Acer GN245HQ


A very fast and innovative 3D monitor from Acer

This is the second 3D monitor launched by Acer. The initial model was already very impressive, but with the new gadget Acer confirms its expertise in 3D monitors. The model is called GN245HQ. Let’s see the review.


If you for an LCD monitor able to work at a frequency of 120, you’ll see that this kind of monitor is still rare on the market. In fact, less than a dozen models are available right now and the price excludes high-end normal users. These displays are particularly fast and they’re used by the most passionate gamers. Another target of these products is lovers of 3D movies who want to migrate to a TV or projector.
However, the Acer GN245HQ monitor brings major innovations compared to its predecessors and rivals. It’s all about the integration of an infrared transmitter synchronized with active 3D glasses and the presence of an HDMI 1.4. This is another advantage because the product is compatible with Blu-ray technology and 3D with PlayStation 3 from Sony. This gadget really needs a review and a test. 🙂



Beyond its LED technology backlight, the body of the Acer GN245HQ remains relatively solid. Its design and finish are clearly made for a high-end display. At first look, the black matte plastic offers a good impression. In fact, all the package is good quality (there’s no cracking and no playing in the joints). We have just a single regret: the absence of a lever sophisticated enough to adjust the height of the display.

Good speed and great 3D mode

In the 3D mode and at a high-frequency forcing (120 Hz), the GN245HQ is a highly reactive monitor. At this point it is time to say that Acer made a perfect device. In fact, this new monitor is one of the most responsive we’ve tested so far for our reviews. Its LCD makes a quick change from white to black in just 6 ms without any side effects like reverse ghosting. It does that at a frequency of 120 Hz. In tests, fast-moving images were very clear and afterimages were invisible to the eye – we almost didn’t detect them in our test.
This made the effect of active 3D crosstalk very shallow. Because it is directly related to the responsiveness of the display, this problem often affects duplication in TVs and LCD monitors up to 120 Hz. Compared to our 3D test patterns, crosstalk is well below what we’ve seen on some LCD TVs. During movies, just few scenes were affected by this problem. Indeed, this monitor is a good surprise.

LED backlight panel

If you are in search of perfect display quality, the Twisted Nematic (TN) of the GN245HQ is not very powerful. If you choose factory settings, the composition of different levels of gray is a little bit chaotic and color fidelity is not very good. Anyway, if you decide to calibrate the optical probe, provided results are much better. After calibration, colors look very good and grays levels are better controlled. This display has a good potential, provided it can be calibrated. Maybe this was only a problem with the display we tested. Another thing: the contrast ratio is very correct, close to a 000:1 value before and after calibration (luminosity was between 225 and 127 cd / m2).

Anyway, the real weak point of this monitor is that its LED backlight is not able to provide enough light for 3D effects. In our tests, average brightness of the display was about 229 cd / m2 (247 cd / m2 in the center of the image). If you add attenuation induced by the device’s active 3D glasses, some scenes in video games and 3D movies will become too dark. Our conclusion is that the fluorescent backlight tube is more suitable, because it can provide more light (300 or up to 400 cd / m2, in some cases).

It works like a 3D TV

A good idea for this monitor was the integration of a 3D IR emitter and the addition of an HDMI 1.4 port which allows this monitor to be used as 3D TV. Indeed, this device is compatible with all video players using the HDMI 1.4 standard connector to broadcast 3D signal. Normally it can run with all Blu-rays present on the market, even with the PlayStation 3 for Blu-ray and some games compatible with 3D technology. We tested the Acer GN245HQ with a classic Blu-ray using 3D. And we soon found that it worked perfectly: the monitor was able to automatically detect the Blu-ray video source and 3D displays in 1080p, just like a TV. 3D movies are very well done.

The Acer GN245HQ is a good monitor, but some advanced functions are missing. For example: the settings of the space between two images and the recognition of some unusual 3D formats. Another thing: the 3D side-by-side or top-and bottom is not supported natively by the monitor.

High power consumption

One of the flaws of this model made by Acer is its power consumption in standby. Almost all LCD / LED monitors consume less than 0.1 W in stand-by mode. However, the GN245HQ draws about 1.7 W in stand-by (2.5 W even the first minute following sleep mode). In normal use, values return to normal levels: about 27 W while the monitor runs (with peaks at a maximum of 32 W).

Review conclusions

The Acer GN245HQ is a successful monitor in terms of responsiveness and 3D functions. Compared to our previous tested models, this is the fastest on the market. However, some weak points will force you to calibrate it. The colors are displayed accurately after the calibration and the brightness of its LED backlight is a little weak in 3D. Anyway, our conclusion is: for about 480 euros and a pair of Nvidia 3D glasses provided, this monitor is an excellent choice for all gamers.

Positive points (pros)

* Wireless transmitter integrated for 3D technology;
* A very good response time in tests;
* HDMI 1.4a port as default;
* Speakers are integrated

Negative points (cons)

* The design of the foot is not well done;

Technical specifications

Display diagonal23,6 inches
Panel maximum resolution1920 x 1080 pixels
Panel technologyDigital + film
Display frequency120 Hz
Dynamic Contrast100000000
Response Time2 ms
Subwoofer integratedNo
Number of speakers2
Image format16:09
Brightness (cd/m2)300
Card ReaderNo
Power (Watts)2 x 2 W
Viewing angle H (°)170
Pivot functionYes
Front / back tiltNo
Wall MountVesa 100 x 100 mm

  1. Ashley at 6:04 am

    THIS IS NOT LED MONITOR! How can the reviewer get this wrong?
    It is CCL.

    • John at 6:10 am

      Actually, it is LED backlit. I don;t know what model you’re thinking of, but this model even says it’s backlit on the Acer website.

  2. Dragos at 1:17 pm

    120 Hz sounds good to me; for this reason alone i would buy this monitor; besides Acer has a good price / performance ratio; I would have liked to see both the horizontal and vertical refresh rates. other than this it’s a good review, even if some might say there is always room for better. Anyway, for me this was informative enough. Keep up the good work!

  3. admin at 4:58 pm

    Salut Cosmin,

    Pentru o calibrare profesionala este nevoie de aparatura profesionala. Totusi, exista cateva softuri care te pot ajuta sa faci acest lucru acasa, bineinteles fara precizia unei calibrari profesionale. Mai multe amanunte despre cum poti efectua aceasta calibrare poti gasi aici: