, Smart TV, Smart Hub, facial recognition, voice and hand control and plenty others. The latter two features sparked the most interest in us during tests. But even if you get all sorts of cool ones, the truth of the matter is that these features are not the easiest ones to play with. If you want to play a game online or just watch a movie, you can use the device’s full web browser. When we used it, it didn’t lag.

Extra slim external design

The design of this TV set is hard to forget. Its body is painted silver chrome. The depth makes this device extra slim. The UN75ES9000 sits on a stand that offers plenty of stability.

To turn the UN55ES8000 on, just say “Hi TV” and it will spring to life. Another way to turn it on is its facial recognition feature. A third option is to do a hand wave in front of it. Once it springs to life, it shows nice colors. They need some punch, though.Samsung-UN75ES9000

The coat screen of this device is clear. Which signifies superb contrast. If a movie has a lot of scenes that are bathed in sunlight, the display will show them in all their splendor without burning your eyes in the process. The LED backlight also is to thank for this effect.

QWERTY keyboard

Brightness levels are all beyond expectations. The way the screen displays content in 3D is also remarkable. We saw absolutely no problems with uniformity, 3D viewing or any other of the blights damaging picture quality on other TVs. The screen is also the largest we have tested so far. This and the fact that it ships with a remote control that has seen improvements further make the UN75ES9000 a lovely TV. It’s worth to mention here that this remote control sports a new TV search function along with a QWERTY keyboard. The levels of black were downright splendid.

This Samsung device packs Wi-Fi among its offerings. So that if the user wishes to browse the World Wide Web, he or she can do so without any problem at all. Once we were connected, we could access the device’s Smart TV Internet feature. As mentioned, there is also a web browser that offers a very good performance. You can check your Twitter and Facebook statuses, read something and so on.

The 3D glasses that Samsung also sells deliver one of the best viewing experiences, compared with similar HDTVs, recently reviewed. Their biggest advantage is that the user’s eyes will not get tired while watching content for long. The company’s SSG-3300GR model 3D glasses pack both comfort and lightness in the deal. The usual blurring and crosstalk that was found on previous models are not on these versions. Which is a great relief. You are offered 4 pairs of these glasses.

Review conclusion

The $10,000 Samsung UN75ES9000 (yup, it costs a lot of money) is a TV that should grace the houses of everybody who wants a quality product.


Vizio CA27-A1


From what we know and tested ourselves, Vizio has never produced a desktop PC so far. But here they are now with the spunky new $1,149 CA27-A1. It is made of many nice things, but also some cons. Without telling you more in this short prologue, we will proceed with our review that will disclose our feelings on this device. They are all based, as usual, on first-hand experience. Enjoy.

A new 27 inch All In one Desktop PC

From a quick glance at the specs that ship with the CA27-A1, we gathered the following: there is a 27″ display, a 2.3 GHz Intel Core i3 processor, 1920 x 1080 pixels, an Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card, 4GB of RAM, Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium as OS and a storage capacity made of 1000GB.

Options to connect this device to others exist here, too. The user can opt between the following: 4 USB 3.0 ports, a pair of HDMI ports, one SD Card reader and one eSATA port. But the lack of a generous amount of USB ports is not going to be appreciated by all of you. But those 2 HDMI ports makes it worth the while. With their help we were lucky enough to connect two additional products: a game console and a cable box.

As soon as we took this device out to review it, we saw a remote control. Without it, you are pretty much lost, so keep it close at any time. And if you don’t like its buttons’ shallowness, opt for another desktop PC. As it is, this remote works well. It is able to easily allow for switching between things like power, video input source and so on. We cannot even begin to say how much we disliked the touchpad. Out of all the ones we’ve tested, this one was the one with most lagging.Vizio-CA27-A1

Without Blu-Ray and DVD player

The thinness of the desktop’s base unit is due to the fact that the power supply was placed with the device’s external subwoofer. Because of that, we had to always keep the subwoofer connected to a computer. If you don’t mind some jitter now and then because of tilting the product’s screen, then it’s OK. If not, then you always have other alternatives for a desktop PC.

