Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-581TG


An affordable ultrabook

There is a wide variety of very affordable to choose from. The two most important categories are the following: powerful and portable. So it will all be a question of what you want. If portable is the thing you can’t live without, then go for it. But this kind of laptop will always have a poor processor. If you look for powerful, then you will need to remember that it will be heavy and big. Ultrabooks nowadays are not quite what gamers would like to own. For this review we tested the Acer Aspire Timeline U M3-581TG. Here’s what came of it.

Solid design

Gadgets made these days have simply too many colors. For those consumers who want less visually striking looks, Acer provides them with their Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-581TG. Its body, bottom, sides and what’s under the lid are all black. There is not even one colored element. This is not a laptop made of polyester. It looks like an expensive device thanks to its plastic and metal combo. Not only does it look good, the product is also more solid than the ones made of polyester only. But the thing which will mean lots and lots of annoyance: this laptop is going to attract a whole lot of fingerprints.Acer-Aspire-Timeline-Ultra-M3-581TG

15.6 inch display

During tests we pressed on the gadget’s lid. We felt no flex. The plastic base gave us the same sensation. So you can carry the Timeline M3-581TG around in one of your bags whenever you feel like. The display, on the other hand, was kind of too thin. So if you try to flex it, it will do so in a heartbeat. Therefore, keeping the laptop open while traveling might not be a good idea.

The buttons on the keyboard are all isolated. The spaces between them are too big. The keys themselves are smaller than what the average consumer would like. And us, for that matter. But to type on this keyboard feels good. The numeric keypad is separate. The laptop’s trackpad can be clicked on. We didn’t experience stickiness while using it, so that’s a pro point if we ever saw one. If you want to play a game, you’ll need a mouse though; because this trackpad does not respond that fast.

The 15.6 screen has a resolution of 1,366×768 pixels. Which is a con. That’s the amount you’d see on an 11″ display, really. But alas, its brightness is good and colors look nice. But those two don’t stop it from missing out on viewing angles and sharpness. The latter two are simply bad and lacking.

Intel Core 1.6GHz i5-2467M processor

The processor on this machine was not powerful enough to please us. It’s an Intel Core 1.6GHz i5-2467M. RAM is 4GB. The quality the CPU offers is not very grand. But the laptop still has a decent speed and performance. The GPU is of the latest generation, though. And that makes the unit very good at dealing with games and gamers. Playing Battlefield 3 was a more than exciting experience.

The battery is capable of resisting for up to 2 hours and a half, when we reviewed the laptop. By comparison, Samsung’s Series 9 only functioned for 2 hours on a full charge.

Review conclusion

Mobile computing discovers in the Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-581TG a good ally. This laptop is portable, thin and it has a good performance. Its graphics card in particular is great. From rumors, the device will have a price of £600.