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Sharp LC70LE847U


We don’t consider the Sharp LC70LE847U as one of the best TVs in its category. But we wouldn’t say it’s awful, either. The thing is: it didn’t really impress as much as others when we tested it. Here is a review that will convince you of that. Or maybe not. But in the end it’s up to you what you want from a TV. So here we go with our thoughts on the matter.

The Sharp LC70LE847U has a display of 70″. While the refresh rate is 240Hz, the resolution is 1080p. There is one PC input, one Component video and four HDMI. Wi-Fi is integrated.

A Full HD 3D TV

The device we recently tested came with a display that was semi-matte. This did not prevent it from showing reflections, but they were fewer than if the screen was full-on glossy.

With this TV comes a remote control, too. But it’s not that great. The keys it sports are so very small. However, they deliver good feedback.Sharp-LC70LE847U

While watching movies using the 3D technology, the LC70LE847U did not show blurry images. And there was no crosstalk.

This model does have a rather annoying con. It tended to deplete natural background blur a lot. But at least it meant that we could watch content in both 2D and 3D without seeing only blurs in action scenes. The user will, nonetheless, have to choose this option when watching images that feature a lot of motion.

Some display problems

Watching something from a side angle does not offer the same viewing experience. Colors tens to wash out, contrast is not the same and black levels lack depth. Viewing content from an off-center position will also end in poor quality.

Colors are delivered in a professional way. At some point of this review, though, we noticed a green tinge. And we also spotted hues that did not look too natural. Both flaws were distracting. Even if you do a bit of calibration. Another drawback to the general performance is the sound quality. We honestly tried everything to make this TV get over its sucky sound quality. But we didn’t succeed. If you want a TV that doesn’t have this issue, we advise you to try other companies’ products first before throwing yourself at this one.

Up to 240Hz frequency

You aren’t offered a pair or more of 3D glasses when buying Sharp’s LC70LE847U. But of course you can buy some that are made by the same manufacturer. Although we advise you against it, unless you are desperate to watch 3D content on this TV. First of all, the pair we purchased did not offer a lot of comfort. And it cost us quite a lot. Plus, they were not exactly light when we put them on. In a nutshell: stay away from such glasses.

This model ships with features, too. There is no novelty here compared to older versions. Instead it lacks one of them: the panel drive system. But, well, that’s not a major flaw. Its Vyper drive option, 3D Ready and 240Hz AquaMotion belong to the feature category. And there are many more that were kept from the company’s older TV sets.

Review conclusion

The Sharp Since LC70LE847U does not rise up to the expectations set forth by its creators. This TV set needs a lot more oomph to make it in the top 5. But for now, this device can be used by beginners in full confidence.


Mitsubishi WD-82740


People over at Mitsubishi have unleashed a new model from their bag of cookies. And they chose WD-82740 as its name. As soon as we found out, we rushed to test it and see it it really stood up to what the company said about it when they launched it. Long story short: yes, it did. We are going to try and convince you with our review.

An expensive 82 inch HDTV

There have been a lot of both positive and negative comments about the $1,799 Mitsubishi WD-82740. Since we don’t like to base our opinions on what others say, we took this TV to a ride in our room. And what do you know: this device actually worked as advertised in the first place. So there. Don’t always believe what is written on the World Wide Web and just test stuff for yourself. Except if it’s really expensive, of course. Here is what we liked about this product. And what we didn’t like, as well.

Before you get this TV, be sure you don’t have back problems. And that your hands are strong enough. Why? Well, the WD-82740 is literally one of the heaviest and biggest TV sets we have ever been blessed to analyze. We haven’t seen such a huge product in, like, a long time.Mitsubishi-WD-82740

The screen on this beast is 82″. What else when your body is so huge? But that’s a pro, since content will appear in all its intended glory. Image aspect ratio is 16:09. If you want to know about its features, here they are: one remote control, Stream TV Internet media, iPhone/iPad/iTouch remote control app, integrated 3D emitter and so on and so forth.

