Acer Liquid Mini


A new phone with social media

If you need a good smartphone at a reasonable price, the entry level model Liquid Mini from Acer seems to be the right one for you. It has mobile web access and social networks as well.


If you look at the Liquid series manufactured by Acer, you will see that the latter has finally launched on the market a mini smartphone model. If you compare it to its recent predecessors (the Liquid Metal, for example), this new smartphone seems to be a very successful one, because Acer decided to offer a full multimedia phone. This is only technical data and we have to see if the reality is the same. Here are the results of the tests performed for this review !


acer-liquid-mini-smartphoneBecause the target of this phone is a large audience, the Liquid Mini is available in different colors (with both sides of the hull in chrome finish). The phone is available for both women and men. The device seems to be appreciated by the operators. The company announced that the smartphone will be available in more colors in online shops.

After the weird success of the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini, all phone producers saw a good opportunity in developing the mini phone concept. Apparently, the new Liquid Mini is somehow similar to its Wood Metal brother. However, with this model Acer focused on a comfortable display of 3.2 inches (8 cm diagonal, a fairly common format). At the same time, the device has an impressive design. This is the new small X10 Mini. The latest Acer smartphone still weighs about 30 grams less than its predecessor. We can say that this is a good starting point if you want to compare these models / generations.

Good price

This model comes with a complete standard of connectors (slot micro SD card, microUSB port, a stereo jack of 3,5 mm etc.) and it has four touch-sensitive navigation menus localized just under the bright display. The phone sports something else, a dedicated photo button, very good if you need to snap pics very quickly.

Another good info is that the smartphone comes by default with a cover and a micro SD card with a 2GB capacity. The price of this package, without any taxes is relatively good for a smartphone with such specifications: just 229 euros. If you want a subscription, you can buy the phone with just 1 euro from a lot of vendors. A pretty good deal.

A touchscreen multipoint display

The connector of the Mini seems to be good, but the other features are pretty good, as well. The phone is powered by a 600 MHz Qualcomm processor which offers 512MB of RAM. That’s why the phone will not block too fast, as it usually happens with other models. Another very good point is its multipoint capacitive display. You are able to zoom faster into the image with ease by using only one finger.

The responsiveness and accuracy of the screen are good, compared to the competitors. The navigation is relatively good, but sometimes it seems to suffer from a lack of real fluidity. However, this seems to be a common problem on almost all of Acer’s products and we are already accustomed to the absence of such fluidity.

No Flash and Xvid files capabilities

If you test Internet browsing, you will obtain a relatively good speed of about 1.5 to 2 Mbit / s. A very weak point for multimedia lovers is that this model powered by the Froyo platform is not able to play files in Flash format. Because it is designed just for smartphones, the entry-level processor MSM7227 is not capable to offer support for Flash files. DivX . XVid files seem to suffer from the exact same problem and the phone is not able to play this type of file in the correct way.

The autonomy of the Acer Liquid Mini is good, even if the automatic adjustment of brightness is missing. If you use the phone for video playing and communications, battery life is about 6 hours. This is a medium value for such a type of smartphone and we can say that it is a good choice if you want good battery life.

Social networking included

Apparently, even if the phone seems to have a complete multimedia features arsenal (an FM radio and a 5-megapixel photo sensor), the integrated camera isn’t very powerful. The only positive point is its brightness. But pics won’t look too good.

The access to social networks is a great pro. A dedicated application called SocialJogger is a good way to have control and full access to the most used social networks.

Review conclusion

At the end of our review we can say that the Acer Liquid Mini is not the smallest smartphone from the market. The device is not the most powerful. Even so, its very good price offers good capabilities. This model was designed to feature full management of the most used social networks and to be able to control contacts when a user accesses mobile Internet. If you are addicted to multimedia technologies or different multimedia tasks, this smartphone is not for you. However, if you need one with good social networks abilities, the Liquid Mini is an acceptable choice.

Technical specifications

Operating SystemAndroid
Digital Zoom4
Number of Display Colours262,144 Colors
Resolution Height in Pixel1920
Resolution Width in Pixel2560
Integrated CameraYes
TechnologyUMTS (3G)
Screen TechnologyTFT
E-Mail FunctionYes
Video resolution in pixels640 x 480 (VGA)
Depth in mm12.75
Height in mm115
Width in mm64
Weight in Grams135