Asus Eee PC 1225C


A 11.6 inch ultrabook

Asus is one of the important names in the gadget world. They always seem to want to be ahead of everybody in the business. This time around they united forces and produced a mini laptop. And they built it on the CedarTrail Atom platform made by Intel. The name they came up with for it was $420 Eee PC 1225C. It is filled with many hopes and dreams of turning into something of a 2012 revelation. Does this apply in reality? Or is it just a lie? We’ll provide you with replies if you embark on the following review.

Limited memory

Of all the laptops we so far played with, Asus made some of the best. And still makes, thankfully. What with all the smartphones and tablets the majority of consumers run after, finding a gadget that is not one of them is a challenge. But thankfully there’s the likes of Eee PC 1225C to keep us happy.

On the exterior, this laptop is a total blast to behold. Except that if you want a device free of fingerprints, this is definitely not your dream one. The body is compact and the weight is good. We thought that we’d see a slimmer model, but alas it wasn’t so. We got pretty much fooled by something. The memory bay didn’t let us upgrade the device’s memory. But well, perhaps in the future Asus will ship bearing upgradeable modules. Thank the universe, the ports are all present and include some for chromed decorations.Asus-Eee-PC-1225C

Comfortable keyboard

Now on to keyboard and everything related to it, friends. The Eee PC mini laptops have the same keyboard. That means that the 1225C offers comfortable typing. We got a sample of that while writing this test conclusion. The buttons didn’t take long to respond. The touchpad and the trackpad differ quite a lot. The former was didn’t have good space for our fingers, but it had accuracy; the latter was big.

The glossiness of the Eee 1225C display made us go berserk. The amount of fingerprints was incredible. Also bad was how we couldn’t see a thing when we used the laptop in our garden. But at least the Eee PC 1225C is great if you use it in bed.

Atom N2800 processor

The performance the processor delivered was certainly poor. The laptop lagged many times in the tests we performed for this review. The graphics processor was itself not capable of running complicated stuff. But try and buy the model with an Atom N2800 CPU. The Atom N2600 on the other model is worse.

The speakers aren’t strong enough to render songs, movies and so on in an accurate way. On the heat front, the laptop stayed cool. We didn’t need to stay in our shorts to use it.

Nothing prepared us for the short battery life. We had high expectations about it beforehand. There were around 6 hours of juice gotten out of day to day tasks. However, when we played a 1080p video, the life dropped to 4 hours. Approximately 9 hours are to be achieved if the laptop is used wisely.

Review conclusion

The latest Asus Eee PC 1225C to make its way from the factory is good. The price is too much if you ask us. If the processor would have been better, we might have had another opinion. Don’t get disappointed if you read these lines and just bought this laptop. It’s really not a bad device. You can count on it for your basic and a bit more activities.

Technical specifications

Operating systemWindows 7
Processor frequency1600 Mhz
Processor typeIntel Atom N2600 (Cedar Trail)
Display Size11.6″ 1366 X 768
GraphicsAMD Radeon HD 6320
Internal storage320 GB
RAM memory2048 MB
Total weight1440 g / 50.8 oz.