Apple iPhone 4S Siri


A personal assistant

Ask any iPhone 4S user to name one of the best feature of this smartphone and they’ll invariably reply: “Siri!” This type of digital assistant brings a whole new meaning to speech recognition software and makes the iPhone 4S a very sought-after device. You can tell and ask Siri whatever you want, like for instance get her to remind you of an important meeting or someone’s birthday, provided you do so in a correct accent, otherwise she won’t understand you.

Siri first came into being, so to say, one year ago in February, in the form of an experiment done by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency when it could be used as an application free of charge for the iPhone. After 2 months Apple bought it and so Siri became available for the iPhone 4S.

Improved integration in iOS 5

We used this fun software in a variety of ways throughout our various tests. Asking it stupid and silly questions was the first step, and the laughter Siri’s answers provoked was priceless. But, getting over the childish moments, this digital assistant is very useful if you know how to use it right. It offered a much improved integration with the iOS 5 and the accuracy it came with was of immense help. We tested Siri by taking our iPhone 4S and using it in a car via a Bluetooth handset; even with the outside noise the software heard and understood what we wanted from it with impressive ease. But we forgot an important thing for our review: to start Siri, all we had to do was simultaneously press and hold our smartphone’s key for Home and wait for a beep that signaled we could start using her. She worked in both speakerphone and normal instance; for the latter we just put the iPhone 4S to our ear and its proximity sensor woke the assistant to life in a second. A couple of times Siri didn’t start when we did that, but it wasn’t a tragedy and we got quickly over that when we discovered how much fun she was when she worked well.

Without Twitter interaction

Siri took a bit of time to get accustomed to our accent and do what we told her to; but that’s normal, according to Apple. It found a restaurant we loved in a matter of seconds, showed us how the weather was and made us laugh even more with its witty attitude and remarks; take this example: when we told her to call us a taxi, she replied with a “From now on, I’ll call you ‘a taxi’. Okay?” Still, we couldn’t really get used to how robotic Siri’s voice sounded, but maybe in time Apple will solve this. Among its other really helpful attributes, Siri enables users to call someone by hearing the name of a friend from an app called Contacts after which it connects to that person’s phone number and makes the call for them. Siri also makes it possible to speak an email that she will afterwards transform into text on the screen; all you have to do after that is to tell her the name of the person you want it sent to and other information in that vein. Interaction with Twitter isn’t yet supported, but if you are a pro and try enough, you’ll get

Review conclusion

To end our review with a correct conclusion, we think that the new Siri for the iPhone 4S is probably this year’s revelation as far as software goes. You will have a blast using it and getting all kinds of useful stuff. Besides the smart and quirky answers you’ll get from her if you ask what you shouldn’t be asking.

  1. Arno at 11:28 am

    I’ve seen a version for Android. Maybe is a good idea to come back with a review with the Siri competitor. Maybe a comparative test. What did you said ?