Asus Zenbook UX21


A new 11.6 inch ultrabook

Asus is throwing itself head first into the universe of ultrabooks for the very first time. The gadget with which they do this is Zenbook UX21. All eyes are still on this device, waiting to see if it will hit impressive popularity or not. Asus doesn’t usually miss, but it doesn’t hit that every single time, either. This recent effort of theirs is a gutty laptop made of the best material. The market of ultra light laptops is still dominated by Apple. So Asus wants to compete with them until they lose. This product costs £849 and has the makings of becoming very well-known.

Aluminum chassis

The Asus Zenbook UX21 has been available since last year in October. Consumers placed their orders for one of the models and seemed to be satisfied with this ultrabook.

From personal experience and Internet browsing, we know that this type of laptop has a light, thin and slim – as slim as the MacBook Air – frame. Performance isn’t kept in the shade, so these devices pack some really good specs in this area.Asus-Zenbook-UX21

The chassis is small. That’s because it has to make room for a 11.6″ display. If your bag is really small, don’t fret: the Zenbook UX21 will easily fit in it. The single piece of aluminum that covers the body makes sure the laptop doesn’t flex. That’s another way of saying that tests showed how well built the UX21 was. Especially after handling it in a rough manner for our review. The con of such a material is that the weight is substantial. So, if you don’t prefer a solid machine over a very light one, don’t buy this product. Looking at it from all kinds of angles, we reached the conclusion that it’s a very good-looking device.

Not impressive keyboard

The display, a 11.6″ one, is featuring a lot of pros in terms of quality. The 1,366 x 768 pixels are able to deliver such levels of brightness and sharpness that you won’t want a new laptop after playing with this one. Colors were also very beautiful. But beware: black levels aren’t very deep. That’s why you’ll find yourself hooking the product up to your big TV. If you want to really enjoy watching a movie.

The buttons on the keyboard are isolated and square. They’re made of plastic. Because they’re close to each other, it won’t be clear whether or not you actually pressed one of them. We had to be careful, during tests, not to type our review too quickly. But that’s an unnecessary stress, so skip this ultrabook if you feel you can’t take this constant need to pay attention to buttons. The keyboard isn’t even backlit. The trackpad is very generously build.

Up to Intel i7 processor

The Intel Core i5 CPU and 4GB RAM are a duo of important specs. Performance was really good and was a definite pro. Browsing the net, streaming online videos and such worked fast. There were no freezes. Another model of the UX21 has a processor of 1.8 GHz that’s i7. That one was really impressive. The Intel HD graphics played games and videos in a fairly decent manner. There was a lot of slowness and judder. So don’t use intense games on this laptop.

Using the UX21 intensively will cause the battery to last 2 hours and 30 minutes. A cautious use makes it achieve 4 hours and 30 minutes pf battery life.

Review conclusion

Asus’ Zenbook UX21 is a more than competent addition to your home. Its looks are exemplary, performance is good and the price is an attractive item.