The CA27-A1 completely lacks both a Blu-ray player and a DVD player. So we had to grab a dedicated player from the nearest store. These two can also be replaced by a connected game console or an external PC optical drive.

By getting yourself this model, you are going to have to buy either a Bluetooth or a USB pair of speakers. This is due to the poor sound quality delivered by this unit’s subwoofer. The major problem was with both high and low tones. In each of the cases, sound had the habit of losing the right fidelity.

The processor could not handle complex tasks. By way of illustration: all of the tasks we used on it offered bad results. That included things like processing of iTunes MP3.

Review conclusion

Vizio did not really hit the jackpot when they decided to unleash their CA27-A1 on us. The cons outweigh the pros on this model. If you are one for trying out an affordable all-in-one device, then you will be satisfied with this one. However, if you are the type of customer bent on a device with a great performance, then avoid the CA27-A1.


Origin EON17-S


The $3,499 Origin EON17-S is the next item on our list of already tested gadgets. This laptop may cost quite a lot, but you will get your money’s worth (though not all of it) if you buy it.

A 17-inch new laptop

The EON17-S fine tuned by Origin has a 17.3″ display with full high definition attributes, a 3W subwoofer, a 1TB hard drive, 2 120GB solid-state drives, 16GB of system RAM, an Intel Core 3.10GHz i7-3920XM Extreme Edition processor and a pair of SSD.

In the looks department, this laptop comes in either black, silver or red. On the whole, this model looks like what Alienware would produce. Its 11 pounds make this laptop quite heavy to hold. The keyboard has plenty of space between its buttons. It is one that offers backlighting, so if you decide to work in the dark, you will not miss hitting the right keys. Then you have the touchpad. We very much enjoyed using it thanks to the great feedback it offered in our tests.

The display of this EON17-S is covered in a glossy finish. Which, needless to say, is extremely annoying while working with the laptop. Something should be done about this, because if it were not for this con, we would have deeply liked the screen. Why? Because the viewing angles, the brightness, the colors and so on look great.Origin-EON17-S

Impressive connectivity options

The abundance of connectivity options we discovered in this review, was excellent. We came across the following: 3 USB 3.0 ports, 4 audio jacks (headphone and 7.1 channel surround-out), 1 power jack, 1 mini-FireWire port, 1 LAN port, 1 USB 2.0 port, 1 external USB Blu-ray drive, one 9-in-1 card reader, 1 DisplayPort, 1 DVI video ports, one HDMI, 1 optical drive bay (this one offers the possibility to use it with whatever kind of CD/DVD/BD drive or an additional storage drive).

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios are also features in the list of features. Speaking of which, sound comes from a pair of speakers. The latter use a 3W subwoofer to produce it. A Creative THX TruStudio software is offered, so that the user can easily optimize the audio output. Everything can be personalized, so that you can enjoy the best of sound. The latter’s quality if good.

Limited battery life

The operating system used here is a Windows 7 Home Premium version. The thing that we liked the most about it was that we saw no unnecessary programs with it. Much too many laptops sport bloatware these days that it is really frustrating.

The amount of life that is delivered by this model’s battery is 2 hours and 40 minutes. Quite nice, if you ask us. Still, the EON17-S still has a long way to become our favorite gaming laptop if we only judge it by its type of battery.

The graphics unit employed on Origin’s latest gaming product is rather big. But this means that more effort was made into turning this device into a good one when it comes to graphics performance. The controller was over-clocked; this helps it achieve superb quality in gaming sessions.

The warranty offered by the company for their newest device is 1 year for each of the labor and arts.

Review conclusion

The Origin EON17-S is capable of lasting in a professional way when it’s used for gaming and other activities. But it’s not as powerful as some of the others we have already reviewed.


