Altec Lansing InMotion Air IMW725


Compact WiFi bluetooth speakers

Compact wireless Bluetooth speakers don’t always look that appealing. Some are downright ugly, but then there are some that look very good. To maintain a certain balance on things, of course. The $199 Altec Lansing InMotion Air IMW725 makes the majority of these devices run away and hide because of their lack of visual appeal. But herein lies the big problem: the beauty doesn’t really cover the fact that the speakers have a much too expensive price and performance isn’t the most brilliant. This review will reveal why we think in such a way.

Successful design

We hate to say the same things numerous times, but we have to. The Altec Lansing InMotion Air IMW725 is really the kind of product that should be put in a display and admired all day long. Its design is modern and full of originality. The rear is where a dock stays and it can be used to place the remote control. The USB dongle you get with these Bluetooth wireless speakers is a way to stream audio files if you connect your comp or laptop to them. Integrated Bluetooth compatibility on your PC or laptop isn’t a must. iPhones, iPads, and nearly every smartphone and Android tablet work with the InMotion Air IMW725. But take this into account: you won’t be able to charge the above devices, because the product doesn’t offer a dock for that.Altec-Lansing-InMotion-Air-IMW725

Good connectivity

The battery can be recharged many times; that allowed us to use the device outside and not plug it in in order to use it when working on the terrace. The amount of time we could use them was 5 hours. You won’t get 100% portability with these speakers, but they’re still lighter than other speakers.

The way the IMW725 works is beyond straightforward. You won’t have to be Einstein to use this speaker system. Grab your iPhone or your iPod Touch, turn its Bluetooth option on then wait a bit till it finds the Air. After it does that, pair your device and press the play button to listen to your beloved songs wirelessly. Our smartphone let us then use it as a remote in the tests performed for this review.

Correct midrange sound

The range provided by the product is indeed one of a kind. We could still get a signal even at a distance surpassing 10 meters. Remember the USB dongle? If yes, then you have to know that it extends the range to a very generous range of 91 meters.

As handsome as the speaker system is, sound performance is so and so for the most part. In our tests, the InMotion Air IMW725 gives its best when there’s midrange music. Acoustic songs sound very well. But the bass and treble are on the slightly poor side. If you turn the volume up, quality drops. If you love listening to Boys II Men ballads, then you’ll love the system.

Review conclusion

The Altec and its Lansing InMotion Air IMW725 won’t ever compare to the hot gang. It’s not a product to overlook that quickly, though. It has many strengths. The possibility to recharge the battery for however many times you see fit, the dongle to stream music over your laptop and computer are some of them. But, and it’s a big “but”, the price will be a serious point of concern. Consumers can’t be bothered to pay a lot for something that isn’t that appealing performance-wise. There are so many cheaper wireless Bluetooth speakers with better specs that practically outshine this one.