Asus G75VW-AS71


A laptop for gamers

A hardcore gamer knows that, when it comes to excellent gaming laptops that will feed his/her appetite, there are tow manufacturers who stand out: Origin and Alienware. But in this review we will show you that there is another manufacturer who made a good gaming laptop. The name is Asus and their latest G75VW-AS71 is a product with good features and an even better price: $1,499. The device has really good specs and features. After testing it, here is what we have to say about it.

Large multi-touchpad

The specifications of the Asus G75VW-AS71 device are very much changed from what previous models boasted. But by and large, the looks of this laptop for gamers are the same as usual. Which means that you’ll look at a device painted black and weighing quite a lot. Carrying it around the house or at college is not an easy task. But, compared to the company’s G74SX-A2, the G75VW-AS71 has a thinner and lighter frame. However, we are not sure how many users will notice this and take it as a pro point. The finish is matte, so at least there won’t be any fingerprints marring the whole user experience. Its screen is 17.3″.

On the inside under the lid, the laptop has a keyboard, a touchpad, keys for Power and Quick launch and, finally, status indicator lights. The Quick launch button came in handy in tests: it reduced the noise of the fan. The keyboard tray has a more than generous space at its disposal. Key travel was very comfortable. Space to rest your palms is plenty. The matte finish is a very good option, because it equals really good grip and traction. And you won’t see fingerprints. The multi-touchpad is very large. But when we did 2-finger gestures, smoothness was not the touchpad’s middle name at all.Asus-G75VW-AS71

But here comes the most exciting spec: the display. The G75VW-AS71 sports an amazing screen. Which is a rarity with such a big laptop. The resolution of the display is 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. And not to forget: the display has a coating which is matte. Another pro in our books. Viewing angles and brightness were excellent in every sense of the word. Image sharpness when we played a game or watched a Blu-ray movie was beyond great.

Intel Core i7-3610M processor

Speakers are stereo and they sit above the laptop’s keyboard. The sound they deliver is generally big. We did not feel to need to crank it up. Which is always nice. But we did have some issues when trying to adjust the volume in a heartbeat. It took quite a bit to do that.

The processor of the new Asus gaming laptop is a quad-core Core i7-3610M. The graphics unit is Nvidia GeForce GTX 660M. The hard drive of choice is a a 750GB with 7,200rpm. Memory is 12GB of RAM. Since this is a gaming laptop, it is bound to sport a lot of computing power. So much, that it becomes overwhelming. But if you know how to use it, it will blow your mind. The GPU is also powerful. For instance, Street Fighter IV ran at 99fps.

The time it takes for the battery to die is 2 hours and 10 minutes. Warranty is 1 year.

Test conclusion

The Asus manufacturer created a gaming laptop that is very good. And it does not cost an arm and a leg. Specs and performance for this review are top notch.