A single pair of 3D glasses

Using the included remote control to turn this device on, we were blown away by how fast it showed content. It took only 9 seconds, which is awesome. After that, we were blown away again, but for an entirely different reason this time: the way images looked. Which was out of this world, really. Brightness, contrast and colors looked great. Clarity was also top notch. Some scenes appeared somewhat blurry, but this effect disappeared after a couple of minutes.

The WD-82740 does not ship with 3D glasses. So just buy one made by Mitsubishi and you’re good to go. Performance for movies in 3D was, of course, superb.

This set doesn’t sport the most elementary app ever: Netflix. Which is a con not only for sure, but for our readers too, I’m sure. It’s an application that the majority of TVs made today or a year ago have. But well, you can always use a Blu-ray player if you are desperate.

Sound quality was another pro of this TV. The speakers that is built-in is capable of delivering the kind of sound needed when the viewer watched movie in both 2D and 3D. There are 8 speakers that do that. We didn’t even need to turn the volume to its max. Or to use home theater speakers as an alternative.

Review conclusion

The Mitsubishi WD-82740 is yet another example of how many more people should be made aware of the fact that this company makes awesome TV sets. And not only cars. This device merits every single praise it gets on various important Internet sites. Don’t mind the negative reviews about this product that you are going to see, trust us.


Samsung UN60ES7500


We’ve had our share of Samsung TVs to rate. But it doesn’t hurt to review one more. Today we are ticking the company’s UN60ES7500 off our list. It was a great pleasure testing it, that much is true. And you’ll find out why next.

As expected from a TV made by Samsung, the UN60ES7500 features plenty of great specs. Which are as follows: a 60″ screen, 1920 x 1080 pixels, 240 Hz for its refresh rate, a 25000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and the list goes on. In terms of features, this device has 4 pairs of 3D glasses, Smart TV, Active 3D, a Game mode, 2D to 3D conversion, the LED Backlight technology and many more. This is one of those TVs that deliver plenty of ports for every need: there’s 1 x Ethernet, 2 x Audio input, 3 x USB 2.0 and 1 x Component video input just to name a few. There is wireless LAN, too.

Very slim design

We expected nothing more than a very lovely piece to look at. And the UN60ES7500 is, indeed, very good-looking. The bezel is one of the slimmest we have ever laid our eyes on.

Apart from that, the display on this TV delivered great-looking content in our benchmarking, thanks to its micro dimming technology. Images did not feature that horrid halo effect we’ve seen on other TV screens.Samsung-UN60ES7500

There are a lot of apps you can use with this product. And if you need others, you can look for them in YouTube, Facebook and so on. Moreover, the user will be able to watch a movie and look for stuff on the Internet at the same time. And vice versa.

Integrated camera

The cam that is integrated in this beauty makes for a great companion if the user wishes to communicate with loved ones.

In order to deliver one of the best sound ever, the UN60ES7500 sports many helpful technologies. Such as DNSe. This option is responsible for improving sound quality in ways that make it better than on any other TV sets.

Other features boasted by this device are Kids Story, Fitness, Gesture Control and Family Story. The former is a tool that tells the user which variety children programming is the best. In other words, it provides kids with a learning tool that’s completely free. Fitness is a feature that offers a video-on-demand service. Its aim is to help the viewer stay healthy by keeping up to date with a workout history. Gesture Control has never been featured on a Samsung TV before. It was a means of reacting to movements that our hands made when we wanted to navigate the menu, change a channel and so on. The Family Story feature is an effective way of telling friends about important events in your family, uploading photos and other fun things. Finally, Voice Navigation is an option whose role is to give a reply when the device hears the sound of the user’s voice. Which is another way to say that this TV can be played with without pressing a key.

