Asus VH198T


A cheap LED monitor from Asus

Asus is known to produce pretty good laptops. But when it comes to monitors, have you ever tried an Asus monitor? If yes, how was it? Average, isn’t it? Well, today we’ll test and review one of their latest monitors, Asus VH198T, monitor that is claimed to be one of the best of its kind.

Clear HD image

Asus-VH198THowever, after looking a bit at VH198T, I am not so sure it can actually be called “the best”. However, if it is worthy or not, we’ll find out in a matter of minutes.

First of all, this monitor is a 19 inch screen that runs an average resolution of 1440×900, which look fine in our test. As well, it comes with at a price that ranges between $112-119, fact that automatically tells everything about it: even though it is shiny and good looking, Asus VH198T wasn’t meant to be able to offer extremely high performances. It was made to be able to sustain a clear HD image, without asking too much money from the customers.

A heavy weight monitor

Secondly, I must say that for a flat screen, it is quite heavy: 12 pounds. Considering that most of the screens weigh under 9-10 pounds, I’d say that’s quite a “con” for them, not major, but still a con.

This doesn’t mean that Asus VH198T is a bad monitor. In fact, for its price, it’s quite great: it is LED based, therefore automatically it is a power saver too. For instance, in normal mode, it takes only 20w per hour, just as much as a Samsung LCD. As concerning the quality of the image, VH198T offers an image of a good quality, with no ghost image appearances, and neither unclear shades. The contrast ratio provided in the time of the tests performed for this review doesn’t bring anything impressive, but it still is of a respectable ratio of 10000000:1 contrast.

Full compatible with Windows 7

If I remember well, some time ago, lots of people were complaining about compatibility issues between older monitors and Windows 7, the MS OS that appeared in 2009. Asus VH198T monitor doesn’t have any problems, fact that is confirmed by the clients who stated that it was enough to plug in the monitor, and it was ready to go.

Medium response time of the panel

Now, if it comes to the response time, it is of only 5ms. To be honest with you, I expected this response time, considering that it is a low priced monitor. Even if most of the modern screens have a reply time of 1 ms, we must keep in mind that this one barely crosses over $110.

The main con that I can find at this monitor is the fact that you can’t change the resolution of the screen without obtaining blurry images. Even though some people might not like the 1440×900 resolution, in this case, there is nothing you can do.

Review conclusions

After the test performed for this review, I really think that Asus VH198T is a decent monitor, perfect for those that want a modern screen without having to pay more than $100 for it.

Technical specifications

Screen Format4:10 p.m.
Display Size19 inches
Pitch in mm0.248
Vertical Resolution0:00
Horizontal resolution1440
Integrated webcamNo
Integrated MicroNo
Screen TypeLCD
Height in cm0
Width in cm44.5
Depth in cm0
Weight in kg0
Scanning Frequency Vertical Hz75
Horizontal Scanning Frequency in KHz80
Brightness250 cd / m2
Brightness in Candela170
Contrast Ratio (X: 1)10000000
Normal consumption in Watts25
Response Time in ms5
Adjustable BracketYes
Power Consumption Standby in Watts0.5
LED technologyEdge LED

  1. john fralin at 10:32 pm

    I used this monitor with my laptop for a day. When I reconnected it to my mac tower (OS X 10.4.11) it no longer works. I only get a box saying ‘Out of Range’. I have tried resetting the res from the laptop then reconnceting to the tower to no avail… ?? How do I change the res on this monitor so I can use it again with my tower?