Asus RT-N66U Dark Knight Double 450Mbps N


A high speed router for home

Mention to us a gadget, any gadget, and we’ll tell you it is not perfect. And come on, perfection would be boring, right? Maybe. Because there are many consumers who would rather own the most flawless device than one with even a tiny con. And that does not happen only with gadgets. But we got carried away. The focus of this review is a new network gateway. Manufactured by Asus, the $179,99 RT-N66U Dark Knight Double 450Mbps N Router gives its rivals a run for their money. The company designed it as a companion for people working in an office or staying at home.

Best performance at 5GHz

The versions that circulated in stores before this new one made an appearance had bugs to take care of. The RT-N66U Dark Knight Double Router – phew, what a long name – is not bug-free; but the number of those pesky problems is now significantly reduced. And besides, they do not make the device an impossible one to work with.

What we are dealing with here is Asus’ first attempt at producing an N900 router. From our reviewing experience, this is an excellent first attempt. On a 5GHz band, the product is able to give its best performance. So remember that after you unpack this beauty. Wireless range is freakishly great. Tests told us that its stability was an invaluable pro point. Its USB ports, two of them, do a greater work than all the other routers with such connectivity options do.Asus-RT-N66U-Dark-Knight-Double

Combining the RT-N66U Dark Knight Double 450Mbps with a device with storage is the best thing you will ever do.

3 antennas

The RT-N56U that came before this model was even thought about looked good. Now its child is following in its design footsteps. But see, its looks will probably keep away people, making them think “this looks too much like a jewelry box”. But we personally liked its design. Made things all the more interesting. The resemblance to that certain box is given by the casing which is very stylish and sleek. There are 3 antennas that can be seen on the rear. They don’t look that ugly; and besides: the product needs them. The back is engulfed in all kinds of neat connectivity options.

To avoid getting turned upside down or falling on the floor, Asus attached a number of 4 feet. They are made of rubber.

Pre-N wireless standards compatible

To prepare the RT-N66U Dark Knight Double 450Mbps for its job did takes us a very short amount of time. Under 10 minutes. For features, we could go on for ever. There are many that offer great pros. As the name indicates, this device delivers the best speed of a Wireless-N standard: 450Mbps. But the Wi-Fi client you use must support 450Mbps standard. A huge pro is that the product is compatible even with Wi-Fi clients that were meant for devices with specs from the pre-N wireless standards. For the router to work at its fullest, we had to, during tests, modify settings to Auto; and then to change encryption methods to support TKIP and AES.

We had a lot of pleasant time spent with the product’s Web interface. Responses were very fast and using it was super easy. A con with the interface was the following: it would tell us about an update even if the device had just received an upgrade.

While there were no problems with the 6GHz band, the 2.4GHz one did not work as smoothly or as quickly. But the range was really long: up to 300 feet.

Our stress test of 2 days was passed with flying colors. We saw no disconnection during this trial.

Review conclusion

The Asus RT-N66U Dark Knight Double 450Mbps N Router has to be tried out by all of the consumers who want excellency in a router.