Asus VE278Q


A successful 27-inch LED monitor from Asus

At first look, the VE278Q produced by Asus is a big success in terms of image quality. At the same time, this 27-inch monitor offers a lot of features, good menu and good connectivity. Is it worthy enough ?


The new technology with LED backlight seems to be more present in monitors and televisions. It is capable of offering some good advantages. At first look, this LED technology offers light panels, low energy consumption, enhanced contrast and good image homogeneity. However, an interesting thing is that the LED technology seems not to improve the quality of the image that much. In fact, image quality depends a lot on the quality of the integration in the whole package. We’ve tested a lot of models with 22 and 24 inches, but now it’s finally time to test a 27-inch monitor with LED backlighting, the VE278Q. We must answer a delicate question: has Asus successfully switch from neon to LED technology ?


asus-ve278qThe VE278Q monitor has a a classic design without any special effect, which is different from what the competition manufactures. However, you can easily see that the materials used for this monitor are not the central successful point of Asus. Apparently, the black shiny plastic is almost low-end and the finish of the monitor is basic. So it’s not as good as when you compare them to other devices, but the manufacturing quality is acceptable and we cannot say bad things about that. The buttons for control are classic, there’s no touchscreen technology and they are placed on the frame of the display. This is not the best solution, but it works very well and the buttons are accessible.

Homogeneous and clear display

If you ignore the quality of the materials, you will see that Asus focused on the quality of its panel. For the display, the Taiwanese company chose a matte display called TN (Twisted Nematic). This special material has the advantage of not causing glare in bright lights. However, a weak point of this material is that it delivers limited viewing angles (maximum 58 ° in both directions, according to our measurements, which is not very good value if you look at other monitors powered by LED).
But the monitor’s characteristics are good. For our tests we measured the brightness of the screen and the medium value was about 190 cd / m2 and above. At the same time, contrast ratio was excellent with a 1355:1 result (a medium value of nine points measurements). This monitor is able to offer deep blacks colors and good homogeneity for all the surface of the panel, which is not always the case with LED backlit displays. A good point, anyway.

Good response time for the screen

In our tests we measured a response time of 6 ms for a round trip from black to white for the Asus VE278Q. This is a very good value which will satisfy gamers, even when they deal with fast games. Anyway, you should know that the function called Trace Free Asus (able to accelerate the response time of the screen) must be configured, because its default settings (60/100) have to be reduced to about 40/100. This way you will be able to remove the effect of ghosting, which seems to appear when this technology isn’t used.

Integrated speakers and weak ergonomics

Because Asus wants to keep the price as low as possible, it cuts down some features. The first problem is the not very well-designed body. We were unable to change the default height of the display or to rotate from left to right too much. However, you shouldn’t expect a portrait mode, because the frame is able to rotate just by a few degrees.
A good idea from Asus was to integrate a pair of small speakers to this monitor. However, they just do their job without any high quality sound. If you are not pleased with the sound provided by the integrated speakers, you can connect an external audio source via the device’s HDMI port. So that you will be able to enjoy the full features of the VE278Q.

Review conclusion

After our tests we can say that the Asus VE278Q monitor is a very good choice. Its panel offers very good image and there are some great specifications compared to the best products on the market of LED displays. Another advantage is its LED backlight technology with its functions, including the Picture in Picture (PiP) technology. However, if you need a lot of settings for your monitor, this model doesn’t seem to offer what other producers offer and you must find a more expensive model manufactured by a different brand.

Technical specifications

Display Size27 inches
Vertical Resolution1080 pixels
Horizontal resolution1920 pixels
Screen Format16:09
Pitch in mm0.311
Integrated webcamNo
Screen TypeLCD
Integrated MicroNo
LED technologyEdge LED
Brightness300 cd / m2
Contrast Ratio (X: 1)10000000
Horizontal Scanning Frequency in KHz92
Brightness in Candels170
Scanning Frequency Vertical Hz85
Normal consumption in Watts44
Total weight6.5 kg

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