Review conclusion

The Samsung UN60ES7500 is, naturally, a TV that will stand the test of time. And rise up to expectations from the very first use. Its secret is in the specs, features and design. These three elements are the most important one to define what the company’s TVs are all about. And the model we analyzed for today’s review has all three of them in equal measure.


Garmin eTrex 20


And we’re back once more with a GPS unit. Made by Garmin, of course. The eTrex 20 has many attributes that concur to make it one of the best devices in its area. The battery, for instance, is one of its greatest pros. And the price is affordable. We reviewed it and remarked the following.

First and foremost, the design was the one to draw us in and want to learn more about this eTrex 20 GPS unit. And we saw that it was perfect for handling, as it had a light body and comfortable quality. In fact, Garmin made this tool the lightest and smallest in its series. You can take it anywhere with you, even to the mountainside.

Slow interface

The menu of this device is accessible in a very easy way. We only had to press a button and that was that. The system’s main menu can be navigated with the product’s toggle. We couldn’t employ our own fingers. Which might annoy some users. The device sports 6 keys. On the whole, we saw that we didn’t need half an hour to work our way around this eTrex 20 for our review. To see how much was left of the battery, we pressed the key for Power. The interface is one of the biggest cons. It does not deliver fast speeds at all. The accuracy that we got was less than ideal. The resolution is 176 x 220 pixels.Garmin-eTrex-20

The eTrex can be customized by using its six profiles. And it helps with whatever you may want to use it for. However, the display will not be loved by consumers: it’s much too small. But the battery was just…wow. It provided us with 25 hours of activity.

The poor accuracy is influenced by the size of the model’s body. Which is, as we already wrote, on the rather small size. Another element that has poor performance is the reception. But the smallness of the screen also makes text a bit difficult to read. Data fields need a lot more space to look good while they are in the map view. There is a microSD data card.

Glonass technology

Memory is 1.7GB. The eTrex 20 offers compatibility with the topo maps that the manufacturer is also providing. The best view and scale at which to look at them was, during our tests, BirdsEye satellite imagery and 1:24,000. Also, we could know how much was left till we reached our destination. The addition of a feature called GLONASS was also more than welcome. With it turned on, the eTrex 20 could easily deliver us satellite reception that is a whole lot more accurate than models without it included. So far, Garmin did not include this possibility on its earliest models. So maybe this will be the first out of many others in the future.

This GPS unit can easily accept a carabiner clip. This is made possible via a rail mount made of plastic. This is good news, since not many such devices offer this option. And it definitely made the experience more enjoyable on the whole wherever we were.

Review conclusion

The eTrex 20 created by one of the best GPS manufacturers, Garmin, is a device that should really feature on your shopping list if you want a great entry level GPS system. The tests we did showed good performance and many useful features than enhanced the overall experience.


Lenovo ThinkPad 1838-25U


Many people are thinking of getting a digital sketchbook. But since there is no such dedicated gadget, they turn to the next best thing to replace it: a tablet. The $429.18 Lenovo ThinkPad 1838-25U makes for a nice digital sketchbook overall. It’s not the world’s greatest device, but it’s not the worst we’ve ever come across. And you’ll see that if you read our review.

In terms of specs, the ThinkPad 1838-25U created by Lenovo boasts 1GB of RAM, 32GBs of internal storage, a 10.1″ touchscreen, an Android 3.1 operating system and a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor. 12.5″ x 9.6″ x 4.5″ and 1.6 pounds are this tablet’s dimensions and total weight. The latter is no problem if you want to carry this gadget with you everywhere.

Responsive touchscreen

We would have preferred to see no unnecessary additions on this model. Alas, we did. Some examples: a network printing applications and handwritten notes. The onscreen keyboard is a far better option, even one-handed. And we couldn’t get them out of the system. Which is a downright con. But you’ll have to live with them, eventually. Like we did.

The touchscreen is great. First of all, it’s got that large size that is excellent for painting, sketching and so on. It is really responsive and it also offers a pen that is sensitive to pressure. This pen has a very important pro for us: it can go from being multitouch to having a pen interface.Lenovo-ThinkPad-1838-25U

Battery life is very good in the benchmarks performed with the tablet. Besides the fact that it will take a while to recharge the battery, the latter offers over 8 hours of activity. Which is the most important thing.

We had to deal with many crashes while testing the ThinkPad 1838-25U. But this did not last more than a couple of minutes. A couple of apps suffered from forced closes and we couldn’t do anything about that.

Extra storage via SC card

Thanks to the included thumb drive option, we were able to make storage expand. Also, the full size SD card was a great possibility of adding extra storage. The tablet’s full-size USB jack does not provide support for portable hard drives. It support the following, though: keyboards, mice and thumb drives.

Consider grabbing a pair of headphones or ear buds from your local store, because this tablet’s speaker doesn’t deliver. Sound quality is obnoxiously of low quality.

After looking at the Lenovo ThinkPad 1838-25U attentively in our tests, we noticed that it had some cons which were rather disconcerting. We spotted the fact that pressing the wrong button thinking you got the right one happened quite a lot of times to become annoying and tiresome. Specifically when you are in a hurry and need to look for something on the Internet while instead opening a Word document. Another reason to become discontent was about the tablet’s system stability when we reviewed it. Jabbing at the Power key doesn’t open the device that quickly. We had to wait to get anywhere. Moreover, the hardware keys were another issue on our plate of frustrations. Then we stumbled upon the keys belonging to the onscreen keyboard itself. The majority of them were really hard to get to work. We found ourselves having to exercise pressure and press them along the edge that was the nearest to the display.

Review conclusion

The Lenovo ThinkPad 1838-25U is not necessarily a bad tablet. But the cons that it delivers while used will become hard to stomach at some point. So consider another tablet.


Dell Inspiron 17R (17RN-3530DBK)


The $879.99 Dell Inspiron 17R (17RN-3530DBK) is not a laptop that will make it big from now on. But the job it does is still a good one nonetheless. And our review will show you that.

Right, then let’s see what specs the Dell Inspiron has. There’s a 17.3″ screen, 6GB of RAM, an SATA Hard Drive with a 5,400rpm speed and 500GB, 1600 x 900 pixels, an Nvidia GeForce GT 525M GPU, 1GB of video memory, a BD-R DL/DVDRW DL optical drive, Windows 7 Home Premium (the 64-bit version) as an OS and a 2.3GHz Intel Core i5-2410M processor. Ports and other connectivity options are represented by the following: 4 USB, one HDMI, one USB 3.0, one Ethernet, one VGA, one mic jack, one headphone jack, USB/eSATA and one 8-1 card reader. As for weight and dimensions, here they are: 7.2 pounds and 16.5″ x 11.3″ x 1.2-1.3″. Internet connectivity options are WiDi 2.0, Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11n Wi-Fi and a 4G WiMAX broadband.

Resolution limited to 720p

Nothing’s changed much on the front of looks. This laptop is also prone to getting dirty with fingerprints. Minus this con, we appreciated its elegant design. And the same also happened with this laptop’s keyboard when we used it to write stuff. Its buttons, though, are well-spaced and reply fast. The touchpad is of the same quality.Dell-Inspiron-17R

The Inspiron 17R has a processor that is powerful enough to make navigation and everything else in between happen fast. Performance was not plagued by lags or other annoying faults.

The screen of the Inspiron 17R comes with a webcam of 1MP. Image quality was pretty good when we talked to some friends. And the SRS speakers inside the display did not have such a great bass quality. However, on the whole sound quality was not a con.

The dimension and amount of pixels in the screen are not capable of showing movies using the high definition option. That was the reason why we could only watch content in 720p. But that content had good brightness levels, decent viewing angles and also god colors.

Good benchmarking results

Even on this model you won’t be able to escape from the addition of bloatware. But then you have that hard drive which is a good option for adding various data storage on it and access it whenever you feel like.

