Asus VG278H


A new 3D luxury monitor

Asus and the monitors they’ve released along the years made many consumers happy thanks to a combination of stellar performance, features and good price. As we entered a new year, the company thought it was the right time to launch yet another monitor, only that this one packs something the others didn’t: the innovative 3D Vision 2 technology. The Asus VG278H costs $699, so it places itself in the luxury products category, but even so the user will get very good value for it. And we mean what we say. Find out why below.

Changed design

A much needed change in design was long overdue for Asus monitors and the VG278H model is the first to introduce that. The black of the cabinet and the bezels are very efficient at underlining the elegance of this monitor. The body is not thick or heavy at all and the top bezel features a 3D emitter adjustable by angle with the help of which the user can get a 3D reception that’s the best one and she or he doesn’t have to move the display to achieve that. Some of the keys located under one of the bezels are generally used for the purpose of navigation, but they can also function as means of modifying the volume, toggling through various modes and such. The base that supports the weight of the Asus VG278H is round and its arm assembly is the main tool to facilitate actions like swiveling, tilting and others that have to do with monitor adjustments. The speakers sit on the back, so the sound will naturally be louder than if they sat on the front. Apart from speakers, the rear has a VGA video input, HDMI 1.4, 2 audio jacks and one dual-link DVI.Asus-VG278H

Nvidia LightBoost technology

The onscreen display of the VG278H is very generous with settings and presets for pictures. We’ll mention the ones we found most interesting when reviewing this monitor: SmartView, NightView, Scenery and Skin Tone. Viewing angles are not a forte of the recent Asus monitor, as degradation of images will become unnerving. But all that pales when a setting known as Nvidia LightBoost kicks in and enables the consumer to make an adjustment of the level of luminance even when 3D glasses are being used.

Any other monitor should pale when the VG278H is turned on, because the way colors, text reproduction, high definition, brightness, grayscale and everything in between look is as close to flawlessness as possible.

120 Hz panel frequency

The DisplayMate Color Scales test we used on the product revealed both intense and saturation in images, with levels of dark black as good as they could be. In the test for Grayscale, the VG278H delivered the best darkest shades of gray and that resulted in plenty of shadow detail to go round.

Fast and smearing-less gaming, smoothness, sharpness and lack of noise in 2D video watching were both enabled by a 2ms pixel response and a 120 Hz technology. They were some of the things we very much liked in connection to the latest Asus monitor. 3D worked fabulously and by cause of that we saw clarity, powerful colors, crispness and no artifacts. The LightBoost technology paired with the product’s pair of 3D glasses turned the backlight, shadows, brightness and colors at a level which was twice as powerful as on normal monitors.

Review conclusion

The new Asus VG278H 3D monitor, take it from us in the end of this review, deserves every money that goes into its purchase.

Technical specifications

* Panel Resolution1920×1080 pixel
* Display size27 inch Full HD LED-backlit, 120Hz frequency
* ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio
* Contrast Ratio50,000,000:1
* Response time2ms Trace Free II Technology
* Built-in adjustable IR emitter
* NVIDIA® 3D Vision 2 Technology + NVIDIA LightBoost Technology
* Glassesredesigned NVIDIA wireless 3D glasses
* Full height, tilt, and swivel adjustments