Acer AT3265 review


A 32 inch LCD HD TV from Acer

Acer’s latest AT3265 LCD HDTV received a lot of praise on and other popular sites. Customers recommend it as one of the best and affordable devices out there that combine TV and computer monitor. Does the product rise up to expectations? We invite you to read our review and find out.

The remote looks strange

The Acer AT3265 is an elegant and slim gadget with gloss finish and a 32″ HD LCD screen with CCFL backlighting screen and solid build. The TV has the following measurements and weight: 31.6 x 22.8 x 9.5 inches with a stand and 11.7 kg (making this a very light product, which we could easily carry with us wherever we went). It came with an eColor Management onscreen interface which, when we tested the device, offered advanced controls that gave the best image quality after pressing the Empowering Key. Unfortunately, what we disliked the most was the remote control: it looked really cheap. But it did its job very well, because it was extremely easy to use. Also, changing channels, settings and such worked great, thanks to the device’s really fast reaction time and simple to use setup menu.Acer-AT3265

Good image quality

The full 1080p resolution offered great cinema quality viewing experience of anything from TV shows, movies and Internet content. Details were crystal clear and colors were excellent thanks to the TV’s built-in Digital TV (DTV) support. The 24p frame rate conversion feature worked superbly when we either watched an action movie or played a fast-paces game, because it made sure that there was no unnecessary ghosting or blurs; images were crisp and sharp.

Dolby Digital technology

The two speakers of AT3265, with 10W each provided good sound thanks to the Dolby Digital technology.
But, what we liked most, were the device’s many ports: 3 HDMI, 1 VGA, 1 component, 1 coaxial digital out, 1 composite AV, 1 S-Video, 1 hybrid TV tuner, 1 PC audio in and 1 headphone inputs; they basically annihilated the need to have so many annoying cables all around the room that you’ll have to plug and unplug whenever you want to do something. Everything connected easily and quickly to them when we tested the TV.

Can be used as PC monitor

The Acer AT3265 TV comes with the possibility to use it as a PC monitor; this is done in a matter of seconds by a simple push of the button. We could view spreadsheets, graphics and much more without the need to split the screen or scroll back and forth whenever we wanted to see two different windows one. The TV also sports Energy Star 3.0 compliance, a power cord, a removable stand if you want to mount it on a wall and operating instructions (very helpful).

Some problems

Now here are some of the cons we discovered while writing this review. First of all, the Acer AT3265 came with no add channel scan function, no DVI input and viewing angle was narrow (that happened every time we stood off to the side). Furthermore, the device had a screen delay in the majority of functions, except the changing channels option, and we couldn’t fit the picture to the screen (in zoom mode it cut part of the image, in full mode the picture was surrounded by black borders and in the rest of the modes we experienced distorted images).

Review conclusions

After the test performed for this review we have a conclusion for you. Buying the new Acer AT3265 is a good thing: the TV offers great picture and overall performance quality, a multitude of nice features and specifications, all at a very good price.

Technical specifications

* Brand Name: Acer
* Display Technology: LCD
* Display Size: 32 inches
* Image Aspect Ratio: 16:09
* Weight: 34.7 pounds
* Image Contrast Ratio: 4000:1
* Resolution: 1080p
* Refresh Rate: 60