We compared the on-board battery with others. And we saw that it wasn’t as superb as others. The 4 hours and a half are not enough for more challenging tasks.

Dell’s latest 17RN-3530DBK laptop should have packed a better graphics unit. Because this one is not Intel’s best to date. That showed in our tests, when we did tasks that required intensive power from the GPU. And also when we played demanding games. But when we kept it simple, we got the best out of this graphics processor. Using a low resolution plan did not make things better. Instead, the laptop succeeded to produce a low fps in certain games. If you are desperate for a good gaming laptop, this model will only disappoint you.

An area where the 17RN-3530DBK produced a lot of pros was multimedia performance. All the activities we made it do scored very good figures. The Handbrake review, for example, was done in 1 minute and 35 seconds. Then we performed a Photoshop CS5 test. This one required only 3 minutes and 30 seconds to be done. These values are better than what the competition is able to offer.

Review conclusion

The Dell 17RN-3530DBK may not be the best laptop in its category. However, it does provide many nice surprises.


Sharp LC80LE844U


We felt like we hadn’t reviewed a TV for a long time. So we set our eyes on Sharp’s LC80LE844U. That resulted in us wanting to see how it would fare in a couple of tests. What follows below is what happened during them.

The Sharp LC80LE844U comes in an all-black color. The size of the display is 80″. This is a 16:9 panel with a 4ms response time. Weight is 134 pounds. There is also a 240Hz AutoMotion. The depth of the panel is 2.5″. Features are plenty: full array local dimming, a remote control, active shutter 3D active technology, Ultra Brilliant LED backlighting and many more. You get no 3D glasses with this version. Once accessing 3D there is an option to give the TV a 3D Brightness boost should you want that option. If you get yourself a pair of 3D glasses separately, then the images you will see with them might not be to your heart’s content. They weren’t to ours, due to the judder, darkness and other unfortunate cons we spotted. Crosstalk, fortunately, was never a problem.

Limited settings

The keys on the TV’s remote were all much too tiny for us to like them. Mainly because during our testing we had to deal with a slow navigation.Sharp-LC80LE844U

Some of the modes that the LC80LE844U sports are quite good. The one called User is employed so as to make sure that the temperature of colors was the best one. And it was, because it offered both depth and light to what we watched on the screen. The de-judder mode worked better when we turned it off while watching movies that included a lot of fast-paced scenes. However, if you turn this mode on, sports will be delivered in a very smooth manner. The Standard mode should also be turned off during films. If it is on, then you will notice some not so great colors. For us they looked too over saturated. Not to mention that this mode only works well with the Advanced Film Mode on. The Auto mode equals the conversion of content into an advanced Film Mode. This option does not feature the possibility to have settings adjusted to your watching habits. This mode also does not work with the likes of Active Contrast and Contrast. Not even with Black Level does it function as it should. This is why it is better not to use the Auto mode that much.

Unnatural colors provided

Finally, a mode called Movie is ideal for when the user feels like calibrating the Sharp LC80LE844U. The Movie option is made to deliver a 10 point white balance adjustment. Compared to this, the User Picture Mode comes with just a 2 point WB adjustment possibility.

Viewing angles on this TV set were generally alright. We didn’t run into major issues with them.

The con that struck as the most was how this device could not show a better rendition when it came to colors. A calibration will result in greenish images. And every color is going to have an unnatural way of looking.

But wow, we were downright annoyed with the amount of ads we saw when we were playing around with this TV. There were so many of them that it wasn’t even funny anymore.

Review conclusion

Still, the Sharp LC80LE844U will function like a good thin monitor that it is. None of the cons we saw was enough to make us think badly about it.


Garmin Zumo 660


There can never be too many navigational systems for our cars, bicycles and so on. After reviewing another model from Garmin, we found ourselves looking at another one from the same manufacturer. Because they are that good. At least the version we tested, the Zumo 660, is much better than the previous Zūmo 550.

