Acer Aspire 5750


A new 15 inch notebook

We cannot fully recommend Acer’s Aspire 5750. And we have several reasons for that. The display’s contrast and viewing angles – both poor – are some of them. We’ll talk about the others, and also about what we liked at this laptop, in this next review. We tested the device in every way possible and from the results we got, we can say that it is a pretty decent one. What more to expect from a £449.98 price? OK, so let’s get the party started, shall we?

Glossy display

If you’re sitting face to face with your model of Acer’s Aspire 5750, then you’ve already realized the material it’s made from doesn’t look at all cheap. It doesn’t look premium, either. The design from this point of view is somewhere in between. The plastic is solid. But in our analysis we soon became aware that the top of the lid and the hinges had some flex to them. It won’t annoy you terribly, but it’s there when it shouldn’t. But people, people: that glossy lid is gone for good on this model! You will now admire one that is matte. So goodbye to dust, fingerprints and various unfriendly things. Not to mention that you’re offered better and more secure grip.Acer-Aspire-5750

The keyboard is also matte. But the screen is glossy and the bezel is the same. We won’t linger on this subject; we’ll briefly say that typing our review on the laptop’s keyboard had a very pleasant feeling. Buttons all have generous spaces between them and feature good response. The touchpad is also well made and ready to be used.

Intel Core i5 processor

For connectivity, the Aspire 5750 relies on a couple of good options. USB 2.0, one SDHC memory card, one Gigabit Ethernet and many others. On the right of the laptop there is a tray-loading DVD rewriter that will make consumers glad, we think. But eSATA was absent from these options. Alas, that USB 3.0 sports external storage that is fast. To get full access to the Internet, you can make good use of the included Wi-Fi N. However, Bluetooth is conspicuously missing.

When it’s all about specifications, this laptop does not, in any way, get you to think that it belongs to the budget category. The CPU is a Core i5, the 15.6″ screen has a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels and there are 4GB of RAM. Looking even closer at the list of specs, we also saw the following: a 320GB hard drive and a GPU made by Intel. To chat with your friends or family when you’re abroad, you have a webcam that helps you out.

Dolby technology

Sound is, thanks to Dolby technology, really impressive. Overall the sound gave off a very satisfying effect when we sat with the Aspire 5750 laptop in a small room. Definition was also another good pro which we enjoyed immensely.

There was no really big problem with heating. And the fan wasn’t so loud as to damage our ears or wake our next door neighbors from sleep. A 4150mAh removable battery made for an amount of 4 hours of life. But that only when putting the device through a heavy pace.

Review conclusion

So, after performing our standard tests on the Acer Aspire 5750, we have to end our analysis by saying that this laptop is quite capable. It will never ever be as grand as others, but it will certainly not be the worst out there.