Plantronics BackBeat Go


We are taking a break today from the usual tablets, TVs and smartphones and concentrate on a pair of wireless headsets. This is the first time we have seen a product this light and small. Usually, headsets are known to be quite big and heavy. Plantronics seems to have found the perfect recipe to achieve this in the form of their $99.99 BackBeat Go.

Hi-Tech headset

This headset, namely the BackBeat Go, has some impressive looks. When we put them on, we did not feel like they were heavy. And they did not fall from our head that quickly. The product also sports silicon eartips.

These days, almost anything is possible. That goes for gadgets, too. And it also goes for this pair of headsets that we tested for our review. What we want to say is that this model comes with the ability to turn itself into a device for calling people up. Like a smartphone. If you have a phone using either the iOS or the Android operating system, perfect: this headset’s mic is compatible with them.

Because the BackBeat Go also features Bluetooth, you are going to get all the problems that this option means. Such as, like we ourselves noticed, turning tunes into something without dynamics and compressing audio files. And there was no way we could make that go away.Plantronics-Backbeat-Go

Limited by the batteries

Anyway, if you plan on taking this pair to the gym, we advise against it. Because it is not a product that can resist sweat that well. Or at least try to not prolong your workout session for more than half an hour. We spent 1 hour in the gym with this set on our head and we didn’t feel good. But the way it behaved was pretty nice, considering it’s a wireless stereo headset. We greatly appreciated the fact that we heard the bass sounds well. We also heard plenty of balance. Still, this is not a headset that is capable of an amazing performance. So you know what to look for if what we’re writing here does not satisfy your needs or expectations.

The life of this headset is not overwhelming. We got a total of 4 hours and 20 minutes. And they were delivered by the set’s battery. The latter easily goes into a USB port.

We asked our friends what they made of the Backbeat Go. Opinions were mixed. We heard raves about it, but also complaints. The latter were many. Some of them: that the LED placed in the headset’s right earphone is very hard to catch sight of when lights are bright. That all of the keys sitting on the product’s inline remote should have been bigger. Another con people told us about when we asked them was the fact that the unit has ear buds which stick out too much for their liking.


But for us, the Plantronics BackBeat Go was a nice headset, compared with the other reviewed models. We thought that the looks were much more attractive that what we’ve seen up until then. Also, the performance in was pretty much-spot for the majority of the time we spent testing this product. However, we have to agree that this model will do with a couple of changes for the better. That way, it is going to really make waves in the industry of headsets. Until that day arrives, this pair is nifty.


Medion Akoya E4060 D (MD8369) PC


If you are after something a bit different, then you should try a PC called Medion Akoya E4060 D (MD8369). It isn’t yet available in shops, but it will be in a couple of days. Until then, we will tell you all you need to know about it in the next review.

An affordable desktop PC

Like you already know from previous ratings we have already done, we are going to first announce the specifications of the Medion Akoya E4060 D (MD8369). Which look something like this: 4GB of RAM, a 3.2GHz AMD Fusion processor, an AMD Radeon HD 7560D GPU, Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) operating system and 1 TB 7200rpm SATA hard drive.

Medion is know for not changing the appearance of its products. The MD8369 fully shows this decision of theirs. The design in this case means simplicty, but stylishness at the same time.

When we checked to see how much power this product consumed, it was revealed to be 43W when idle. When we worked hard with the MD8369 consumed about 84W. The power supply here is 350W.Medion-Akoya-E4060-D-(MD8369)-PC

Connectivity is offered via the following options: one VGA, 3 USB 3.0 port, headphone and microphone ports, one HDMI, 5 USB 2.0 port, one optical audio, 2 PS/2 ports, one Gigabit Ethernet and analogue surround sound audio ports. What is sorely missed is a DVI port. But there’s one single-band 802.11n Wi-Fi module to make you feel better about it.

We didn’t have high hopes for the mouse and keyboard that are featured on this model. The buttons should have had better feedback.

Impressive transfer rate

Another con we have to talk about is the processor’s quality. While it is one with a good reputation, it couldn’t, during our tests, perform as advertised by the manufacturer. And that is a complete shame.

