Asus Eee Top ET2410-06


A desktop PC with decent performance

The Asus EeeTop ET2410-06 could have easily become a hit among all-in-one PCs. This $899.99 product doesn’t have few specs or features, its performance isn’t all bad. But its promise falls short because of some details that spoil all the fun. Asus is a contender among manufacturers. And yet, the Eee Top ET2410 is a failed attempt at gaining a good name. The following test conclusions will show you why we have such a bad impression about the device.

Better design

Admirable all-in-ones don’t always turn out good. Partly because the ones making them fail lamentably at understanding consumers’ needs, partly because of lack of investment. Asus simply didn’t grasp what they were doing wrong. Their Eee Top ET2410-06 could have been a smash hit of 2012. But it didn’t, so there. We’re sure they’ll repair their mistake with the next system.

The product starts off normal. One simple look thrown at its exterior and the adjective to describe it is: attractive. Definitely not as bad as the Eee Top 1602, thank goodness. The Eee Top series had very good prices, which made Apple’s competition suffer for a while. Apparently, the only thing this lineup needed to better was the design. The Eee Top ET2410-06 wasn’t spared from the clunky legacy started by the first model.Asus-Eee-Top-ET2410-06

IR-sensing technology

The recent Asus all-in-one PC has a stand unlike others; its pivot is single and with it you can easily tilt the the display. The touchscreen is a two-finger one; the technology called IR-sensing is a big part of it. A DVD couldn’t have been absent, and it is side-mounted and tray-loading. The design used by Asus is not inspired. Not on a PC which has a touchscreen, anyway. The problem is that the display will start to bounce on you pretty quick. It did that a lot when we threw ourselves in the bunch of tests. Tapping the display settled it, but only after it shook some more for the fun of it.

WiFi problems

Bouncing aside, the ET2410-06 didn’t make us beg for more ports or inputs or jacks or so on. It was well-endowed. Apple TV, for example, worked extremely well with this Asus device. The wireless mouse and keyboard kept things entertaining. We wrote this review on it; it felt comfortable and the buttons replied very well. But oh, WiFi is nowhere in sight! That’s a total shame, we would have liked to have seen it included. Actually, it’s quite a big shame. You have a wireless mouse and keyboard. So it’s only natural to add the possibility to use the product at a distance from your router. And besides: many people have no network cables. Mobile devices in their almost entirety use only wireless connectivity. So a lack thereof isn’t a very smart move from Asus.

Not impressive

The ET2410-06 is, yay, free of unnecessary things. Like bloatware. No pesky programs are thrown down your throat. We could download only what we needed or found interesting from a Best Buy app online store.

The performance deserves a thumbs up. Paying extra attention to productivity and multimedia analysis, results were some of the best. Video encoding needed no more than 1 minute and 20 seconds. General speed was good. Gaming will have to be left to devices made especially for that.

Review conclusion

The Asus Eee Top ET2410-06 we reviewed didn’t make us gasp. Its quality is decent, the specifications good, but the several flaws take away from what might have been a brilliant all-in-one PC.