Asus G75VW-NS71


A laptop for gamers

Guess who’s back in business this time? None other than Asus. The company completed work on a device called G75VW-NS71. The company’s latest addition to their line of gadgets comes with an affordable price (under $1,500) and a performance that will make you buy the thing. But, like all products out there, this model is not without its cons. See what they are, as well as what its pros are, in this review.

High energy consumer

One thing that the G75VW-NS71 made by Asus does wrong is the fact that it’s as big as previous models, such as the G74. But this laptop is slimmer and also less heavy compared to that one. Other than this, the design remains attractive and you definitely won’t be ashamed to show this device to your friends.

The new Asus laptop comes with a battery that is really good. It is of the 74WHr variety. It can make the product go on for 3 hours. It is not an awful lot, but it is not bad either. However, while we didn’t think it sucked during our tests, it did consume a lot of power. While this is not a serious con, you wouldn’t want such a battery if you were a gamer.Asus-G75VW-NS71

Up to 1080p resolution

The G75VW-NS71 has a keyboard which looks good. It features backlight, which is always a good thing to have. The buttons have plenty of space between them. This means that they offer really good quality when you type. And there is also a trackpad. The latter is fine. However, we advise you to get yourself an external mouse if you want better quality.

The display on this new Asus laptop is a 17.3″ one. And it features matte finish, so no worries for seeing reflections or getting it dirty with fingerprints. We could watch content in really good quality, thanks to the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This kind of resolution means support for 1080p content.

The Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7-3610QM quad core CPU that gives power to the G75VW-NS71 delivers a good performance. And it is joined by a DDR3 memory of 12GB. You don’t need a superior processor to enjoy gaming, because this one will do. Oh, and there is a total of 4 memory slots.

Limited internal storage

This laptop reviewed here sports an Nvidia GeForce GTX 670M GPU. Apart from that, you’re in for a treat: there are 3GB of memory. Games which have just been launched on the market will be fully supported by this kind of graphics. And they will look great at a full display resolution.

If you are interested in playback, you get one dual layer DVD burner. This one also works for recording of DVDs and CDs.

We would have loved to see better storage options. This device has a disappointing hard drive of only 7200rpm 500GB. The latter will obviously not fare well with gaming. Even if the laptop comes with enough space to house a larger number of drives. But there is, thankfully, a way to mend this. The G75VW-NS71 boasts 4 USB 3.0 ports. A more generous number compared to other laptops in its league.

Review conclusion

The Asus G75VW-NS71 was thought as a means of offering gamers an outlet for their passion. This laptop does its job well and it does not have much to make it unlovable. It behaved well when we tested it, so we recommend it wholeheartedly.