Then we looked at the hard drive. The latter offered splendid performance. The transfer rate we were delivered was 47 megabytes per second, which is awesome. If you are a serious gamer, keep it simple. This device cannot handle complex versions, unfortunately. But then again, this is not a gaming machine after all.

Another pro we have to mention is the GPU. Its performance was, overall, really great. Our 3DMark06 produced a score of 6912. Which translates into awesome quality. Exactly what we were after before we started our testing session.

Seen in perspective, the Akoya E4060 D (MD8369) PC is capable of delivering a lot of pros and cons all at once when it comes to performance. We noticed that simple gaming worked well and didn’t overheat the system. Also, multitasking such as editing pics, looking for something on the Internet, writing this review in Word and so on did not produce issues. But still, we would have preferred to see better speed while doing all of the above.


The Medion Akoya E4060 D (MD8369) PC is a product that can frustrate many of you. It has moments when it shines and others when it misses completely. But one thing is certain: it does not cost a lot of money. So if you want something affordable and are not too concerned with performance, try this device. If not, then you will surely look for something with superior GPU and CPU. These two are its biggest drawbacks. Moreover, this is no memory-generous product. So bear these in mind if we piques your interest with this model.


Micromax A100 Superfone


If anything, you cannot say about the Micromax A100 Superfone Canvas that it is a boring product. For starters, you will pay less than Rs. 10,000 to make it yours. And that is something to look forward to. This device also has many other pros, but we will tackle them, along with the cons, in this review.

More improvements introduced

The Micromax A100 is a smartphone which comes with a display of 5″. That’s a lot to brag about. Other specs are as follows: 480 x 800 pixels, 6 million colors, a 1GHz single-core Qualcomm Scorpion chipset ARM V7 CPU, Adreno 200 graphics unit, a 0.3-megapixel camera (on the front), Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich operating system , 512 MB of RAM, a microSD card slot for a total of 32GB, one cam with 5MP and a Li-ion 2000 mAh battery.

Compared to previously tested Micromax versions, this one clearly wins by having such a big touchscreen. Because that translates into better images and comfort once you use it. And add to add the large amount of colors besides the multi-touch option and you are set for a groovy typing – and not only – experience. There is also full support for all of the following: microUSB port, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, 2G, GPS and 3G.Micromax-A100

HD display

All throughout our testing session, the operating system included on this Micromax A100 delivered such a performance as befits a good smartphone. That implies a lot of smoothness from its part whenever we did something. Like for instance when we watched a clip in 720p full high definition. The design of this model is very nice. In particular its rear, where we found the kind of finish that makes such a device easy to use.

Games that are in high definition pose no problem to the A100. We had a session of Angry Birds and everything went very well. The model’s dual microphones made sure there was no unnecessary sound issues.

The Micromax A100 can go on for 5 hours if you only use it for talking with friends. But even if you use it for more demanding tasks that take a while, this is the kind of battery that is capable of lasting a day. without hiccups.

Weak camera

The 5MP cam that this smartphone boasts is joined by LED flash, too. The second cam is not very good and we cannot recommend the 5MP one enough, because its quality is also mediocre. If you are someone who likes to constantly take a photo with this smartphone, try and look at other models. They will definitely offer what you are after.

The simple fact that this device features light sensors, G-sensors and other important sensors makes its loudspeaker quality be awesome. High five for this, Micromax.

As for the processor, the graphics unit and other important specs’s performance, we can assure our readers that they all delivered beyond our expectations. Which honestly were not that high to begin with. But then along comes such a phone and sets things straight about cheap models like itself.

Review conclusion

Micromax does not ring the same bell – meaning its popularity – as manufacturers such as Samsung or HTC do. But this company’s very own A100 has a lot of strong selling points that we mentioned in the above review. Its potential was high to start with and in the end, almost all expectations about it came true. Go and have a look at it. You might like it.