Alienware M14x R3


A new laptop for gamers

A gadget developed by aliens? No, it’s just the name of a company that is behind what are considered some of the best gaming beasts in the hood. Proof are the many devices they’ve launched since the debut. Many laptops nowadays that contain 14″ don’t hold a candle to the power this amount of inches emanates from the $2.002.99 M14x R3. The CPU, great multimedia tasking and wireless features ‎ claimed by this gadget will take your gaming world by storm once you turn the laptop on; and it will probably burn your wrists and knees in the process because of the heat it emanates.

Generous design

Being best suited to lovers of gaming is the perfect indication that we’re dealing with a laptop full to the brim with what some call the bling factor. In other words, the Alienware M14x R3 has that extra powerful charm induced by the presence of 2 grills painted red whose location is on the bottom front and the red glow emanated by the keyboard. Wanting to keep away from the herd mentality, the keyboard on this gaming device has buttons fashioned in the traditional shape and size; testing them by writing this review we particularly liked the softness with which they caressed our fingers and the generous spaces between them. If not for anything else, we nominate the keyboard used by the M14x R3 as the best one ever. Things only get better from here on, because the area meant for resting your palms is great and only makes the general looks of the laptop shine. The plastic touchpad didn’t at all feel cheap and the keys didn’t produce noise when clicking on them.Alienware-M14xr3

14 inch display

In screen matters, Alienware’s newest offspring makes itself noticed with its 14″ doubled by a resolution of 1.600 x 900 pixels. In our books, the latter is a very rare spec indeed. The bulk of this M14x R3, due to the DVD drive that’s a slot loading one, doesn’t make it a choice for a trip around town on foot. Needless to say, everything looked very nearly perfect when we played games with lots of colors, details, darkness and so on; so don’t worry, you won’t regret the display.

The many features sported by the recent Alienware laptop are impressive for its rather big price. The Killer Wireless-N 1103 one is the star of the show, with the Advanced Stream Detect technology of the wireless card offering stream capabilities of up to 450Mbps and prioritizing of the traffic. With the Wireless HD feature, the M14x R3 gets its documents and the like transported to a HDTV in 1080p. An extra is the fact that the laptop came with a receiver that users would have otherwise had to pay for. All the standard useful ports, inputs, outputs and such options are all on duty and make the device more entertaining than others.

2.2GHz i7-2670QM processor

After we put the M14x R3 through our hard drive tests, results were more than what we expected with the 7.200 rpm that made us realize, after careful deliberation and comparison to results offered by other gaming gadgets, that this model was very fast, faster in fact than what we were used to. Right there on the map of extremely favorable performance was also the 2.2GHz Intel Core i7-2670QM CPU and its sidekick, the Nvidia GeForce GT 555M graphics chip. Games practically flew by and left a trail of great quality behind.

Since there’s no such thing as perfect, the M14x R3 had to show an ugly part; and we mean the extreme heat we had to witness: 46 °C on the underside, 42 °C for the keyboard and 36 °C for the palm rest area. The 4 hours and a half during which we used the laptop were nothing to complain about.

Review conclusion

The newly thrown into the world Alienware M14x R3 is not shy when it comes to performance, and it delivers it in a memorable way.

Technical specifications

Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 7 Home Premium
CPU TypeIntel Core i7-2670QM
Notebook typeGaming, Media
CPU Frequency2.2 GHz
Screen Size TypeWidescreen
Display Resolution1600 x 900
RAM memoryRAM 8 GB
Storage Capacity750 GB
Graphics CardnVidia GeForce GT 555M
Primary OpticalDrive Dual-Layer DVD+/-RW
HDD Rotation Speed7200 rpm
WiMaxNot available
Wireless Display Capability (WiDi)Yes
Battery Type63 Whr (Watt hours)
Display Size14 inches
Total weight6.38 lb