Acer Aspire Ethos 8951G‎


A strange 18 inch laptop

We’re living in a world whose inhabitants with access to technology changed their way of thinking and now need lightness and slimness in their gadgets to feel good, be it at work, school, in a car or on a plane. The Acer Aspire Ethos 8951G‎ seems to think otherwise and is adamant about weighing a hefty 4.2kg. But that’s because it has to hold all kinds of much needed features, hardware, software and others like that. Notwithstanding it finds a lot of fervent buyers who seem to prefer it over feather-light laptops. At $1.599, this product offers the following unique touch: a touchpad that has the advantage of being easy to remove and use as a remote control.

Simple design

The exterior of the Acer Aspire Ethos 8951G is, in a nutshell, smart and simple. The black body is joined by a metal finish, aluminum to be precise, whose purpose of keeping away traces of fingerprints works like a charm. The deck is painted in the same color as the chassis and the keyboard it houses is a chiclet one; the touchpad is also glossy. Our “hefty 4.2kg” statement was made valid by trying, in our tests, to carry the Ethos 8951G in our rucksack for a while without sitting down and we have to say that it isn’t easy to carry if you don’t have some serious muscles to support its weight.Acer-Aspire-Ethos-8951G‎

Touchpad and remote control

Paying a closer attention to the keyboard of 8951G‎, we saw that it made use of the backlight technology, a useful discovery making sure we could write our review at night. The buttons and tactile feedback did their work most splendidly, but the space for resting our palms after every paragraph felt a bit hard to our wrists. After achieving a 90 word per minute result, we forgot all about that minor inconvenience, thanks to the laptop’s Ten Thumbs Typing feature. The touchpad, referred to in the beginning of our article, can turn into a remote control, a very original thing if you ask us, so having control over media from several meters away is a blessing. The key for mode-change is very nice, because, after the user clicks it, she or he will see lighted icons for music and videos. Going back and forth from the touchpad experienced miscalibration. We tried to use it as a remote control, which resulted in our fingers slipping from it.

2-GHz i7-2630QM processor

Except for bad viewing angles, the 18.4″ of the screen exhibited colors that were of a much needed vibrancy, brightness that was splendid and sharpness that overshadowed other displays. The speakers made good use of the Dolby technology, so the sound was nothing short of great.

The processor is a 2-GHz Intel Core i7-2630QM and we were proud of how it handled our tests. The speed wasn’t first-hand, but it was plenty good to do several things on the Ethos 8951G at the same time. Snail-like performance could be seen when we booted Windows 7 Ultimate: 57 seconds were needed. Encoding videos took only 40 seconds to achieve. This laptop almost didn’t heat at all, even after using it for 20 minutes. Nvidia GeForce GT555M graphics turn Acer’s latest baby into a great device for playing games that are high definition and the battery kept going for 6 hours without complaint.

Review conclusion

People in need of a laptop with a widescreen, a touchpad that’s removable, the option of playing back Blu-ray discs and sound that will enchant their ears should give the Acer Aspire Ethos 8951G a go.

Technical specifications

Operating systemMicrosoft Windows 7 Ultimate
Display size18.4 inches
Processor classIntel Core i7 2630QM
CPU frequency2000 MHz
Screen resolution1920 x 1080
Display typeGlossy LCD with LED Backlight
Number of Cores4
Cache size6 MB
GraphicsNvidia GeForce HD Core i7
Graphics Memory2048 MB
Discreet Graphics Chipset Model NumberGT 555M
Integrated Graphics ChipsetIntel
Maximum RAM memory16 GB DDR3
Installed RAM memory8 GB DDR3
Total HD Size750 GB
Hard Drive TypeHard Disk Drive
HDD Speed5400 RPM
Wifi Type802.11 n/b/g
Ethernet Type10/100/1000 Mbps
Number of USB 2 Ports4
Number of Firewire Ports1
Number of USB 3 Ports1
Weight (with accessories)10.4 lbs
Weight (min)8.8 pounds
Depth11.6 inches
Height1.6 inches
Width17.3 inches
Battery life6.5 hours