A new easy to use GPS

The size of the new Zumo 660 is 136 mm x 83.4 mm x 24 mm. This makes the unit bigger in dimension compared to other models. A 4.3″ touchscreen is here, too, and it includes 480 x 272 pixels, the weight is 270g, 4GB of internal memory and a removable lithium-ion battery with 3.5V, 1880mAh and 6.7Wh.

Just like the previous 550 model, this one does not feature new stuff. Which is fine, because it makes everything easier to perform. The features of this unit are the following: lane assist, Where Am I?, 3-D building view, vocalization of street names, photo navigation, preloaded street maps for North America, Bluetooth wireless and optional FM traffic alerts. This GPS unit will continue to function even it it’s used while outside it’s raining.

Power input means a motorcycle mount with integrated DC harness, an automotive power cable and cradle, compatible USB 2 ports and an optional USB charger.garmin-zumo-660

But newer is not always totally better and depending on what the individual consumer or user is looking for, the 660 will be just about perfect, or seen to be lacking certain necessities. We tried hard to get a secure connection with several gadgets, but we couldn’t.

IPx7 certification standard

This Zumo 660 has a body that is slim, but the weight makes it a bit tiresome to hold with one hand. But that doesn’t take away its excellent speed when using it. There is even a 3D mode available. We especially enjoyed using the touchscreen. The colors it delivered, the easy legibility and the way it looked were all very nice. Likewise, navigation was very smooth and easy to perform in tests.

If you want to clear user data at some point, the Zūmo 660 has something called Clearing User Data reset. To access it, you only have to press your finger to the lower-right corner of the device’s display and the open the GPS unit. You will see a query message. If you are sure you want to delete data, click the Yes option.

The sound offered by the unit’s stereo speakers is not great. But we could easily stream through Bluetooth all sorts of tunes. Use a pair of headphones or something alike.

This product comes with IPx7 certification standards. This assures the consumer that the device is not dangerous to him or her.

Garmin made a navigational system that is not quite as good as what they used to manufacture. There are some cons to it, mostly represented by things that are missing. But on the whole, we did not have many reasons to complain about it. What bugged us the most, though, was how out of the blue the Bluetooth would shut down. And it wasn’t our fault it did that when we reviewed it. Garmin should look into the matter and find a solution for future models. Because as much as we tried, we didn’t manage to make the feature work again, not unless we reverted to that Clearing User Data. But that implied us losing precious data.


The Garmin Zumo 660 is not the company’s best effort to date. And yet, we wouldn’t like to use any other GPS system than this one. Or other models if we want more.


Archos 101 XS


The $400 Archos 101 XS is part of the company’s GN XS series. This model could have been a great tablet. But as the company is not as skilled in this field as its main rivals, the model we tested and are about to review today didn’t steal our hearts.

A thin 10.1 inch Android tablet

The Archos 101 XS is 1.4 pounds heavy and 0.31″ thin. The screen is a 10.1″ affair and it has a resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels. Android’s 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is its operating system. The CPU has a clock speed of 1.5GHz. RAM is 1GB and flash memory is 16GB.

Features and other niceties are made of a gyroscope, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi support, an accelerometer, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and a digital compass.

The slate that this gadget delivers should sit on a surface that offers stability. Otherwise you risk destroying it. There is also a coverboard included. This addition does not have enough space to make it easy to use. And you get no touchpad, if you can imagine that. It was a con for us. But both the slate and the coverboard turn into a nice combination. This makes the 101 XS portable. Compared to what other tablets bring along with their coverboard, the one on this model delivers just one microUSB connection.Archos-101-XS

Limited sensitivity

If there is no touchpad, then there is a cam on the device’s front side. But it’s as if it wasn’t there. Because the quality of the photos we took with this camera was not something to boast about.

