Alienware Aurora (Core i7-2600K)


A gaming PC from AlienWare

The new Alienware Aurora is considered a gem by users who want dramatic case visuals when deciding to buy a gaming PC. Those who want better performance will have to direct their attention to desktops offered by Aurora’s many competitors. Let’s see the review and the test !
Among the specifications we find: Intel P67, 3.9 GHz Intel Core i7-2600K (overclocked), 4GB 1.866MHz DDR3 SDRAM, (2) 2GB AMD Radeon HD 6950, 2TB SATA 600 7200 rm, 1TB SATA 300 7200 rpm, Blu-ray/DVD burner combo and Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit).

A special design

Alienware-Aurora-Core-i7-2600KWhen comparing it to older versions, the design of this Alienware Aurora is more angular and the bug-eyed effect was replaced with an armored look. Other than that, the new case looks similar to the original.
A trademark of this product is its stylized appearance. Users will be pleased to see some unique design touches around the case of the Aurora. After pushing the Alienware logo sitting on top of the case, the main drive-bay doors slides and reveal a Blu-ray drive, along with a media card reader. Unfortunately, this Alienware desktop does not come with a hard-drive bay accessible at the front. The top of the case comes with a panel that, once pushed, opens to reveal a USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and audio inputs. The ports are placed at a disadvantageous angle, namely at the rear of the case. Users are thus unable to see the front of the system if they want to connect something to the device.

AlienFX software technology

This new Alienware Aurora comes with the famous AlienFX software. This enables you to easily customize color and behavior of the four external lighting zones that can be found around the device’s case. The LED comes in various colors; also, you have the possibility to choose between the blink or fade between two different colors options, which look great in the tests performed with this PC. Besides the AlienFX option, the new Aurora comes with Alienware apps made specifically for this device. They can be used for controlling heat and managing power.

Turbo boost for processor

The CPU of the Alienware Aurora features something called Turbo Boost Technology. This adjusts the clock speed depending on the workload the cores of the desktop deal with. For extra money, the product can boost the 3.9 GHz to 4.1 GHz.
The new Aurora features two mechanical hard-drives. These are a 1 TB SATA 300 and a 2TB SATA 600. Compared to other desktops, the Aurora one comes with only a 512 GB SSD. This makes the product more expensive than others who offer a better SSD at a cheaper price.
The not so good performance of this desktop PC can be blamed on the CPU, the small loudout of the system memory and the fact that it relies mainly on the mechanical hard drive. It works slowly when using Photoshop CS3 and other multimedia simultaneously.

AMD Radeon HD 6950 graphic card

An aspect where the new Aurora excels is the gaming one and the (2) 2GB AMD Radeon HD 6950 contribute heavily to this. The 4GB of RAM may be an inconvenience, but only if the game you use needs 8GB or more of RAM.
Other gaming competitors offer a free 1x PCI Express slot in addition to their 2D or 3D cards. This is not the case with this gaming computer. And, when talking about RAM slots, the ones in this product are all occupied.
The back of the system comes with 6 USB 2.0 jacks, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 7.1 analog audio jacks, a FireWire output and optical, coaxial digital audio outs, graphics cards with numerous display output options, Mini DisplayPort connections and ports for DVI and HDMI. The power consumption is good.

Review conclusions

On the whole, after this test, the conclusion of this review is that the new Alienware Aurora is not for everyone. If you are looking for performance and value at a good price, this is not the desktop for you. But, if you favor looks over performance, then this is the desktop you’ve been looking for.

Technical specifications

Intel ® Core i7-2600 (8MB cache) Overclocked to 3.9GHz Turbo Boost
8GB DDR3 333MHz
Single nVidia GTX 580 1×1.5GB
Optical drive 24x DVD-RW
Microsoft ® Windows 7 Home Premium Edition
Integrated Gigabit Network Controller
Power 875 W
Standard USB Keyboard and Mouse
High Definition 7.1 Performance Audio with THX Sound TruStudio
(2x) USB 2.0 (1x) SuperSpeed USB 3.0
(1x) in-line microphone, (1x) Line
out headphone / speaker (1x) Player
19-1 media card (optional)
(1x) eSATA 3Gb / s (1x) RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet (6x) USB 2.0 (1x) SuperSpeed USB 3.0 (1x) Firewire IEEE 1394, (1x) Line in Microphone (1x)-Line In, (1x) line out left / right speakers (1X) line out to center speaker
(1x) Rear Left / Right Speakers
(1x) Side Left / Right Speakers
(1x) Digital Output SPDIF (TOSLINK)
(1x) SPDIF Digital Output (Coax)
645mm x 426mm x 250mm
Weight from 20.41 kg