Acer HN274H


A 27 inch 3D LED monitor from Acer

This Acer monitor it’s the 27-inch 3D monitor launched on the market. Even this model is very good at the brightness chapter, it should be better at the response time chapter.

The expectations

In our performed test we’ve used just 3D monitors with the diagonal of about 23 and 24 inches at a nominal frequency of 120 Hz. If you want to be totally integrated in the 3D environment you must have a display with a large diagonal. The latest model launched by Acer is called HN274H, and has a large LCD panel, with 27 inches diagonal and able to work at a frequency of 120 Hz. The monitor is compatible with 3D technology and has a good response time of 2ms (Acer claims that). The new Acer HN274H seems to be one of the best seller of the year in 3D and the selling price is about 700 euros in online stores. The special glasses are provided by nVidia , use 3D Vision technology and are available on the stores at a price between 100 and 150 euros. We really must find which is able to do in test. Let’s see the review ! 🙂

The reality

acer-hn274hThe design of this 27 inches monitor is a classic one, without any special characteristic. This model is not so spacial like its small brother GN245HQ, used by gamers and already tested in the past. Apparently the plastic used for this monitor is mot so great, black and shiny. The all assembly is not very pleasant. You can see some pieces which are easy cracking when you handling the monitor. The design and the finish of this model has a common design, without any special design ideas. In fact, we can say that this Acer model is a little bit low end and should be better at this chapter.

Impressive LED backlighting

The latest monitor launched by Acer, the GN245HQ have problems with the backlight LED brightness. In tests thiv value was about 220 cd / m 2, a weak value if you want to see details in 3D mode and in the dark scenes. This 27-inch model with LED backlighting seems to be very different, in a positive way. This model has very powerful LED backlight, with a medium value of about 415 cd / m 2, after measurements. This value seems to be chosen to be able to offer good performance when you use the Nvidia 3D glasses for the 3D games or movies. A weak point here is the missing of the possibility to choose a level of brightness when the monitor is in the 3D mode. This problem is visible if you activate by mistake the 3D mode and the graphics card has a refresh of 120 Hz frequency.
Another not impressive point is its contrast ratio. A lot of monitors was able to have values of 1100:1 in our tests but this monitor was not able to pass a value of 950:1. And we’ve tested the display at a low brightness of 160 cd / m 2… This is the reason of the not perfect black. The values for black level are between 0.16 and 0.46 cd / m 2, and are strictly dependent by the backlight level. This can be a little bit weird but this problem is not so visible if you use a pair of 3D glasses. At the color fidelity chapter, the HN274H is not impressive if you use the default settings. However, the default settings can be improved but you need some time and experience to be sure that you obtain a correct image.

Medium 3D performance

If you are a gamer, the 2D mode of this monitor will be a good surprise for you, even if you play fast games. Our tests revealed values of about 4 ms for the response time of the monitor. Compared with its brother: GN245HQ, this new model has a lower response time of the image. However, this thing is more visible in 3D mode where the lack of reactivity is present too.We’ve seen some ghosting problems in 3D mode, even we’ve compared with one of the best models from this field of the market. We can say that the image in 3D is relatively good but is clear not the best from the 3D monitors market.

Good features but weak foot design

The connectivity of the HN274H is relatively good. This model has three HDMI 1.4 connectors and a conventional dual-link DVI and VGA connector (if you use a weak computer for connectivity). These features are enough to let you to connect this monitor at a source of 3D signal, like a Blu-ray or a PlayStation 3D console. Acer introduced two speakers in this monitor but the quality of the sound is not very good.
The monitor has included a module able to detect automatically the 3D signal and to trigger the panel into 3D mode. A weak point at this monitor is the foot. The monitor has not possibility to setup, even the height of the panel. For this price we expect more…

Not so eco friendly

Similar with its brother GN245HQ (already tested), the HN274H is not very efficient at the economic chapter. In our tests the power rises up to the 46 W, a medium value for a display so large like this one. But the surprise is in stand by, when this model seems to consume about 2.5 W… This is a very big value, because the competitors have models able to consume just 0.1 W in stand by. These values seems to be very different and the monitor is not very efficient.

Review conclusion

After our tests we are able to provide you the conclusions of this review. Sincerely, before our tests we’ve expected more from this model, but this 27 inch model is not able to fight against its 24 inch brother 3D GN245HQ (with very good results in tests). Even the model is special adapted for the games and the brightness is excellent in 3D mode, the display shows some ghosting problems. The Acer HN274H can be a good choice but we can advice you to choose it’s little 24 inch brother: GN245HQ.

Technical specifications

Diagonal27 inch
Maximum resolution1920 x 1080 pixels
Panel technologyTN + film
Image characteristics16:09
Display frequency120 Hz
Dynamic Contrast (1)100000000
Diagonal (inches)27
Response Time2 ms
Card ReaderNo
Wall MountVesa 100 x 100 mm
Number of speakers2
Stereo mini-jackNo
Height adjustmentNo
Front / back tiltYes
Component inputs (YPbPr)No
RCA composite input (CVBS)No

  1. Niz at 11:28 pm

    This review is just way off. I actually have one of these monitors and am VERY happy with it. It is perfect for its intended use. If your priority is quickest response time for gaming then this is the best monitor out there period.

    Yes they used a TN panel which means a tradeoff of slightly not as good colors for the absolute best response time available for gaming and 3D which translates into actually seeing things moving quickly and practically no ghosting in 3D. If you mostly edit photos or are anal about perfect colors then this monitor is a bad fit for you.
    How bad are the colors on this monitor? They are great for everyday use, especially if you bother to find and set the brightness and default color settings, You will only notice the colors could be better If you test it with calibration tools or put it right next to an expensive TV.

    The only reason this review says this monitor has slightly more ghosting than the GN245HQ is that it is a seriously large amount brighter, which makes the ghosting more noticeable. Think about it, how can a 2ms faster panel have more ghosting otherwise? This extra brightness means you can play darker video games in 3D and watch dark 3D movies like Tron Legacy just fine in normal room lighting. To do that with the GN245HQ you’d need to sit in a pitch black room.
    If you could turn this monitor’s brightness in 3D mode down to the same as the brightness of the GN245HQ in 3D mode, it would surely have the same or even less ghosting than the GN245HQ. It is annoying that the HN274H doesn’t allow you to alter the 3D mode brightness from the front panel, but I read you can do this in the service menu if it bothers you. I haven’t even bothered as its not a problem for me but to get into the HN274H service mode see this: