Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.0 ICS


A super smartphone updated

You’ve probably read news or watched reports on TV about the immense success Samsung had with its Galaxy S2 smartphone. The news according to which owners of this device would get its OS updated to Android’s 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was enough to make owners of the S II happy with excitement. After all, it’s the most important upgrade of an operating system. The fact that there are still handsets operating on older versions is, as such, a shame. But we came here to talk about this particular gadget. So let us see what our review thinks of the ICS on this device.

Fast and responsive

If you’ve just bought a Samsung Galaxy S2, open it and see what you get at first sight. That’s right: a lockscreen. This offering belonging to the Ice Cream Sandwich is a pro which will never go unnoticed. It allows you to place a finger wherever on the touchscreen; after doing so, you’ll notice a circle around it. Then you have to take your finger out of it. The phone is then unlocked. The best improvement of this kind of feature: shorter swipes performed for the unlocking process.

If you go on with your curiosity about the ICS, then you’ll see that the task switcher is different. It currently is in the form of a vertical scrollable list. The latter is made of applications you use at a specific time. A third modification has to do with the homescreen’s context menu. Instead of being the old grid of icons, this feature has become a list. A feature that works fine in the tests performed with the phone. The notification area is an ideal tool in seeing notifications arriving from your favorite app. Face unlock is as important as every other new feature before it. Security-wise, it’s not the best idea. But it offers quick access to the Galaxy S2 if you’re in a hurry. It works extremely well and is very responsive.Samsung-Galaxy-S2-ics

A new internet browser

Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich OS introduces a new browser for Internet purposes. Pages have faster loading speeds for once. And then there are also brand new features to feast your eyes and fingers on. The interface has a different look to it. It has the pro of hiding the browser . It can also create a menu that is semi-circular after placing a finger on the display’s edge. A Request desktop site feature works very well if you don’t like the idea of mobile sites. For keeping history unaffected there is an option called Incognito mode. To save energy, the ICS has the ability to turn Internet pages into monochrome ones.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich doesn’t deliver that annoying blue tint that appeared in photos and clips. Levels of contrast and saturation are better. Sound is now recorded in stereo at 130Kbps of bitrate.

Thanks to the upgrade to ICS, the Samsung Galaxy S II gets a longer life for its battery. Call time had a rated life, in our tests, of 8 hours and 30 minutes, good value, compared with other reviewed smartphones. When using the 3G network. Video playback goes on for 8 hours. Other smartphones did better with their battery life. But still, this kind of improvement is very welcome on any handset.

Review conclusion

So yes, the upgrade from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich is one of the major pros brought by Google’s Android 4.0. If it weren’t for it, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have so many fun experiences. Samsung’s Galaxy S2 is among the first smartphones to offer the ICS update.