Asus ET2700INKS


An all in one desktop solution

A recently spotted gadget to make its own entrance in the world of gadgets is Asus’ $1,499 ET2700INKS. This year will, for sure, be exclusively bent on making huge all-in-one desktops highly popular. We predict there will be many such gadgets lining up stores’ shelves soon. CES 2012 was the one place where huge all-in-one desktops found a large audience of interested consumers. We don’t think it’s even possible to make something more interesting than this kind of product. But, since technology is an ever-evolving branch, perhaps the future will bring even more awesome all-in-ones. Till then, read this review below to see our impressions about this tested model.

1080p Full HD resolution

The Asus ET2700INKS is not the prettiest tool in the shed. Not when you have gadgets like the iMac from Apple and such. But this device is no ugly beast, either. The bezel of the display is thin and painted black. This is not as beautiful a product as the iMac, but it’s got the latter’s silver stand. You can do a lot of tilting and other adjustments with its help. And the durability of this stand is quite phenomenal. In the set of tests we did, it was a huge pro point with which we played a lot. In very short words: the design of the ET2700INKS remains one of the sleekest and simplest ones.Asus-ET2700INKS

The looks of the device only plays second fiddle to its display. Which is a splendor of 27 inches. The resolution it contains is as follows: 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. They’re not as many as you’d like; but here’s the surprise: the screen offers much needed space if you are someone who works in design. Pictures look just great. This type of resolution translates into bright 1080p in full high definition. The 1.3MP webcam does what it is supposed to without breaking a single sweat. It is just not as good for Skype activities.

External subwoofer

All-in-one desktop devices have a bad reputation: their sound quality is simply not very good. Because they have small speakers to work with. Asus’ ET2700INKS featured, to counteract that, an external subwoofer. Their tactic worked: Playing back favorite jams was a very pleasant experience indeed. Response from bass was tons better than the usual poor one. But keep in mind this: if you use this in a large room, the sound will not fill it. So parties with a big crowd will not be the ideal setting for the product.

The mouse and the keyboard are both of the wireless type. That’s an important pro, only if their quality was also astounding. But as it’s not, they’re better looked at as cons. The buttons were on the poor side. Always squeaking at the slightest touch. And the mouse is plain small. The angle at which the keyboard lies was much too flat.

i7-2600S quad-core processor

The product does not forget to feature the most important connectivity options. You can choose from a series of pro points like 802.11n Wi-Fi, one HDMI-in port, two USB 3.0 ports and many more in this vein.

The Intel Core 2.8GHz i7-2600S quad-core CPU is the source of power for this Asus ET2700INKS. Thanks to that Turbo Boost technology, that speed can turn into one of 3.8GHz. Hybrid graphics and a total amount of 8GB of memory join the number of specs. Hardcore gamers won’t be satisfied by the device’s GPU, though.

Review conclusion

The Asus ET2700INKS is an all-in-one desktop that merits praise in the end of our product review. And an order from your nearest shop. Be it online or standard.