We kind of had no expectations from this gadget in terms of its display. And sure enough, we were proven right: it featured no way to protect itself from fingerprints. Also, the sensitivity it offers is not the best one. We touched our fingers to its surface and the screen did not give a fast feedback. Then we wrote this review on the tablet’s coverboard. It wasn’t an altogether unpleasant experience. But since there is no palm rest, we quickly became rather frustrated with it. Also, the buttons needed more than one touch to spring to life and produce an effect. On top of that, you aren’t given that much space to use.

In the battery department, test results did not show a splendid battery life. This gadget did not last more than 3 hours.

Very good experience in games

Playing games is a nice experience. But before choosing a title, make sure to set the pixels of that game as high up as they can. Otherwise, you will be offered a forgettable session. Other, more expensive, tablets should deliver the same quality. Once you are set, the device is going to offer plenty of smoothness whatever game you choose to play alone or with friends. And there is a Video application to take advantage of. If there was plenty of light to go around, then image quality looked pretty bad. If the light conditions are poorer, image quality is better when you watch something from an off angle. So it’s a hit or miss sometimes.

Compared to past experiences, working with this OS is not as slow. Well, at least not when doing other activities than playing a game. The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system used on this model is going to be replaced by the 5th version in the near future.


The Archos 101 XS had almost every potential to turn into a good tablet. But its many cons cannot make you concentrate on its few pros.


Cyborg M.M.O. 7 mouse


To change things a bit, we chose another product altogether to test and afterwards review. And by “another product” we mean a mouse, the $130 Cyborg M.M.O. 7 mouse to be exact. And we chose it because we know there are many gamers among our readers. So let’s see together what (hopefully) pleasant surprises this model offers. Or not.

A special gadget for gamers

The Cyborg M.M.O. 7 is a gaming mouse that breaks conventions. The number of keys it features is more generous. We counted 1 mode shift button and sideways wheel, 5 thumb keys and a four-way POV switch on the thumb rest. The ones for the pinky sport 1 key. Then there is the main mouse boasting other 2 mode keys besides its usual number of buttons and 1 sensitivity key. The design of this product translates into a weight cartridge which includes 3 palm rests that can be interchanged, five 6-gram weights and 3 pinky rests that can also easily be interchanged for a more comfortable use.

If you want comfort when using a gaming mouse, then the M.M.O. 7 is the right model for your everyday gaming needs. However, at first we were a bit taken aback with the design, but we got accustomed after a not too long period of time. But remember: to have the most enjoyable experience, first program this mouse’s keys to act accordingly. Either way, the thumb keys that have a different position on the mouse were very handy in tests while gaming.Cyborg-M.M.O.-7

ActionLock technology

As on any other gaming mouse, the M.M.O. 7 has a couple of both mode and non-mode keys. The former gave us access to ActionLock. This is a feature that switches the clicking option to the holding one. The non-mode keys has 3 modes. They react according to the type of game you are playing by mapping various modes. This option makes the M.M.O. 7 all the more appealing. But apart from having many pros, it also comes with cons, naturally. When you are playing a game and you have to stop yourself to change something, it’s not nice. Well, the problem is that the user can quickly press the ActionLock by sheer without wanting to. That results into a simultaneous pressing of the mouse key and the ActionLock one.

The official Internet page of Mad Catz lists a rather large number of game profiles of different genres. According to the explanation we found, the aforementioned game profiles help the user of this mouse choose the best commands for a game or several. Personal configuration is the key element here. For our tests we chose 3 profile titles. One of them was Star Wars: The Old Republic one. The time it took to load them all was no more than several minutes. We wanted to see the same fast times when it was time to change the profile we were using to a different one. To do that, we had to access the mouse’s software. And that took quite some time. After that we cleared the profile we were using and that was that. It should have happened way faster, but we weren’t that greatly bothered by it.

Review conclusion

Today’s mouse, the Cyborg M.M.O. 7, is a tool that will befit many people who are into gaming. This mouse does not require a generous amount of money, is swift and delivers an enjoyable performance. Minus that sometimes annoying ActionLock option.