Acer H5360BD‎


It’s 3D projectors time

The time for projectors hasn’t yet come to an end and many companies take advantage of people’s desire and passion for watching movies or making presentations for work with this type of gadget. If you are one of them and want a projector that costs little and yet does very well on the performance front, the Acer H5360BD‎ will quickly become one of your dream dates. The addition of 3D will make for pleasant news and another reason to give this product your whole attention. The review we wrote is the one you should read if you want the object it refers to.

2500 ANSI Lumens

The $823 Acer H5360BD is a projector with not much weight or height/width and such. That’s why we think you’ll find a place for it in any corner of your room; at least we did. The whole style of the product can be described as utilitarian. The clothes it wears are white and only white; the body is really small and at first it was impossible to take this projector seriously in the performance area, but boy should we have not have judged it by its dimensions.Acer-H5360BD

The brightness delivered by the H5360BD is considerable: 2500 ANSI Lumens. It comes as a weapon against the dimming effect that wants to ruin your viewing pleasure when you want to use active shutter glasses coming with DLP-Link 3D technology (instead of the full high definition option). If you’re unfamiliar with what this means: the projector has 2 50 or 60Hz 3D frames and each of them is dedicated to each of the user’s eyes.

720p HD resolution

The res is HD ready, meaning 720p, not full 1920×1080 pixels that you usually find on a Sony HW30 and others. People for whom resolution is the soul of a projector will definitely miss the possibility of watching 3D movies at the best possible res. The funny thing: this device won’t let you play 2D content at maximum resolution either because of the 1280 x 720 pixels, so think of that before buying the Acer H5360BD. Although our opinion is that for the small price, this is a small fault.

The system opted by the projector we tested was Texas Instruments’ Dark Chip 3 DLP and among its other specs we found an ‘auto off’ mode if the projector didn’t detect an input for 5 minutes tops, contrast ratio of 3200:1 and so on. The warranty for the lap is 1 year and the one for the DLP chip is longer: 5 years.

Good overall performance

The menus used onscreen had many nice things to explore, like 5 main tones and a series of picture presets based on themes (Movie, Sports, etc.). Degamma level and colors could be tweaked effortlessly and the output of the lamp had an Eco level beside the usual ones. Reaching straight sides for the image was attained after turning on auto keystone correction system. Even if that was good to know, we still didn’t like it that much, because we saw no horizontal or vertical optical image shifting to help us in making the image position where we wanted it to. The limitations of the optical zoom were a bit of a drawback, but the problem was solved by moving the product around till reaching the best image size.

Double ghosting noise didn’t exist in the H5360BD projector’s vocabulary, so sharpness was clearly seen in 3D pictures. Details were plenty, depth was clearly visible and brightness made colors look very good. Black levels lacked shadow detail at some point, but not by that much. Glasses for 3D watching didn’t feature unheard of flaws. The quality of 2D content didn’t make us throw something at the screen.

Review conclusion

At the end of the test performed for this review we can consider that the new Acer H5360BD‎ is a projector that should be taken seriously despite the small price.

Technical specifications

Projector TypeSingle-chip DLP
Resolution1280 x 1024
Contrast Ratio3000:01:00
Native Aspect Ratio16:09
Full HD 1080pNo
3D ReadyYes (DLP-Link)
Lamp power200WW
Lamp TypeUHP
Native Aspect Ratio16:09
HDMI1 (v1.4a)
Total weight2.2 kg