Apple iPad 2


Cosmetic changes for a powerful tablet

If the first Ipad had a wild and unexpected success, Ipad 2 didn’t enjoy of the same popularity, as it hasn’t suffered too many improvements. Most of them are cosmetic, and only few of the hardware parts bring satisfactory improvements to the Apple iPad 2 users. It’s better then the previous version ? Let’s see the review and the test performed with this amazing tablet !

A new A5 processor at 1Ghz

Obviously, the first thing that you see at the Ipad 2 is the enhanced industrial design based on a 1024 x 768 display. From this point of view, nothing has changed. However, what’s under the roof is more important as Ipad 2 comes with a new processor, an A5 dual core chip that claims to have a speed of 1 Ghz.

Thinner than an iPhone 4

apple-ipad-2It’s interesting to see such a powerful processor in such a thin case. In fact, Ipad 2 is thinner even than an Iphone 4, fact that’s quite a performance for the ones from Apple. After all, it’s not easy to compile high performance hardware parts with a small space, therefore from this point of view, a big “Plus” for them.

Not enough memory

As we’ve already said, the processor a brand new one, developed in almost one year, and claims to have a CPU speed of 1 Ghz. As well, the RAM memory has been increased to 512 RAM, improvement that hasn’t (unfortunately) satisfied the critics that were saying that a tablet of its caliber should have said at least 1 Gb or RAM memory. This lack of memory was visible in our analysis.

The sound was improved

As concerning the sound, Apple has moved the speakers in the back of the device. A clever move, if you ask me, as now it has a clearer sound. However, Apple iPad 2 wasn’t made to be used outside or in noisy places, therefore if you will have to use it in places where noise is made, you will need speakers or headphones, as the maximum volume isn’t that high.

Weak quality camera

The big disappointment at the Ipad 2 comes at the cameras. Even if Ipad 2 comes with a new pair of cameras, their performance is really crappy, fact that you wouldn’t expect from a device that costs more than $400. For instance, if you have a camera of 3 MP, you will be more satisfied of the pictures taken with the camera than the pictures shot with the Ipad 2. Big “Minus” for them, if you ask me.

Improved browsing speed

The software part comes with a minor improvement: Ipad 2 has the 4.3 version of the IOS. However, more noticeable is the Internet browser enhanced speed which is more faster that its predecessor’s. In order to compensate the major lacks that Ipad 2 has, Apple has introduced 2 new features: GarageBand and iMovie for the iPad, both meant to be used for entertainment.

Review conclusion

Finally, we must mention the fact that the battery life is bigger than its previous version. At Ipad 2, the battery lasts up to 10 hours and 26 minutes, with almost an hour more than its previous version. As a conclusion of this review, after our test, iPad 2 is a mediocre product from Apple, one of the few that lacks so many features.