Asus ET2701 INKI


A new all in one desktop solution

We kind of missed seeing and using an all-in-one desktop. So when we heard that Asus made another one, we immediately signed in to review it. This product, starting at $1299, is called ET2701 INKI and it is a perfect example of the company’s prowess when it comes to great performance for the price. After subjecting this device to our standard tests, we can say the following about it.

Strong built

The ET2701 INKI unveiled by Asus this year comes as a very pleasant surprise for the company’s faithful consumers. Its looks are, by far, its major point of interest. Followed by its performance.
But returning to the design, this all-in-one desktop is sure made to attract the attention of whoever is looking at it. Its two main colors are grey and black. The panel is reflective, so it will get covered in fingerprints if you do a lot of touching it. The stand it uses for support has a strong built. In our tests we did not see it wobble if we hit it. In the end, Asus did a might fine job when it decided on this device’s design.

Moving on from its looks, let’s see what the screen is like. Just like the exterior, the display looks good. But it is not a touch one. Meaning that you won’t have to spend minutes dusting it off. The resolution of 1920x 1080 pixels is accentuated by a screen that is larger than usual. If you plan on watching content with 1080p, the ET2701 INKI will play it accordingly. And the resolution will deliver great image quality punctuated by superb details, colors, brightness and crispness. Asus-ET2701-INKI

The menu of this desktop contains keys for selecting the modes that are featured. Everything works in a smooth fashion once you tap your finger slightly on them.

Two partitions hard drive

Connectivity options are rich on this model. You are offered alternatives such as 1 HDMI-in, 1 eSATA/USB 2.0, 1 VGA, 2 USB 3.0, 1 SD card reader, 2 USB 2.0 and one antenna. For Internet activity, you get the following: Bluetooth, 802.11n Wi-Fi and one Ethernet port. Also, there is a Blu-ray optical drive. However, there is no video output to play with. But you can’t have everything now, can you?

The hard drive is a 7200-rpm 2TB. Meaning that it is made of 2 partitions. This will be a problem with some of the consumers. But alas, that’s what Asus decided. Video memory is 2GB. The processor is a Core i7. Which, again, may very well annoy some of you. But it didn’t become a con in our analysis. We did see any slow pace going on. So that’s not a drama waiting to unfold.

The quality of this device’s sound was good overall. Because Asus featured its ET2701 INKI with a SonicMaster Subwoofer that comes with a port. But the latter has the great disadvantage of occupying a lot of space. Ah well, without it we wouldn’t have experienced great sound. We listened to some songs and the subwoofer delivered excellent quality.

Review conclusion

The Asus ET2701 INKI is an all-in-one desktop which has the great pro of costing less than its competition. And of offering the same great quality as those models which are expensive. Even without a more powerful resolution or processor. In the end, this device remains one which will more than likely find a home with consumers who are after a no-frills all-in-one desktop.