Asus Zenbook UX21E-DH52


A ultraportable new laptop

Mention the word “ultraportable” to any of your friends who are fans of gadgets and they’ll refer you to an ultrabook. In the past few years, these devices have become sought after. But not only by people who know a lot about technology. Students themselves, and business employees, have given ultrabooks more attention than usual. With so many advantages, it was only normal to do so. Then hybrids started to appear. Such as the $999 Asus Zenbook UX21E-DH52. But we’ll stop here before we give all info away.

Aluminum unibody

It was a given that the Asus Zenbook UX21E-DH52 couldn’t escape being compared to others of its kind. But this device and the MacBook Air Thunderbolt not only share the same processor and price, they also have the display size, pixels and aluminum unibody construction in common. That can be awkward, but blame the manufacturer. The MacBook Air is the better of the two, obviously. The Zenbook UX21E-DH52, though, is the winner when storage space and memory have to be considered.Asus-Zenbook-UX21E-DH52

Asus’ UX31 line had a lot of beauty to its name. The latest model we’re reviewing here takes a leaf out of that and inserts it into its body. Compared to that series, the device we tested was considerably smaller. A piece of aluminum was considered enough to grace this product. The effect it has on the eye is very powerful. You won’t forget the looks of this UX21E-DH52 even if you try. The stickers with Windows and Intel glued under the keyboard lend an air of modernity; other than that, they remember one of MacBook Air’s slickness.

Solid design

To have some way of protecting your ultrabook is essential. Asus offers a sort of nylon sleeve that is perfect for that. We carried the device in it with pride.

To see how much resistance the display put for this review, we took it by its corners. No flexing happened. It’s obvious that Asus made the unit as solid as would befit its reputation. That modern air we noticed a bit earlier continues with the AC adapter. It very much helps that it’s not huge, that would have been a nuisance.

We generally liked the feel of the keyboard. However we disliked the stiffness we got from its buttons. A couple of times we got distracted by the noise the keys made. The touchpad got a more favorable performance. At least it made absolutely no noise and registered our touch faster.UX21E-DH52

Impressive sound quality

You will have some problems if you want to read text or see what icon does what. Their sizes are small, but, if your eyesight is good, then fine. The screen has a healthy dose of sharpness. We didn’t escape the woes of reflection and we thought the brightness was too strong. To avoid mad power consumption, try and turn the value of that brightness down. As for colors, only the blacks are on the poor side.

We could breath freely once we spotted no bloatware. That’s a major nerve-wrecking situation, even more so if you can’t remove it. So thank you Asus for not adding junk to your UX21E-DH52. The fan is noiseless and the speakers produce superb sound.

The processor refused to give a speedy performance when we did some image editing in Photoshop. Everything else had good speeds. The battery test surprised us: its almost 5 hours of life were more than the 4 hours of MacBook Air.

Review conclusion

The Asus Zenbook UX21E-DH52 has some learning to do from its older siblings. It’s still a very useful ultrabook that will get you far.

  1. marcus at 12:53 pm

    Hello, I am missing information why exactly the Air is “the better of the two, obviously”. Thanks for adding this information, if possible!

    • Catalin Nichita at 1:33 pm

      The answer is that the Air is faster in almost all the tests performed.